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Heroes: Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year Summoning Focus & Details!

Another bite-sized Tempest Trials is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year is coming next week. As preparation, you can try your luck at the associated Summoning Focus to snag up 5★ versions of the Hoshidan siblings Ryoma, Hinoka, and Sakura.

As expected, all three of these units will be Bonus Allies in the upcoming Tempest Trials Mini. Each of them, along with Alfonse, gives a 20% bonus to your final score. The 40% Bonus Allies are the seasonal New Years heroes: Takumi, Camilla, Azura, and M!Corrin.

New Years M!Corrin may not be available in the Happy New Year! banner, but everyone will be able to get their hands on him soon. As expected, M!Corrin will be the hero prize in this Tempest Trials Mini! Since this is the smaller version of the Trials, you can get his 5★ version at only 15,000 points. You can also see a Wind Blessing at 12,500.

Tempest Trials Mini: Stepping into the New Year begins on Tuesday, 14 January and runs for one week, ending on the 23rd.

Heroes: Summoning Focus: World of Dawn + Book II Story Update!

Three new heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summoning Focus: World of Dawn contains 5★ focus units from Radiant Dawn: Micaiah, Sothe, and Zelgius. Check out their skills in our earlier article.

Releasing alongside the new banner is also our first story update for Book II! Book II, Chapter 3: Guided by a Dream is now available. It features the above characters, as well as Oliver. There are maps total in three difficulties, for 15 more Orbs! We also get a new Log-In Bonus for another 13 Orbs throughout the next 10 days.

There are also some related quests for the new story update. You can earn up to five additional Orbs for beating the Lunatic versions of the new maps under certain conditions. Check out the full quest listing below.

Summoning Focus: World of Dawn and the associated story quests will be available for about two weeks, ending on 25 January.

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Heroes: World of Dawn Preview Trailer, 2.1 Update, and Manga Update!

It’s an exciting day for Tellius fans in Fire Emblem Heroes! The World of Dawn preview trailer shows off a few new characters from Radiant Dawn joining the game. Check it out!

The latest characters joining the game are Micaiah, Sothe, and Zelgius. Each comes equipped with a new weapon and at least one other new skill. You can see a full listing of all characters’ skills and abilities below.

The World of Dawn banner will go live tomorrow, 12 January, at 7:00am UTC. A new story chapter called “Guided by a Dream” will also come out then. We’ll also be seeing Oliver in the newest Grand Hero Battle! You’ll be able to challenge him starting on Sunday, January 14th.

Additionally, Update 2.1 is also live! The game will prompt you to download the new update when you load it up next.

Update 2.1 brings a few new things to the game including an increased Hero Merit cap, the ability to check maps before battle, new forges for Cymbeline and Parthia, a new type of Terrain in arena maps, and more! You can see a full listing of all updates at the bottom of the article.

Finally, Part 8 of the Heroes manga is now available! As always, thanks to Serenes Forest forum users Coolmanio and Linkmstr for the translation.

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Heroes: Quests with Anna + Tempest Trials & Voting Gauntlet Conclusions

The Tempest Trials and Voting Gauntlet are done for now, but Fire Emblem Heroes is making sure its players stay busy. Quests with Anna are now available!

These quests are very similar in structure to the Alfonse and Sharena quests from the past couple months. Complete a bunch of missions with Anna and win a variety of prizes, including 3 Orbs! Check out the full quest details below.

Additionally, both the Winter Festival vs. New Year’s Voting Gauntlet and Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace have now ended. It was a long battle, but in the end, New Years Azura emerged victoriously at the end of the Gauntlet.

The Tempest Trials also just came to an end at this past reset. Don’t forget to head back in one last time to claim your final rewards! The tempest may have been calmed down for now, but I have a feeling Masked Marth will be back again soon…

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