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Smash Brothers Ultimate: Jedi Shows off Byleth Stream on the 28th

Hey there folks, Jedi here. I plan on streaming to show off Byleth in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate once they’re released on 28th January (PST).

The stream will likely be around Noon, Pacific Standard Time (PST). We’ll be doing their classic mode, along with some random training mode labbing/matches and maybe throw in some online matches as well.

It’ll be on my Twitch at:

Hope to see you there! Maybe we could even do a fun little Q&A.

Byleth Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the 5th DLC Fighter!

The inevitable has happened, although perhaps far sooner than we imagined… In today’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate presentation, it was announced that Byleth from Three Houses will be joining as the 5th DLC Fighter, from 29th January 2020 (UTC).

Similar to Robin and Corrin, players can choose to fight as both male and female versions of Byleth. As you’d expect, Byleth fights with their signature Sword of the Creator, but to mix things up (and reduce complaints although good luck with that), they can fight with other hero relics as well.

The Sword of the Creator is Byleth’s default weapon, used for regular attacks. It’s also used during upward inputs, such as Byleth’s Up Smash, which launches foes into the air, and Up Special, which reels in foes and can be used to grab onto edges.

For sideways inputs, Byleth wields Dimitri’s Areadbhar instead. Because it’s a lance, it has a longer reach than the Sword of the Creator. This long range extends to the Side Smash attack, which can also be angled. However, its damage is concentrated on its tip.

Downward inputs cause Byleth to wield Edelgard’s Aymr. This mighty axe has a meteor effect when used during a Down Air attack. But to really appreciate its power, you need only witness its Down Special, which charges a devastating blow with a brief moment of super armour.

Lastly, Byleth will borrow Claude’s Failnaught for some of their neutral moves. During their Neutral Air attack, Byleth will spin around using the bow. For their Neutral Special, they will obviously fire an arrow. But this can also be charged up into a powerful beam attack.

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The Game Awards: Three Houses Success Stories in Best Strategy Game and Player’s Voice awards!

To sum up things from The Game Awards 2019, not only was a lot announced, but Fire Emblem Three Houses won the Best Strategy Game. Nintendo America is quite proud of this, and many of the people behind the beloved game, such as the voice actors of Dorothea and Claude, have shared their pride in the success.

It’s well deserved, especially since Three Houses also won the Player’s Voice fan-vote award! That’s two rewards for traditional Fire Emblem’s first formal introduction back into a console since Radiant Dawn in 2007. Even if Three Houses wasn’t nominated for Game of the Year, it’s evident that it’s a widely appreciated game. If you haven’t played it yet, let this be what motivates you to pull that trigger and give it a shot.

If you’ve got time to burn during commercials, go look around Twitter at the community celebrating together!

I’d say that Super Smash Bros is practically a Fire Emblem game too, given its representation of many big names in the franchise such as long time fighters Marth and Roy, as well as Ike, Chrom, Lucina and Corrin and the myriad of assist trophies. Therefore, I am happy to see the Super Smash Bros Ultimate brought home the award for Best Fighting Game.

I’m posting this a bit early, so there could be some more Fire Emblem love going on in announcements or trailers, but I’m going to share this now because if you haven’t already seen the news, you deserve to be updated!

Smash Ultimate: Fire Emblem Fest – Part 1

A rather special event is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch within the next few days: Fire Emblem Fest!

Spirits from the Fire Emblem series of games will show up on the game’s Spirit Board far more frequently, starting from the 21st of December 06:00AM UTC, up until the 24th of December 06:00AM UTC.

In Part 1, Legend-class Caeda and Azura, as well as Ace-class Eliwood and Eirika, will be set to appear at least twice a day at specific times throughout the event! Click “Read more” to view the information.

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