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Fates: Nendoroid Sakura Available to Pre-order

Good news for Sakura fans! The nendoroid figure of the youngest Hoshidan princess is now available to pre-order from most big Japanese hobby stores–or even directly from Good Smile Company themselves.

First announced way back during Winter WonFes 2017, Sakura is the latest Fire Emblem character to receive the nendoroid treatment–previous characters include Marth, Caeda, Elise and female Corrin.

A detailed review of the Sakura nendoroid can be found at Kahoton’s blog. The figure comes with a stand, three interchangeable face plates (normal, shouting and embarrassed), a staff with an optional healing effect and a dumpling rod.

The figure is priced at 4,800 Yen (with tax included) and is expected to ship from May 2018. Pre-orders close on 9th November 2017, so prospecting buyers have roughly a month to secure this adorable little sister.

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Fates: Sakura Nendoroid Prototype from Summer WonFes 2017

First teased back in February, Good Smile Company has blessed us with a first look at the Fire Emblem Fates Sakura nendoroid during today’s Summer Wonder Festival 2017.

Currently, the Sakura nendoroid is a work in progress (which should be immediately obvious since it hasn’t been painted yet), but it’s still very cute all the same.

According to the official description, Sakura will come with accessories and face plates, similar to previous nendoroids. The Elise nendoroid came with a horse, so hopefully Sakura will get something even half as good.

Because it’s still early days, a release date and a price have not been announced yet. We imagine it’ll be 2018 before it releases, since figures of this complexity can take a while to manufacture.

Fire Emblem Highlighted Thrice in Behind The Voice Acting 2016 Awards

Behind The Voice Actors is a site that not only collects data on the various voice actors for movies and TV shows, but also for video games. If you’re unfamiliar with their site, it’s a pretty informative spot to check out and it’s quite easy to navigate, very much like IMDB and its movie/actor database.

Fans of the more recent Fire Emblem games will be very aware of the presence of voice acting. Awakening was a pretty ground-breaking game in the Fire Emblem franchise for this, as it gave virtually every character some sort of voice direction (whereas Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn only featured some characters, and we won’t look at the Smash Bros games as official Fire Emblem games). This past year, Fire Emblem Fates really pushed the envelope, giving fans some great voice acting along with a pretty popular trio of games to boot.



The crux of this is to highlight the awards won by several voice actors and actresses in the 6th Annual BTVA 2016 Awards, which this year, included many voices that worked on the games winning awards for other roles, as well as three winners that slated their spots on the top for their Fire Emblem voicework! Of note, Rena Strober, Matthew Mercer and Cam Clarke won in their respective categories, for their performances of Corrin (male), Shigure and Azura in Fire Emblem Fates!


Show your support by paying a visit to their respective Twitter accounts (Strober, MercerClarke) and letting them know how you feel. Rena is already a regular on Serenes Forest, but it never hurts to say hello!

Click Read More to see a full breakdown of the 2016 winners, and their roles in Fire Emblem voice acting. *Note, only the three mentioned above won awards for their Fire Emblem performances, but may have also been mentioned or awarded for other roles.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Update and TMS#FE Discount

Over the course of the next several hours, iOS and Android users should keep an eye on their Fire Emblem Heroes apps, as Version 1.1.0 is becoming available.

This update has made several changes not yet known, but with hints from the developers and phrasing on the App stores, likely includes updates on the upcoming Grand Hero Battle with Ursula, as well as functionality for the new Inherit Skill system. Additionally, it seems as though people who have found ways to hack the game are being punished for their deeds through enhanced security features. If there are other secrets included, (such as translation updates for the English Physic and French Parthia errors), those have yet to be reported.

What is known is that the ??? block in the Battle map will include the Voting Gauntlet, and that it is coming soon! Check the “More” at the bottom of the bulletin post for more details on the event.

Additionally, users will receive a Hero Feather bonus of 3,333, along with 3 Orbs, Stamina Potions and Dueling Crests as a Special Log-in Bonus, part of the Nintendo Switch being released today. This is a one time bonus available for all users that log in from now until April 2 of this year, so enjoy the prize!

Also, if you are on the fence about giving Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE a try, or just looking to play a new RPG, now might be a good time to take advantage of an offer from Nintendo.

For 140 Gold Coins, My Nintendo members can receive a 30% price reduction on orders of the game. This deal is available until June 3, 2017, so you definitely have time to consider.