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Vestaria Saga: Early-game Character Profiles

Yesterday, Vestaria Saga (Part 1) released two weeks earlier than planned.


In lieu of an English translation of the game, here’s a look at the characters (friend and foe) that you’ll encounter near the beginning of the game, translated from this page.

Also, if you’re interested in more information or want to discuss with other Vestaria players, why not check out our forums?

Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

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Vestaria Saga: Early Release + World Guide

Originally planned for release on 21st September 2016, Vestaria Saga (Part 1) is now available for public download!


As long as you agree to the terms and conditions (look up “terms and conditions” in this page), you can download the game for free from the download page.

The top button leads to the official download link, while the bottom button is a temporary mirror. At the time of writing, the official link doesn’t seem to work, while the mirror is excruciatingly slow.

Update: A third download button has been provided, which has a much faster download speed.

While you wait for the download to finish, here’s a translation of the “World Guide” page that I was meaning to publish earlier. (If you’re interested, I’ll also be posting a translation of the early-game character profiles soon.)

Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

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Vestaria Saga Official Website

Today, Shouzou Kaga unveiled the official website for Vestaria Saga, ahead of its release in exactly a month’s time.


Note: All images belong to Shouzou Kaga.

Like the game itself, the website isn’t exactly the most pretty thing ever, since Kaga developed it in his spare time for free. However it does its job well, providing helpful information about the game.

Now, there’s a lot to digest, so to save time (and my sanity), I’ll merely summarise the pages and point out the key details.

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Vestaria Saga: The Final Stretch + Difficulty Concerns

In a recent blog post from 21st July, Kaga revealed that Vestaria Saga I is currently in the final stage of debugging and that it will be released as scheduled during Summer 2016 (by 21st September).


Additionally, Kaga updated his Q and As post to clear things up for those concerned about the game’s advertised high difficulty. A special thanks to Kirokan for helping me translate the post!

To begin with, Kaga states that the game is designed for experienced strategy RPG players. Typical strategy RPGs tend to get easier towards the end, but Vestaria will become more difficult the closer to endgame.

If players don’t properly plan how to distribute experience, items and funds from the start, the game may end up unwinnable. Also, Kaga advises against only training a select few characters, as all units are fielded in the final map.

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