Learnable Skills

These skills can be obtained by reaching Level 5 in the specified class (Level 25 for Special classes).

Unfortunately, you cannot equip these skills in other classes.

Icon Name Description Class
Divine Spirit Divine Spirit Unit’s engage meter is shortened one step. Divine Dragon
Dark Spirit Dark Spirit Inflicts -1 to the engage meters of foes within 2 spaces at the start of the turn. Fell Child (Enemy), Fell Monarch, Great Fell Dragon
Fell Spirit Fell Spirit At the start of each turn, unit’s engage meter is filled by 1. Fell Child
Golden Lotus Golden Lotus During combat, may prevent 50% of physical damage taken. Trigger %=Dex. Avenir
Ignis Ignis During combat, may add half of Str to magic damage or half of Mag to all other damage. Trigger %=Dex. Vidame
Sol Sol Unit may recover HP=50% damage dealt. Trigger %=Dex. Successeur
Luna Luna While making an attack, may ignore half of foe’s Def/Res. Trigger %=Dex. Tireur d’élite
Grasping Void Grasping Void When attacking with a tome, unit may deal extra damage = half of foe’s Mag. Trigger %=Dex. Lindwurm
World Tree World Tree When unit uses a staff, may not consume a use. Trigger %=Dex. Sleipnir Rider
Sandstorm Sandstorm While making a physical attack, may calculate damage with 150% of Def instead of Str. Trigger %=Dex. Picket
Back at You Back at You When countering, unit may deal extra damage = half of damage taken. Trigger %=Dex. Cupido
Soulblade Soulblade When attacking with a sword, damage is calculated using average of foe’s Def and Res. Melusine
Run Through Run Through Use to attack an adjacent foe, then move to the space opposite that foe. Swordmaster
Brave Assist Brave Assist If unit’s HP is at max while unit makes a chain attack, unit attacks twice. Hero
Pincer Attack Pincer Attack If unit initiates combat while an ally is on the opposite side of the foe, always follow up (if weapon allows). Halberdier
Reforge Reforge If unit’s HP is 11 or more and an adjacent ally is broken after combat, sacrifices 10 HP and removes the break status from that ally. Royal Knight
Smash+ Smash+ When making a smash attack, push the target 2 spaces instead of 1. Berserker
Merciless Merciless Unit deals +50% damage against broken foes. Warrior
No Distractions No Distractions Grants Crit+10 during combat with a foe that can’t counter. Sniper
Careful Aim Careful Aim If unit initiates combat without moving first, grants Hit+40 during combat. Bow Knight
Swap Swap Use to switch places with an adjacent ally. General
Allied Defense Allied Defense If unit is between an ally and a foe, reduces damage to unit by 3 during combat with that foe. Great Knight
Pivot Pivot Use to move to the opposite side of an adjacent ally. Paladin
Hobble Hobble If unit initiates combat with a knife, inflicts Mov-2 on foe for 1 turn. Wolf Knight
Spell Harmony Spell Harmony If unit initiates combat with a tome, grants Atk equal to the number of adjacent allies with tomes. Sage
Chaos Style Chaos Style If unit initiates combat with a physical attack against a foe armed with magic or vice versa, grants Spd+3 during combat. Mage Knight
Diffuse Healer Diffuse Healer When unit is healed by a staff, all adjacent allies also recover 50% of the HP that the unit recovered. Martial Master
Self-Healing Self-Healing Unit can target itself with healing staves. High Priest
Clear the Way Clear the Way Unit’s space and adjacent spaces have a movement cost of 1 for allies. Griffin Knight
Air Raid Air Raid If unit initiates combat from a space a foe cannot enter, grants Spd+5 during combat. Wyvern Knight
Pass Pass Foes do not block this unit’s movement. Thief
Special Dance Special Dance If unit uses Dance, grants Dex/Spd/Lck+3 to target for 1 turn. Dancer
Let Fly Let Fly Use to perform a guaranteed-hit, area-of-effect attack at the start of the next player phase. Unit loses equipped weapon. Mage Cannoneer
Convoy Convoy Use to deposit or retrieve weapons and items. Enchanter
Miasma Domain At start of turn, applies miasma to terrain within 2 spaces of unit. Corrupted Wyvern
Frost Domain Frost Domain At start of turn, applies frost to terrain within 2 spaces of unit. Phantom Wyvern
Pack Hunter Pack Hunter Allies of the same class as unit within 3 spaces participate in chain attacks. Corrupted Wolf, Phantom Wolf
Resist Emblems When attacked with an engage attack, prevents 20% of damage. Fell Child (Nel)
Spur Emblems At start of player phase, fills adjacent allies’ engage meters by 1. Fell Child (Nil, Rafal)