Expansion Pass

Fire Emblem Engage features a paid Expansion Pass (DLC) that adds additional content to the game.

You can purchase the Expansion Pass via the Nintendo eShop. From Version 1.1.0, there is a shortcut to buy the Expansion Pass via the title screen.

The Expansion Pass is divided into four waves, each with a different release date. You cannot purchase each wave individually.

Wave 1 (20th January 2023)

New Emblem: Edelgard

After completing Chapter 6, you can trigger an event at the Lookout Ridge at the Somniel (towards the south, overlooking the Tower of Trials) where you’ll receive Edelgard‘s bracelet.

Edelgard functions a bit like Eirika, in that she can swap places with Dimitri and Claude. However, unlike Eirika, the three House leaders randomly rotate at the start of the turn. She also comes with the Sync/inheritable skill Lineage, which boosts Exp gain by 20%.

New Emblem: Tiki

After completing Chapter 6 and obtaining Edelgard’s bracelet, a pathway will open from the Bandits’ Hideout, where Paralogue 2 is located (west from Chapter 6). This leads to an island where the Divine Paralogues are found.

By completing Divine Paralogue 1, you can obtain Tiki‘s bracelet.

Tiki is a divine dragon from Archanea who allows the user to transform into a dragon while Engaged. She also comes with the Sync/inheritable skill Starsphere, which adds 15% to a character’s growth rates, making them gain more stats during a Level Up.

Silver Card

During Tiki’s Divine Paralogue, you can obtain a valuable Silver Card that provides a 30% discount at shops.

Note: If you missed the Silver Card, you need to wait for a skirmish to spawn at Tiki’s Divine Paralogue.

Support Items

When you reach the Somniel (available from Chapter 5), you’ll receive a set of stat-boosting items: Boots, Seraph Robe, Energy Drop, Spirit Dust, Secret Book, Speedwing, Goddess Icon, Dracoshield and Talisman.

New Accessories

From Chapter 6, new accessories will be available from the Boutique at the Somniel: Rare Set, Frilled Band, Big Ribbon, Single Earring and Round Specs.

Wave 2 (8th February 2023)

New Emblem: Hector

By completing Divine Paralogue 2, you can obtain Emblem Hector.

Hector is a famed general from Elibe and leader of House Ostia. As an Emblem, he provides powerful defensive effects and the ability to always follow-up during counters.

New Emblem: Soren

By completing Divine Paralogue 4, you can obtain Emblem Soren.

Soren is a brilliant strategist and close friend of Ike from the Greil Mercenaries. Besides wielding extremely potent magic, he can make enemies more likely to target a certain ally.

New Emblem: Camilla

By completing Divine Paralogue 5, you can obtain Emblem Camilla.

Camilla is a princess of Nohr who adores her younger sibling Corrin, perhaps a little too much. She can also control Dragon Veins like Corrin and enables her wielder to move like a flying unit.

Support Items

Players will receive the following items upon entering the Somniel: Novice Book x5, Adept Book x3, Expert Book x1, Silver Sword x1, Silver Lance x1, Silver Axe x1, Silver Ingot x20, Bond fragment x5000 and 30,000G.

New Accessories

More accessories will be available via the Boutique at the Somniel.

Wave 3 (8th March 2023)

The third wave will add additional Emblems: Chrom/Robin and Veronica.

Wave 4 (2023)

The fourth and final wave will add new classes and a new story, with new characters, places and battles.


Although not officially announced, a few details about the new DLC Emblems and characters etc. can be found here.