Continent of Elyos

The continent of Elyos is the setting of Fire Emblem Engage.

Elyos is home to four nations surrounding a holy land in the centre. 1000 years ago, the continent of Elyos was attacked by the Fell Dragon, Sombron. The people called upon heroes from other worlds–known as Emblems–and, with their help, managed to seal away the Fell Dragon.

Land of Lythos

The Land of Lythos is ruled by Alear’s mother, Lumera, the Divine Dragon King. Located in the centre of Elyos, it’s a sacred realm with sunny grasslands and a refreshing breeze across the calm plateau. Alear slept at one of Lythos’s floating isles for 1000 years.

Notable characters: Alear, Vander, Cramme, Framme, Lumera

Kingdom of Firene

Firene is a philanthropic kingdom founded in the south-west corner of Elyos, ruled by Queen Eve, an advocate of peace and co-existence. It has signed a non-aggression treaty with the neighbouring countries of Brodia and Solm.

Notable characters: Alfred, Céline, Louis, Chloé, Etie, Boucheron, Eve

Kingdom of Brodia

Brodia is a militant nation founded in the north-west region of Elyos. It’s a prosperous and mighty nation ruled by Morion the Conqueror who values pride and power. Frequently clashes with the neighbouring country of Elusia, home to followers of the Fell Dragon.

Notable characters: Diamant, Alcryst, Morion


A desert nation located in south-east Elyos. Said to be an open-minded country, with good relations with Firene.

Notable characters: Timerra, Fogato


A mysterious snowy nation situated in north-east Elyos. Home to followers of the Fell Dragon.

Notable characters: Ivy, Hortensia, Hyacinth