Emblems are heroes from other worlds who reside in Emblem Rings.

By equipping their Emblem Ring, characters can gain boosted stats and access to some of the Emblem’s skills (known as Sync skills). You can equip/swap Emblem Rings during battle preparations. All characters can equip all Emblem Rings.

Characters can also Engage (combine) with their Emblem to unlock the Emblem’s weapons and additional skills (known as Engage skills). This lasts for 3 turns by default. Afterwards, the character will disengage and they must build up their depleted Engage gauge (by performing actions) if they want to Engage again.

For more details about how Emblems work, please visit here.


Voice actor: Hikaru Midorikawa

Known as the “Emblem of Beginnings”. A hero among heroes who’s extremely noble and charismatic. The prince of Altea from the continent of Archanea in another world.

Overview video

* Rapier: Bonus damage versus Cavalry and Armor foes
* Mercurius: Experience gain doubled
* Falchion: Bonus damage versus Dragon foes.
* Perceptive: When initiating, Avoid +15. High Speed boosts Avoid further.
* Break Defenses: When Break is inflicted on foe, grants 1 additional attack, dealing 50% damage.
* Unyielding: At start of phase, when HP is below 20%, restores 20% HP.
* Divine Speed: Engage skill. Grants 1 additional attack, dealing 50% damage. Can stack.
[Dragon: The additional attack heals the user by damage done.]
[Covert: The additional attack poisons foe.]
* Lodestar Rush: Engage attack. A 7-hit attack, dealing 30% damage per hit.
[Dragon: Increases number of hits by 2.]
[Mystical: Damage is based on user’s Mag stat.]
[Backup: Increases number of hits by 1.]


Voice actor: Nao Tōyama

Known as the “Emblem of Echoes”. A princess and warrior priestess from a bountiful nation. A survivor of the Zofian royal family from the continent of Valentia in another world.

Overview video

* Seraphim: Bonus damage versus Corrupted foes.
* Recover: Heals a lot of HP (Power: 40).
* Ragnarok: Powerful magic (Might: 15).
* Holy Stance: When user takes damage from Corrupted foe, deals a proportion of that damage to foe.
* Resonance: When HP is 2 or more, deals +2 damage with tomes, but user loses 1 HP.
* Favorite Food: When unit eats a packed lunch, its engage meter is maxed out.
* Echo: Engage skill. Use to attack with magic at 50% damage. Use a second time to launch another 50% attack. (User cannot move between fights.)
[Dragon: Increases attack range by 1.]
[Mystical: Increases damage by 10.]
* Warp Ragnarok: Engage attack. Teleport within 2 spaces of an enemy within 10 squares, then cast Ragnarok.
[Dragon: Increases attack range by 1.]
[Cavalry: Extends teleport range by 2 squares.]
[Flier: Extends teleport range by 5 squares.]
[Mystical: Damage +20%.]


Voice actor: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Known as the “Emblem of the Holy War”. A quintessential knight who has inherited the blood of the Crusaders.

Overview video

* Ridersbane: Bonus damage versus Cavalry foes.
* Brave Lance: If user initiates combat, triggers 2 consecutive hits.
* Tyrfing: Res +5
* Canter: Can move 2 spaces after performing action.
* Momentum: When attacking after moving, increases Might of first attack by 1 for each square moved, max +10.
* Headlong Rush: User is immune to freeze.
* Gallop: Engage skill. Movement +5.
[Dragon: Additional Movement +1.]
[Cavalry: Additional Movement +2.]
[Covert: Unit does not pay extra movement cost on any terrain.]
* Override: Engage attack. Attack a line of enemies and emerge on the opposite side. Melee Sword and Lance only.
[Dragon: damage +20%.]
[Armored: 10% chance of breaking target.]
[Mystical: Deals extra damage = 25% of Mag]
[Qi Adept: 20% chance of breaking target.]


Voice actor: Kenichi Suzumura

Known as the “Emblem of Genealogy”. A brave prince who carries the blood of two Crusaders.

Overview video

* Killer Axe: High critical hit ratio.
* Master Lance
* Light Brand
* Arms Shield: If user has weapon triangle advantage, reduces damage when attacked by 3.
* Vantage: If unit’s HP is X% or less and foe initiates combat, unit can counter before foe’s first attack.
* ???
* Adaptability: Engage skill. When attacked by an enemy, automatically switches to an advantageous weapon. If enemy has a ranged weapon, user prioritises ranged weapons.
[Flying: Res+5 during combat.]
* Tetra Trick: Engage attack. A 4-hit attack that uses a sword, lance, axe and bow.
[Qi Adept: Guaranteed Break.]


Voice actor: Jun Fukuyama

known as the “Emblem of Binding”. A nobleman who’s courageous, resourceful and has the makings of a fine general.

Overview video

* Lancereaver: Reverses the weapon triangle.
* Wyrmslayer: Bonus damage versus dragon foes?
* Binding Blade?
* Hold Out: User survives combat with 1 HP, as long as their HP is above 30% at the start.
* Advance: Use to move 1 space toward a foe that is 2 spaces away and attack.
* ???
* Rise Above: Engage skill. Temporarily increases user’s Level by 5, granting them 5 Levels’ worth of stats.
* Blazing Lion: Engage attack. Damage 3 foes in a row in front of the user, while generating flames that hinder movement in a 3 x 3 space.
[Dragon: Also damages foes in the next row.]


Voice actor: Makiko Ohmoto

Known as the “Emblem of Blazing”. A nomad who lives in harmony with mother nature, and a skilled swordsman. Hails from the continent of Elibe from another world, and is a noblewoman related to the Marquess of Caelin.

Overview video

* Killer Bow: High critical hit ratio.
* Mani Katti
* Mulagir
* Desperation: Perform a follow-up attack before the foe counterattacks, provided your Speed is much higher than theirs.
* ???
* ???
* Call Doubles: Engage skill. Summon 4 clones that can participate in Chain Attacks.
* Astra Storm: Engage attack. A 5-hit attack, dealing 30% damage each, usable from 10 range. Bow only.
[Covert: Increases attack range by 10.]

Eirika / Ephraim

Voice actor: Kaori Mizuhashi + Taku Yashiro

Known as the “Emblem of the Sacred”. A kind princess who battles for the sake of peace. Together with her twin brother, Ephraim, she assists Alear’s group.

Overview video

* Rapier: Bonus damage versus Cavalry and Armor foes.
* ???
* Sieglinde?
* Alternate: Enables command that lets the user swap between Eirika and Ephraim. Not available when Engaged.
* Lunar Brace: Deals more damage versus high Defence foes. [When swapped to Ephraim, becomes Solar Brace: Restores HP proportional to damage dealt to foe.]
* ???
* Sacred Twins: Engage skill. Triggers Lunar Brace and Solar Brace simultaneously.
* Twin Strike: Engage attack. An attack using a sword and lance simultaneously. The lance hit deals bonus damage versus Corrupted foes.
[Cavalry: The lance hit deals 150% damage.]


Voice actor: Michihiko Hagi

Known as the “Emblem of Radiance”. A renowned mercenary leader with unparalleled fighting prowess.

Overview video

* Hammer: Bonus damage versus Armor foes.
* ???
* Ragnell?
* Resolve: Boosts Defence and Resistance by 5 points each when the user’s HP is below 75%.
* ???
* Reposition?
* Steadfast: Engage skill. Reduces the user’s Avoid to 0, but halves damage sustained.
[Dragon: Further reduces damage by 10%, for total of 60% damage reduction.]
* Supreme Aether: Engage attack. Boosts the user’s defensive stats on the 1st turn, then automatically attacks all foes within 2 squares on the 2nd turn, restoring HP proportional to damage dealt.


Voice actor: Natsuko Kuwatani

Known as the “Emblem of Dawn”.

* Shine: Illuminates the enemy’s square by 5 spaces. Effect degrades by 1 per turn.
* Nosferatu: Restores HP equal to 50% of damage dealt.
* Thani: Bonus damage versus Cavalry and Armor foes.
* Staff User: User can wield C staves in any class.
* Healing Light: When unit heals an ally with a staff, unit also recovers HP=50% of the amount healed.
* Silence Ward: User is immune to silence.
* Augment: Engage skill. Increases casting range of staves by 5 and effective range by 1.
[Dragon: Further increases staff range by 1.]
[Qi Adept: +20% to HP healed by staves.]
* Great Sacrifice: Engage attack. Fully restores HP for all allies, but reduces user to 1 HP.
[Dragon: Reduces user to 30% HP instead of 1 HP.]
[Armor: Grants Def+1 to all healed during their next combat.]
[Qi Adept: Also cures status condition.]


Voice actor: Yū Kobayashi

Known as the “Emblem of Awakening”. An exalted princess who trusts in hope and never yields to despair.

Overview video

* Noble Rapier: Bonus damage versus Cavalry and Armor foes.
* ???
* Parallel Falchion?
* Dual Strike: User can participate in Chain Attacks regardless of their class type. (Normally, only Backup classes like Sword Fighter can participate in Chain Attacks.)
* Dual Assist: When ally attacks an enemy within user’s movable attack range and user is in Backup class or has Dual Strike, 35% chance user participates in Chain Attack.
* ???
* Bond Shield: Engage skill. Nullifies damage dealt to adjacent allies with 80% chance. It must be triggered via the command menu. Only works for one enemy attack.
[Qi Adept: Damage nullification occurs with 100% chance.]
* All For One: Engage attack. All allies within 2 squares of the user participate in Chain Attacks regardless of anything.


Voice actor: Satomi Satō

Known as the “Emblem of Fates”. Possesses the blood of the First Dragons and an unbreakable heart.

Overview video

* Reverse Katana: Reverses the weapon triangle.
* Nodachi?
* Omega Yato?
* Dragon Vein: Alters the terrain. Effect depends on the unit’s class type.
–Vein of Protection: Creates earth pillars that boost Def/Res. For Backup?
–Vein of Water: Creates puddles that lower Avoid. For Cavalry.
–Vein of Mist: Creates mist that boosts Avoid. For Covert.
–Vein of Greenery: Creates ivy that negates Break. For Armor.
–Vein of Succor: Creates glow that heals HP per turn. For Fliers.
–Vein of Flame: Creates flames that inflict damage per turn. For Mystical?
–Vein of Ice: Creates ice pillars that hinder movement? For Qi Adept
(Dragon classes can choose from all effects.)
* ???
* Draconic Hex
* Dreadful Aura: Engage skill. Prevents the opponent and enemies within 1 square radius of them from moving for 1 turn.
* Torrential Roar: Engage attack. Deals damage to 3 enemies in a line and adds water-based Avoid-30 tiles underneath them.


Voice actor: Yūsuke Kobayashi

Known as the “Emblem of the Academy”. A former mercenary, now instructor at the Officer’s Academy.

Overview video

* Hero’s Relic
–Blutgang: Deals magic damage; bonus damage versus Corrupted and Cavalry. For Backup.
–Lúin: For Flier.
–Failnaught: For Covert.
–Thyrsus: Range +2 when attacking with magic and occasionally reduces damage by a half. For Mystical.
–Rafail Gem: For Qi Adept.
–Areadbhar: For Cavalry.
–Aymr: Goes last when initating combat, but triggers Smash. For Armor?
* Hero’s Relic
* Sword of the Creator
* Divine Pulse: Allows attacks that would have otherwise missed their target to hit, with a fixed chance of triggering.
* ???
* ???
* Instruct: Engage skill. Grants a stat boost to allies within 2 squares, dependent on class type.
–Dragon: All stats +3
–Flier: Res +5
–Mystical: Mag +4
–Backup: Str +4
–Qi Adept: Lck +10
–Cavalry: Dex +10
–Covert: Spd +5
–Armor: Def +X
* Goddess Dance: Engage attack. Allows 4 adjacent units to move again.

Edelgard / Dimitri / Claude [DLC]

Voice actor: Ai Kakuma, Kaito Ishikawa and Toshiyuki Toyonaga


* Aymr
* Areadbhar
* Failnaught?
* Friendly Rivalry: At start of turn, rotates between Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.
* Flame Gambit
* Lineage: 120% experience gained.
* Combat Art: Engage skill.
* Houses Unite: Engage attack. A 3-hit attack that uses an axe, lance and bow.

Tiki [DLC]

Voice actor: Sumire Morohoshi


* Eternal Claw
* Smash Tail
* Ice Breath
* Starsphere’s Protection: Increases growth rates.
* ???
* ???
* Dragon Transform: Engage skill.
* Divine Dragon’s Blessing: Engage attack. Confers a resurrection stone to an ally, possibly giving them a second HP bar.

In addition, more Emblem(s) will be added in future DLC.