Boss Conversations

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Chapter 2

Alear versus Lumera (Phase 1)

Lumera: There is no need to hold back, my child.

Alear: All right.

Alear versus Lumera (Phase 2)

Alear: This is certainly more of a challenge.

Lumera: Your enemies will not hold back, and neither will I. That is why you must defeat me.

Lumera: What a delight it is to see you in battle after all these years.

Vander versus Lumera

Vander: Queen Lumera, please forgive me for standing against you.

Lumera: Vander, you are my child’s knight─you must fill that role as best you can.

Lumera: Attack me with all your might.

Clanne versus Lumera

Clanne: Queen Lumera, I don’t want to attack you. Ugh, I feel dizzy…

Lumera: Sharpen your focus, Clanne, lest you miss.

Framme versus Lumera

Framme: No disrespect, Queen Lumera, but I’ve gotta attack you!

Lumera: That’s the spirit, Framme.

Chapter 3

Alear versus Abyme

Alear: Who are you, and what do you want?

Abyme: I am here to fight, not exchange words.

Chapter 5

Alfred versus Nelucce

Alfred: You invaded my castle and threatened my mother. I’ll slay you where you stand!

Nelucce: Oh, the prince of Flowerland is threatening me! I’m real scared!

Céline versus Nelucce

Nelucce: Looky here, the runaway princess! I’ll make you fly the coop again.

Céline: I am not running this time. It will be you who flees for your life.

Alear versus Nelucce

Alear: I will show you no mercy. Prepare to die.

Nelucce: Ooo, the Divine Dragon. If I kill you, I won’t have to lick her boots anymore!

Chapter 7

Alear versus Hortensia

Alear: Return the ring.

Hortensia: No way! I’m the one who’s after the rings.

Hortensia: We could have done this the easy way, but no. You had to be stubborn.

Alear: I’m stubborn?

Alear versus Rosado

Rosado: Wow, the Divine Dragon! Happy to meet you. But I’d be happier if you gave me your rings.

Alear: I’d be happy if you surrendered.

Alear versus Goldmary

Goldmary: Up close, you’re only half as captivating as I thought, Divine Dragon.

Alear: That’s what you care about? Here, in battle? Let’s just settle this.

Chapter 8

Alear versus Ivy

Ivy: What a pleasure it is to see you up close, Divine One.

Alear: That ring should be in Lythos Castle. Return it.

Ivy: Hm-hm! If I say no, will you come nearer?

Chapter 10

Alear versus Morion

Morion: RAAARGH!

Alear: King Morion.

Alear: You said you wanted to duel when we made it back to the castle… Remember?

Alear: I wish we could have crossed swords as friends.

Alear: But now…we must face each other as enemies.

Diamant versus Morion

Diamant: This is our last sparring match, isn’t it, Father?

Diamant: When I was a boy, you taught me the meaning of strength.

Diamant: You’d make light of it, but you were preparing me for when I’d have to fight my own battles.

Diamant: That day has come. And you prepared me well.

Diamant: Your life was devoted to protecting Brodia’s honor… Now I take on that mantle.

Morion: Uraaargh!

Diamant: Was I a good son? I should have asked you that sooner.

Diamant: You instilled in me pride and strength. But most importantly…you gave me your love.

Diamant: I should have told you what that meant.

Alcryst versus Morion

Alcryst: Father… If you have to die, let it be by my hand.

Alcryst: This would be an unbearable burden for Diamant. So I… I must…

Morion: Raaargh!

Alcryst: I must do this, Father!

Alcryst: If some part of you is still in there… Just… Thank you for everything.

Alcryst: I love you. I always will.

Alear versus Hortensia

Hortensia: You! Dragon! You’re the one who killed my sister, aren’t you?

Alear: No, Ivy is alive.

Hortensia: Then where is she?! If she’s alive, prove it!

Alear: I don’t know where she is.

Hortensia: See, I knew it! You’re lying! I’m going to make you pay for what you did!

Chapter 14

Ivy versus Hortensia

Ivy: Hortensia, please! Come to your senses!

Hortensia: Why fight me, Ivy? All I want is to bring Father back. Don’t you miss him?

Ivy: Of course. So much, I fear my heart will never mend. That’s why I cannot lose you too.

Alear versus Zephia

Zephia: Well, if it isn’t my favorite lizard! How’s Solm treating you?

Zephia: Don’t you worry, your friends are safe with me. Sigurd, Celica, Micaiah… Marth.

Alear: You…

Zephia: Oh, did you want to see them? Shame. I didn’t bring them with me.

Zephia: Couldn’t have you taking them, could I?

Chapter 16

Rosado/Goldmary versus Marni

Marni: Hahaha! Gotcha, sticky fingers! Wanna find out what I do to no-good traitors?

Rosado/Goldmary versus Mauvier

Mauvier: No mercy for mutineers.

Chapter 17

Alear versus Veyle

Veyle: Hehehe, I’m so glad you came.

Veyle: Quite a backdrop, isn’t it? Florra looks much prettier up in flames.

Veyle: I knew you’d come if I set it ablaze.

Veyle: And the Corrupted that frightened you so much… They’re not so scary this way, are they?

Alear: Are you talking about King Hyacinth?

Veyle: Yes. I thought seeing him would make you smile. We are friends, after all!

Veyle: Oh, but we had a falling out, didn’t we? The other Veyle must be simply heartbroken.

Alear: …

Ivy versus Hyacinth

Hyacinth: Ivy.

Ivy: Father. I’ve not seen you since we were at the Brodian border.

Ivy: That was our farewell. In this life, at least.

Hyacinth: It need not be. I can appeal to Lord Sombron─ask him to welcome you back as our ally.

Ivy: No. You are…not you. I will not cling tearfully to my father’s shadow.

Ivy: But I am grateful for this.

Ivy: Grateful for the chance to thank you, say goodbye, and tell you that as Elusia’s queen…

Ivy: I will surpass you.

Hortensia versus Hyacinth

Hyacinth: Hortensia.

Hortensia: Father! I’ve missed you. I wanted to see you so badly.

Hortensia: I’ve been so sad since you died…

Hyacinth: Then, dear daughter, follow me. Kill your friends and bring me their rings.

Hortensia: No, I won’t. I want to live up to my father, the wise king of Elusia…

Hortensia: My real father. Before the Fell Dragon ruined him.

Hyacinth: Rrgh…

Hortensia: Goodbye, Father. I’m sad we didn’t have more time together. I love you.

Hortensia: Soon this will all be over, OK? Soon you’ll be able to rest.

Chapter 18

Lindon versus Abyme

Abyme: You betrayed us!

Lindon: I fight to restore Elusia. You fight for its decline. Which of us is truly on the wrong side?

Chapter 20

Alear versus Griss

Griss: How do you like to be hurt, Divine One? I’m a people pleaser.

Alear: Hand over the ring, Griss.

Griss: Haha! Ignoring me? Aw, that hurts my feelings.

Griss: Fine, I’ll give you the ring. As soon as I’ve gotten my fill!

Chapter 21

Alear versus Veyle

Veyle: Oh, how I wanted to find you. How I wanted to kill you.

Veyle: Queen Lumera’s pet. The whimpering, pathetic worm. You are not my sibling.

Alear: And you’re not mine. Veyle is. Give her back.

Veyle: I am Veyle! And I’ll prove it─here and now─by destroying you!

Mauvier versus Veyle

Veyle: Ah! My loyal knight, Mauvier. Aren’t you going to protect me anymore?

Mauvier: My time with the Four Hounds is behind me. I will not protect you.

Veyle: Same as ever, Mauvier. You won’t acknowledge me. You won’t even say my name.

Veyle: Well, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten your reward. How about a swift death?

Mauvier: I will sacrifice anything─everything─to save Lady Veyle from you.

Mauvier: Give me strength, Marni!

Mauvier versus Zephia

Zephia: It is a sad day that I must fight you, Mauvier.

Zephia: And here I thought we were family…

Mauvier: Family?! You killed Marni!

Mauvier: I should have stepped in sooner. Then Lady Veyle and Marni might have had a chance…

Mauvier versus Griss

Griss: If it isn’t the traitor. Don’t worry, you’ll seeMarni soon.

Mauvier: How dare you speak her name!

Mauvier: I will kill you quickly. You’ll be buried before you feel any pain.

Chapter 23

Veyle versus Zephia

Zephia: Ah, Lady Veyle. You mean to kill me, do you?

Veyle: That’s right.

Zephia: Those eyes… So like your father’s.

Zephia: You really resemble him, you know. Far more than the other Lady Veyle did.

Veyle: You don’t see me, do you, Zephia?

Veyle: You see me and you think of Papa. Or that other me.

Veyle: When we met, you seemed so kind. I really liked you.

Zephia: Really? I hated you. No, that’s not right… I was indifferent to you.

Veyle: …

Zephia: Lord Sombron’s puppet. That’s all you were. A thing to be used and cast off.

Zephia: Yet somehow…I knew this day would come.

Veyle: The day I would kill you? No wonder you didn’t like me.

Zephia: Well… You finally have my undivided attention.

Alear versus Zephia

Zephia: My dear, sweet Divine Dragon. We’ve been through a lot together, haven’t we?

Alear: Zephia… You must have known who I was a thousand years ago.

Zephia: Yes, I believe we met. But the details are hazy.

Zephia: Lord Sombron had so many children, you see.

Zephia: A bug would have had more luck getting my attention.

Alear: Oh? Am I that forgettable?

Zephia: Oh, not at all. You’re the Divine Dragon now. But in due time, you’ll be me.

Zephia: One tends to lose count of the lives that pass by. You’ll understand one day.

Alear: I will never be like you.

Zephia: Haha. Well, it barely matters anyway. You aren’t leaving this place.

Zephia: You’re going to die right now.

Mauvier versus Zephia

Zephia: You’re going to kill me, Mauvier? After everything?

Mauvier: At one time, I would not have imagined it myself. I believed our path to be just.

Mauvier: That we were family.

Zephia: Family… I’m surprised to hear that from you.

Mauvier: I am, I admit, solitary by nature. But I felt a true bond with the Hounds.

Mauvier: I let our “family” distract me too long. Until you took Marni from us.

Zephia: You know, Mauvier… You can turn your back on all this. You can leave.

Mauvier: I left you, Zephia, after you made a wreckage of the Hounds.

Mauvier: I don’t have any last sentiments. You see… I learned something from you in the end.

Veyle versus Griss

Griss: So, Lady Veyle! Where’s my reward?

Veyle: Reward?

Griss: The real Lady Veyle promised me all the agony my heart could want.

Griss: I was really looking forward to it! The cold, the severity…

Griss: But in the end, nothing. Not even a scratch.

Veyle: That Veyle… She’s gone now.

Griss: Yeah, ’cause you killed her! So you can’t be all bad.

Griss: Now, you tell me─how are you gonna do it? Kill me, I mean.

Veyle: I’ll never forgive you, Griss. But I never hated you, at least from the start.

Veyle: I think I understand why you were with the Hounds. Why you’re you.

Veyle: But I’m not cruel. None of this will be… a reward.

Alear versus Griss

Griss: That’s a neat trick, getting killed but not dying. Just what I’d expect from the Fell Dragon’s kid.

Alear: Griss… All else aside, I’m grateful you told me the truth.

Alear: While I can’t forgive what you’ve done, I do want to ask you one thing.

Alear: Why are you doing all of this? Is Zephia making you?

Griss: What kinda question is that?! I’m here because I wanna be, OK?

Alear: I see.

Griss: Hah! How sweet! Worried about little old Griss!

Griss: That’s an insult to me and Zephia! I won’t forgive that ever. Ever! EVER!

Griss: I’m gonna hurt you every which way, and then kill you once and for all!

Mauvier versus Griss

Griss: You come to get revenge? Or were you hoping the Hounds would take you back?

Griss: We were a family, Mauvier. That makes us like brothers.

Griss: No one would blame you for missing us.

Mauvier: I am here to strike you down. I have nothing more to say.

Griss: Geez, a stiff till the end. Guess there’s no point in holding back the killing, then.

Chapter 24

Alear versus Past Alear

Past Alear: I sense that you are looking and staring. Youwill not win that way. Or are you scared?

Alear: Yes, of course. I’ve been scared from the start of all this. It’s only natural.

Alear: Scared of losing battles, of losing what’s important to me, losing people I care about!

Past Alear: I will admit…I am jealous of you.

Past Alear: You have my face, but you say the things you feel…out loud.

Past Alear: I am not allowed to show fear.

Past Alear: If I say I am afraid, I will be labeled a defect.

Past Alear: I follow orders. I don’t think. I am like the Corrupted. They are awful.

Alear: You really dislike the Corrupted too!

Past Alear: I hate them. They have killed many of my sisters and my brothers.

Past Alear: If I lose to you, they will kill me. No… No, they will kill me, in time, no matter what.

Alear: …

Alear: But…you don’t die. I’m proof of that.

Past Alear: What did you say? Never mind─let’s finish. Come at me, or I will come at you.

Past Alear: This is like looking in a mirror. What I see…bothers me.

Veyle versus Past Alear

Past Alear: Veyle? Is that you?


Past Alear: No… Veyle is younger than you are.

Past Alear: Forget what I said.

Veyle:Are you…related to Veyle?

Past Alear: She is my youngest sibling and littlest sister.

Past Alear: I had many sisters and many brothers. Most of them have been killed. In awful ways.

Past Alear: Will Father dispose of Veyle too? If I think about that, it makes me sad.

Past Alear: I would like to stand by my sister. Always. An ally. A friend.

Veyle:She’s that important to you.

Past Alear: You look too much like her. It bothers me.

Past Alear: I’ll defeat you now. Whoever you are, you are not my little sister.

Veyle:You’re right. I’m not your little sister. Still, I’m glad I was here with you to…hear all of that.

Veyle: Thank you, Brother/Sister.

Chapter 25

Alear versus Lumera

Alear: Mother!

Lumera: Here we are at last, Alear…

Lumera: How about we train here? You’ll be the one fighting. The Emblem─ Ugh…

Alear: What? You said that back at…

Lumera: The Emblem lends you their… Ugh… No! These memories…

Lumera: I wanted to spend time with you. To chat for hours, take long walks together, share meals…

Lumera: And then… Then…

Alear: Stop, please! It’s all right. There are lots of things I wish we’d done too.

Alear: We weren’t able to. But that’s OK. It’s better than seeing you suffer like this.

Alear: You can still surrender, Mother. Please. For me.

Lumera: No. Lord Sombron gave me more time with my child. I refuse to waste it.

Lumera: I won’t let anyone take that away. Not even you. I waited for so long!

Lumera: A thousand years of waiting!

Vander versus Lumera

Lumera: It’s been a while, Vander.

Vander: Queen Lumera, I cannot believe we have a chance to speak once more.

Vander: I apologize for failing in my duty as your protector.

Vander: And I pray you’ll forgive me for defeating you here.

Lumera: Vander, you are my child’s knight─you must fill that role as best you can.

Lumera: Attack me with all your might.

Vander: …

Vander: If we could go back there, to that courtyard, I would…

Vander: I wish we could return to that day, before all of this.

Vander: No. Even if I might take that selfish moment, my duty stands. I must stop you here, today.

Vander: Prepare yourself, Queen Lumera!

Clanne versus Lumera

Clanne: Queen Lumera. I… I…

Lumera: Sharpen your focus, Clanne, lest you miss.

Clanne: Those words. They sound familiar.

Lumera: Aha, let’s find out if they save your life!

Framme versus Lumera

Framme: I’m sorry, Queen Lumera. I have to do this.

Lumera: That’s the spirit, Framme.

Framme: Whoa, what? It’s almost like that time when…

Lumera: What “time?” Should I have killed you then?

Veyle versus Lumera

Lumera: Here to kill me. Again. Why another attempt? You must know the result will be the same.

Veyle: I still have to try. No matter how many times I fail, I’m not going to give up.

Veyle: My brother/sister taught me I can shape the future for the better!

Lumera: Ah, my child taught you that? How I envy you. That memory… That time together…

Lumera: Everyone, it seems, has a future. And hopes and dreams too.

Lumera: Why should you get such treasures, while I’m denied them?! It’s not fair!

Lumera: Be gone, once and for all!

Lumera: Away with you!

Chapter 26

Alear versus Sombron

Sombron: You are pathetic.

Sombron: As if spurning me to be a Divine Dragon was not enough… Patricide? Unforgivable.

Alear: You killed your own children─tried to destroy the world─for your selfish desires.

Alear: You’re the one who is beyond forgiveness.

Sombron: I said your world meant nothing to me. Its people, my children…you.

Sombron: Once I leave, I will forget you. Even if we met again, I would not recall your face.

Alear: In other words, you’ll make the same mistakes as before. So which of us is pathetic?

Veyle versus Sombron

Veyle: Papa…

Sombron: Oh, the defect. I thought myself rid of you, yet here you are.

Veyle: Heh.

Sombron: You laugh.

Veyle: You’re angry because I persisted and survived. It almost feels like praise.

Veyle: We never spent time together as father and daughter, like I wanted.

Veyle: But I’m glad I didn’t give up. I made it. Because now, I can be the one who defeats you.

Sombron: You are a malicious child. I would expect no less from my own.

Veyle: I hope you’re watching, Mama. I’m going to stop him─just like you told me.

Marth versus Shadow Dragon

Marth: I sense you, shadow, and I believe I know who you are!

Marth: I’ve defeated you before, and I will again, for I hold the Exalted Falchion!

Sigurd versus Dark God

Sigurd: The divine sword Tyrfing is awakened. That marks you as─ No. Impossible.

Sigurd:As a knight of Grannvale, and a descendant of one of the 12 crusaders, I shall be your end!

Celica versus War Father

Celica: We meet again, Duma…though I’m not sure you are him.

Celica: Please, do no more harm. Allow your great and weary soul the rest it deserves…

Micaiah versus Judgment

Micaiah: You?! Has Sombron summoned you again to pass judgment on the world?

Micaiah: I’m not going to let that happen! Yune…please give me strength!

Roy versus Demon Dragon

Roy: Why are you here─and in that form? We have no quarrel.

Roy: So…I’ll do my part to stop this. And I’ll again free your soul from endless fighting.

Leif versus Dark Bishop

Leif: You radiate evil…but are you truly the dark bishop who I fought once before?

Leif: Is your intent to spread fear and despair in this world too? I will never allow that to happen!

Lucina versus Despair

Lucina: You’ve come chasing after me again. You, who are the wings of despair and the breath of ruin…

Lucina: If that’s so, then I challenge that fate! Die now, that our future can live!

Lyn versus Dark Druid

Lyn: Fate is full of surprises. Who would have thought we’d meet again?

Lyn: Yet this, I’m afraid, is our final parting. Soon you’ll only be a stain on my sword!

Ike versus Mad King

Ike: I know exactly who you are. I can feel it. You’re the Mad King.

Ike: I won’t hold back against you! I’ll fight with all my strength!

Byleth versus Liberation King

Byleth: The King of Liberation, revived? I doubt you’ll go peacefully. Well, neither will I.

Byleth: The flow of time may have brought us both here, but now I will end your journey.

Corrin versus Mad Dragon

Corrin: I didn’t want to see you… But if it’s true that you are at the end of every path I take…

Corrin: Then I will stop you every time. I won’t give up!

Eirika versus Demon King

Eirika: I sense a miasma of evil coming from you… Could you be the Demon King?

Eirika: If you are, I will defeat you before you beguile anyone or cause a tragedy.

Paralogue 2

Anna versus Mitan

Mitan: Well, well, well. So the thief turned out to be just some brat.

Mitan: What do you say, boys? I bet we could get a pretty penny in ransom out of her parents.

Anna: My parents have no idea where I am, so that’s a pretty weak threat if you ask me.

Mitan: Yeah, well I didn’t ask you! We’ll figure that out later!

Paralogue 3

Alear versus Lucina

Lucina: What’s wrong, Alear? You won’t win just by standing there.

Alear: Your stance has no openings. I don’t see how I could hit you, no matter where I strike.

Lucina: Doubt will only dull your attacks. Trust in yourself, and come at me with everything!

Alear: Understood! Here I come!

Alfred versus Lucina

Alfred: Wow, the khans fought in the arena for the right to rule? It’s almost like fate brought us here.

Lucina: The khans didn’t battle. They picked champions to fight on their behalf.

Alfred: Phew! If that is the case, I think it fortunate that this place is not the true arena.

Lucina: Haha, indeed. Now, come at me!

Paralogue 4

Alear versus Lyn

Lyn: These plains, the green land, the wind…they raised me to be strong. And you?

Alear: I’m still improving, but I have gained strength during our journey.

Lyn: I’m glad to hear you’re feeling stronger, but I won’t be holding back!

Ivy versus Lyn

Ivy: It feels a little strange to fight you. I’m reminded of my father and all that happened.

Lyn: Oh? I’m rather happy about this fight myself. Facing someone as skilled as you is a pleasure.

Ivy: If only he had been so encouraging. Very well, let’s begin.

Hortensia versus Lyn

Hortensia: Seeing you makes me feel like I might see my father again. Too bad that’s not how it works.

Lyn: Unfortunately, I’m neither a substitute for your father nor his memory.

Lyn: Still, I can see you’ve become quite talented. So show me just how much you’ve grown!

Hortensia: I am refined in strength and charm! If my father were here, he’d be in awe of what I’ve become!

Paralogue 5

Alear versus Ike

Ike: I like that look in your eye. It’s clear your fighting spirit is strong.

Alear: I know the only way I’ll beat you is to fight harder than you.

Ike: Then you understand what lies ahead.

Ike: Now show me you can fight as well as you talk.

Timerra versus Ike

Timerra: It’s kind of strange to face off against you. I mean, it was my duty to safeguard your ring.

Ike: Is it hard for you to see me as your opponent?

Timerra: No! I mean, I want to show you how strong I am!

Ike: Good answer. Now show me what you can do!

Fogado versus Ike

Ike: There’s something different about you, Fogado.

Fogado: I decided since I was fighting you, I should be extra serious.

Ike: You have no intention of losing, then. I see.

Fogado: Never. If we’re doing this, then I’ve got to win.

Paralogue 6

Alear versus Byleth

Byleth: Depending on the wielder, power can be used for good or evil with equal ease.

Byleth: That’s why the heart of the one controlling the power is important.

Alear: The heart. That would mean…

Alear: My heart determines how the power is used… All right, Byleth. I’m ready!

Hortensia versus Byleth

Hortensia: I’ve gotta say it feels a little weird to fight someone who’s supposed to be an ally.

Byleth: Just because we’re fighting doesn’t make us enemies. Not this time.

Byleth: We’re still friends. But for now, prepare for battle.

Hortensia: OK. I’ve got no choice but to fight? Let’s do it.

Paralogue 7

Alear versus Corrin

Corrin: I remember how I felt when I stood on the field that day…

Alear: This is where your destiny branched, isn’t it? I think I can understand what you went through.

Corrin: Do not swing timidly without resolve. You must genuinely try to kill me!

Alear: As you say, Corrin. I’ve chosen my path, and I’ll travel as far as it takes me!

Seadall versus Corrin

Seadall: You saved my life before─I didn’t expect us to end up fighting. The world is full of surprises…

Corrin: The fortune-teller didn’t foresee this event? My, how very strange.

Seadall: Tease me all you like, but I think knowing the result of this fight would be boring.

Corrin: The future isn’t set or planned. I control my own fate, as you do yours!

Paralogue 8

Alear versus Eirika

Eirika: Fighting you here… It feels so strange.

Alear: I feel it too. Facing you like this is making me stronger.

Eirika: You’ve been strong from the start. Now, show me you have the skills to back up your strength.

Rosado versus Eirika

Rosado: I didn’t think we’d get to hang out this much, Eirika. It’s been lots of fun!

Eirika: I’m glad that it’s you who engaged with me. Every day is a new experience.

Rosado: Aw, thanks so much! Now you’ve got me blushing, though…

Eirika: Heh. Well, raise your weapon or I’ll have to embarrass you further.

Goldmary versus Eirika

Goldmary: Well, Eirika, it’s time to see which of us is more graceful in battle.

Goldmary: I’m sorry if my skill proves to be too much for you.

Eirika: No apology necessary. Seeing you grow as a warrior has been a pleasure.

Eirika: But that doesn’t mean I plan on losing!

Paralogue 9

Alear versus Sigurd

Sigurd: On what do you stake your life? Tell me─how do you imagine the world once your war ends?

Alear: I wish for a peaceful world─for myself, my friends, everyone!

Alear: A world that we will build for ourselves, where no one will be hurt by the greed of others.

Sigurd: It requires power to turn a dream into reality. Show me you have what it takes.

Vander versus Sigurd

Vander: This isn’t the first time we’ve locked swords. Do you remember training with Queen Lumera?

Sigurd: Of course. How could I ever allow myself to forget? Alas, those days are far behind us.

Sigurd: So we must move on, you and I, into the future. We shall not allow her wishes to be in vain.

Vander: You had better be ready, Lord Sigurd! I dedicate this strike…to Queen Lumera!

Paralogue 10

Alear versus Leif

Leif: I have been waiting, Alear. Are you prepared?

Alear: Of course, Leif! I will face you anywhere, at any time.

Leif: Then let us begin. A fair battle between equals.

Ivy versus Leif

Leif: Be honest with yourself. What do you want? What do you hope for, deep in your heart?

Ivy: But I… What if I fail again?

Leif: Life is not a simple path, and mistakes are only mistakes. Set them right by making amends.

Leif: You have faced your own weaknesses before. Do so again and you will only grow stronger.

Paralogue 11

Alear versus Micaiah

Micaiah: I remember that battle as if it were yesterday.

Micaiah: It’s almost like I’m there again. The past and the future are together in my heart.

Alear: You’re a strong combatant, but I’m not going to lose!

Micaiah: Very well! I’d be let down if you held anything back!

Yunaka versus Micaiah

Yunaka: I’ve never been great at fighting magic users, so…maybe go easy on me?

Micaiah: Sorry, but that’s not the point of this. I won’t be holding back.

Micaiah: You took me from that shrine, and now it’s my turn to guide you to somewhere new.

Yunaka: Is that right? Guess I’d better be ready for you, then!

Paralogue 12

Alear versus Roy

Alear: You seem much more focused─more intense than usual.

Roy: My sword, the Binding Blade, was kept in this land for centuries.

Roy: My memory of retrieving it must be granting me additional power.

Alear: If a memory can grant power, then I’ll give you a fight we’ll both remember!

Diamant versus Roy

Roy: Oh, you’re to be my opponent? Well then, I’d best not relax.

Diamant: It pleases me that you would say so─I feel the same.

Diamant: It is my duty to show the Emblem entrusted to Brodia a spectacular fight!

Roy: This will be quite the battle then. Come on, Diamant. Fight!

Alcryst versus Roy

Alcryst: L-Lord Roy? Is there not someone more, um, adequate you should be fighting?

Roy: Why are you talking nonsense, Alcryst?

Roy: You are the prince of Brodia─the land I was entrusted to. Who better could I face?

Roy: Come. Let our battle begin!

Paralogue 13

Alear versus Celica

Celica: Alear, you are a kind soul.

Celica: However, the world cannot be saved with kindness alone.

Alear: I’ve learned it takes strength as well.

Celica: One alone is a plan only for failure. Both are essential. Now show me you understand.

Alfred versus Celica

Celica: You seem quite happy, Alfred.

Alfred: I was thinking how you’ve been in Firene all this time, but you’ve never seen how strong we are!

Celica: Well, you’re awfully full of confidence.

Alfred: It’s hard not to be when you already know you’re going to win the battle!

Céline versus Celica

Celica: I must admit, going to battle against you is rather strange, Céline.

Céline: Oh, quite. I would rather chat over a cup of tea. Yet, as this is a trial, tea is not an option.

Céline: So instead of polite conversation, I will fight you to the last, yes?

Celica: Of course. Come at me now. Bring everything you have to bear and claim victory.

Paralogue 14

Alear versus Marth

Marth: Much has come to pass─meetings, farewells, and reunions alike. How are you faring?

Alear: I could never put those feelings into words. So…I’ll answer you with my weapon.

Marth: I would ask for nothing less!

Alear: Here I come!

Veyle versus Marth

Veyle: Marth? Do I really have to fight you? I…I don’t want to hurt any of my friends.

Marth: I am of no consequence to you. This battle is about conquering oneself.

Veyle: Conquering oneself… Ah, I understand. I must conquer the Veyle I used to be!

Marth: Now, raise your chin. You are not alone anymore. Remember that, and triumph!

Paralogue 15

Alear versus Corrupted

Corrupted: RAAARGH!

Alear: This is just like when I fought the soldiers my mother created for our mock battle.

Alear: Mother is gone, but wherever she may be, I’ll show her how strong I’ve become!