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Memento Drawer (Alfred) Heirloom embroidery from the Firene royal family that Alfred gave me as a sign of his feelings. It’s practically a national treasure.
Memento Drawer (Anna) Anna’s handmade Sweethearts Day pendant. She gave me this high-quality piece on the day we became business partners.
Memento Drawer (Bunet) Bunet’s jabot. He gave it to me as a symbol of our partnership. The scent of fresh herbs still lingers on it.
Memento Drawer (Boucheron) Boucheron gave me this precious gift, one of his favorite books, to show me what I meant to him.
Memento Drawer (Céline) An impressively fancy tea set from Céline. She gave it to me so that we’d have matching sets for our tea parties.
Memento Drawer (Chloé) Chloé’s favorite folk food. She brings me something new every day, and I never get tired of trying it.
Memento Drawer (Citrinne) The flowers and pebble Citrinne gave me. They represent her truest self, so I keep them on display as a token of our close friendship.
Memento Drawer (Clanne) Clanne’s ribbon. He gave me this as a symbol of his devotion and admiration.
Memento Drawer (Diamant) A ring featuring the Brodian signet, considered a national treasure. Diamant gave this to me as a symbol of our mutual support.
Memento Drawer (Etie) Etie’s tiara. She gave this to me as a symbol of our friendship and to inspire me to put my heart into our training.
Memento Drawer (Fogado) Fogado’s necklace made of pure gold. He gave it to me as a symbol of the honest and genuine friendship we share.
Memento Drawer (Framme) Framme’s hat. She gave me this as a symbol of our friendship, asking me to think of her whenever I wear it.
Memento Drawer (Goldmary) Goldmary’s hairpin. She said it would be the perfect symbol of a perfect partnership.
Memento Drawer (Hortensia) The cutest ribbon Hortensia could find. Given to me as proof that our friendship is special to her.
Memento Drawer (Ivy) Ivy’s fascinator. She was blushing when she gave me this symbol of her devotion.
Memento Drawer (Jade) Jade’s sturdy shield. She gave this to me as a symbol of our close bond, saying that she would always protect me.
Memento Drawer (Jean) A spare hat Jean gave me after he became my personal physician. It’s a reminder that I can always lean on him.
Memento Drawer (Kagetsu) Kagetsu’s hair band, made out of silk from Pale Sands. He gave it to me as a symbol of our love.
Memento Drawer (Lapis) Lapis’s beloved Brodian yams. Ever since I gave her the engraved ring, she’s always bringing me new foods…some more appetizing than others.
Memento Drawer (Lindon) Lindon’s antique silver locket. He presented it to me along with a basket of fresh-baked cookies to cement our partnership.
Memento Drawer (Louis) A ring from Louis that came to me from his family. I still remember how nervous he was the day we exchanged rings.
Memento Drawer (Mauvier) Mauvier’s circlet. A spell on it wards off harm. He gave it to me as a symbol of our partnership.
Memento Drawer (Merrin) The manuscript Merrin and I are working on─a symbol of our devotion to each other. We will fill its pages with the story of our life together.
Memento Drawer (Timerra) Timerra’s jewel-encrusted gold hair ornament. She gave it to me rather casually as a symbol of our hearts’ connection.
Memento Drawer (Pandreo) Pandreo’s scarf. He said a prayer as he gave me this sacred relic to mark and to celebrate our mutual devotion.
Memento Drawer (Panette) Panette’s hair ornament. It is the most refined one she could find. She gave it to me as a symbol of the steadfast feelings we share.
Memento Drawer (Rosado) Rosado’s hair clip. He gave this to me to prove that he thinks I’m the cutest.
Memento Drawer (Saphir) Saphir’s hair clasp. She gave it to me as proof of our partnership. Unusually sentimental of her.
Memento Drawer (Seadall) Seadall’s fine silk headscarf. He picked this one to match his own from a shop in town to celebrate how brightly we shine together.
Memento Drawer (Alcryst) A rare Brodian stone with red and blue tones mixed together. Alcryst gave me this gift on the day we forged our special bond.
Memento Drawer (Amber) A “super-fluffy” alpaca doll. Amber worked through the night to make this for me as a symbol of our promise to fight side by side.
Memento Drawer (Vander) Vander’s fine velour choker from his civilian clothes. He gave me this as a symbol of his loyalty.
Memento Drawer (Veyle) The beautiful stone Veyle gave me. Similar to dragonstone, it is a precious talisman and a promise that we’ll never lose each other again.
Memento Drawer (Yunaka) One of Yunaka’s stars. It’s actually made of pure gold. She asked me not to tell anyone.
Memento Drawer (Zelkov) A necklace hand made by Zelkov. He put a great deal of care into every facet of this masterpiece.


Timing Quote
Memento Drawer (Nel) A high-quality satchel like the one Nel wears. She gave this to me so we could match to represent our special connection.
Memento Drawer (Gregory) Gregory’s scarf. He bashfully gave me the finest item in his possession. A thoughtful gift to show his devotion.
Memento Drawer (Madeline) A box of well-made, attractive ribbons, nicely packaged by Madeline for me to celebrate our partnership.
Memento Drawer (Rafal) Rafal’s handmade sweets. He makes special, mild-flavored ones just for me to show how he cherishes our relationship.
Memento Drawer (Zelestia) The Mage Dragon’s magic circlet that Zelestia gave me as a symbol of our support for each other. She said it grants protection.