The Somniel is a floating fortress in the skies above Lythos, which serves as your base of operations.

You can access the Somniel after completing Chapter 3.

From the Somniel, you can head to the world map by using the warp circle at the plaza or by selecting the option from the menu.

To go back to the Somniel, you can open the world map menu and select “Depart”. You can also return to the Somniel after a battle by choosing it from the post-battle menu or selecting “Depart” while exploring.

Interact with Allies

Your allies can be found dotted around the Somniel. If you speak to them, you can give them gifts, to increase their support points.

Likewise, Emblems you’ve summoned will also be floating around the Somniel.

Note: Not all allies and Emblems are present at the Somniel at one time. A maximum of 23 characters, including Emblems (and yourself?) can be present. You can shuffle the characters around by resting in My Room.


The Somniel has numerous facilities that will come in handy during your long campaign or just to wind down.

Facility Description Unlock after
Fortune-Teller Located near the farmyard. During night, you can get your fortune read by Seadall. Ch 15
Flea Market Located east from the poolside. You can purchase gifts and knick knacks from Timerra. Ch 13
Wyvern Ride Located north from the training yard. When you’re in the Divine Dragon class, you can borrow Ivy’s wyvern to shoot targets in the sky. Ch 11
Fishing Located at the pond. You can try your hand at fishing, with Diamant’s permission. Ch 8
Tower of Trials Located at the southernmost edge of the Somniel. This is where the Tempest Trials, Relay Trials and Outrealm Trials are. Ch 6
Order Meal Available at Café Terrace. You can order food for yourself and two partners. Ch 6
Stable Located at the farmyard. This is where you keep the animals you’ve adopted. Ch 4
Arena Located next to Café Terrace. Train with your allies to earn experience points or Emblems to improve their Bond. Ch 5
Boutique Located at the plaza. Come here to change your characters’ looks. Ch 5
Smithy Located at the plaza. You can forge your weapons to improve their stats. Ch 5
Strength Training Located at the training yard. You can do some exercise to obtain temporary stat boosts. Ch 4
Shrine? Located at the grotto. It seems a strange creature lives here… Ch 4
Ring Chamber Located next to Café Terrace. You can check your Emblems here, create Bond Rings or enhance Engage weapons. Ch 4
Item Shop Located at the plaza. Where you can stock up on healing items and staves, etc. Ch 4
Armory Located at the plaza. If you’re looking for new weapons, you’re in the right place. Ch 4
My Room Located on the upper floor of Café Terrace. You can rest here to change the time of day, change the difficulty, view cutscenes, etc. Ch 3
Bulletin Board Located inside Café Terrace. You can check the Somniel map, donate and check your achievements here. Ch 3
Music Box Located inside Café Terrace. Allows you to change the music that plays in the Somniel. Ch 3
amiibo Gazebo Located near the orchard. You can scan your amiibo here to unlock various goodies. Ch 5
Records Hall Located near the farmyard. You can access the photoshoot and view your Profile Card here. Ch 6
Ancient Well Located near the training yard. Toss your unwanted items to get random stuff. Available from Version 1.3.0. Ch 6
Stable (Refresh) Located near the farmyard. You can choose two characters to raise their support points. Available from Version 1.2.0. Ch 7
Orchard (Refresh) Located at the orchard. You can choose two characters to raise their support points. Available from Version 1.2.0. Ch 7
Pool (Refresh) Located at the poolside. You can choose two characters to raise their support points.  Available from Version 1.2.0. Ch 7

Item Spawns

There are numerous sparkly spots where you can obtain items. These respawn whenever the Somniel refreshes, which is usually after every battle.

Note: In Maddening mode, the Somniel does not refresh after network battles.

Location Item Rate (%) Notes
Orchard Apple 75
Peach 75
Grape 75
Orange 75
Farmyard Milk 75
Eggs 75
Varies 100 Up to 5 random items, depending on your animals
Flea Market Wheat Flour 75
Near orchard Nuts 75
Nuts 75
Grotto Bond fragment x50 75 Guaranteed during first visit
Bond fragment x50 50 Guaranteed during first visit
Bond fragment x50 25 Guaranteed during first visit
Spirit Gem 100 One-time spawn
Near training yard Bond fragment x50 100 Available while the statue is being worked on
Varies Pretty Pebble 100 See note below
Horse Manure 100 See note below
Spirit Gem 100 Sommie Bond 30; see note below
Spirit Gem 100 Sommie Bond 60; see note below
Rare Fruit/Vegetable/Fish 100 Sommie Bond 80; see note below

Note: The noted items only respawn after non-skirmish or non-network battles. In other words, after completing a main story chapter, paralogue or DLC map for the first time.