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Note: Percentages are from the official guidebook.

After completing Chapter 6, you can order dishes for yourself and two other characters to eat at Café Terrace.

Depending on the selected dish, all of your party members will receive a stat boost that lasts until the end of the next battle.

This stat boost may be modified by a random dish title, which depends on the character who’s cooking, as well as your luck.

For each dish, you can also add extra ingredients. This boosts the chance of obtaining a character-specific dish title. (However, be wary because some of the characters’ dish titles can result in low rank dishes.)

Extra Ingredients Character-specific (SS~G) Ordinary (D) Failure (E~G)
4 +12% -6% -6%
3 +9% -4% -5%
2 +6% -3% -3%
1 +3% -1% -2%

Rare Ingredients do not affect the quality of the dish, but may boost the support points gained instead.


Name Stat Boost Extra Ingredients Description
Onion Soup Res +2 Onion A modest yet flavorful soup made with onions, water, and spices.
Bean and Veggie Consommé Str +1, Def +1, Res +1 Pork, Cabbage, Beans A soup made with stewed sausage, beans, and vegetables. The base may vary depending on the cook.
Minced-Meat Dumplings Str +1, Res +2 Chicken, Tomato, Herb Minced meat, vegetables, and bread crumbs, all seasoned with herbs, then wrapped in dough and boiled.
Potato Soup Res +2 Potato A thick, comforting soup made with soft, tender potatoes.
White Sausage Str +1, Res +1 Mutton, Pork, Herb Sausages made from mutton and fresh bacon. Contain additional herbs for an extra bit of flavor.
Salted-Meat Stew Str +1, Def +1, Res +2 Pork, Onion, Spices, Herb Salted pork shank that has been stewed among vegetables and herbs for several hours.
Cream Croquette Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Crispy croquettes filled with creamy white sauce.
Smoked Freshwater Eel Spd +2 Eel Eel that has been gutted and smoked whole. You can even eat the skin!
Pickle Herring Rolls Spd +1, Res +2 Herring, Onion, Tomato Onion and tomato pickles wrapped in a roll of vinegar-pickled herring.
Deep-Fried Carp Spd +1, Res +1 Carp, Cabbage A carefully gutted carp dunked whole into hot oil.
Apple Pie Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1 Apple, Wheat Flour, Eggs A freshly baked pie stuffed with thin slices of apple.
Pickled Cabbage Def +1, Res +1 Cabbage, Spices Shredded cabbage mixed with salt and spices, then pickled inside a pot or jar.
Potato Pancakes Def +1, Res +1 Potato, Wheat Flour Pan-fried dough made with grated potatoes.
Steamed Dango Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk Soft balls of bread dough that have been steamed with warmed butter and milk inside a lidded pot.
Onion Quiche Def +1, Res +1 Onion, Pork Plentiful onions, sautéed with bacon, nestled into quiche dough and baked in an oven.
Apple and Cheese Toasties Spd +1, Def +1 Apple, Milk Ham, apple slices, and cheese arranged atop a slice of freshly toasted bread.
Peach Cake Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Peach, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Peaches baked in buttery dough, then sprinkled with powdered sugar just before eating.
Caramel Nut Cake Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Nuts, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs A cake with sliced, caramelized nuts mixed into the dough, featuring a middle layer of custard cream.
Syrup-Simmered Berries Str +1, Mag +1, Res +1 Berries, Grapes, Milk Berries and red syrup, simmered and cooled until thick, served with a scoop of cold ice cream.
Jelly Doughnuts Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1 Orange, Wheat Flour, Eggs Mounds of fried dough, stuffed with a variety of jams and creams.
Emperor’s Mess Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Berries, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Bite-sized pieces of fried pancake, slathered in melted butter, and topped with powdered sugar.
Omelet Str +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Tomato, Milk, Eggs Beaten, cooked, and folded eggs filled with a variety of ingredients such as tomatoes or cheese.
Deep-Dish Crêpe Pizza Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1, Res +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs, Tomato A fluffy pizza made with thick-baked crêpe dough.
Steak Fries Str +1, Def +1, Res +1 Potato, Spices, Eggs Thick-cut potato fries, to be eaten with a preferred condiment.


Name Stat Boost Extra Ingredients Description
Onion Soup Res +2 Onion A modest yet flavorful soup made with onions, water, and spices.
Mutton and Cabbage Stew Str +1, Res +1 Mutton, Cabbage Mutton and cabbage, stewed in the same dish until the cabbage softens.
Crispy Roasted Pork Belly Str +1, Def +1 Pork Pork belly meat, roasted and baked in a pan with the skin intact.
Braised Lamb Shank Str +1, Res +1 Mutton, Spices A lamb shank that has been cured in salt, then steamed.
Fruit Pie Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1, Res +1 Apple, Grapes, Orange An assortment of dried fruits that have been wrapped and baked inside pie dough.
Braised Beef in Grape Sauce Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1, Res +1 Beef, Onion, Grapes, Spices Chunks of beef, sautéed with onions, then simmered in grape sauce with added butter.
Cod Boil Spd +2 Cod Dried cod that has been soaked in lye for rehydration, then rinsed and boiled. Has a soft, jiggly consistency.
Creamy Fish Chowder Spd +2 Minced Fish, Milk A thick soup made with fish and fresh cream.
Meat Dango in Cream Sauce Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Chicken, Grapes, Milk Meaty dango covered in heavy cream sauce. The sauce contains a sweet jam that complements the meat.
Marinated Salmon Spd +1, Res +3 Salmon, Onion, Cabbage, Herb Salmon marinated with salt, sugar, and herbs. Enjoy its unique aroma!
Crisp Bread Def +2 Wheat Flour Extremely thin, crunchy, cracker-like bread made with simple wheat flour, salt, and water.
Sour Cream Congee Spd +1, Def +1, Res +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Herb Simmered sour cream with wheat flour and milk. Served with sugar and melted butter.
Crêpe Pancakes Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Pancakes that were spread thin and cooked as crêpes, then covered with jam and rolled before serving.
Jam Cake Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Berries, Grapes A light and fluffy sponge cake covered with jam.
Tree Cake Str +1, Def +1 Eggs, Wheat Flour A cake with meringue in its batter, baked in rings of different sizes and stacked to resemble a conical tree.
Fish Dango Spd +2 Minced Fish Dough made with white fish as a base, then fried in butter.
Cheese Wedge Spd +2 Milk A wedge of cheese made from farm-fresh dairy.
Oatmeal Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk Milk poured over oats, then heated.
Baked Potato Str +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Potato, Milk, Beans A potato, baked whole, then split and topped with cheese, beans, and other toppings.
Nut Compote Mag +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Milk, Nuts Assorted nuts that have been simmered in sugar water.
Traveler’s Egg Str +1, Def +2 Beef, Wheat Flour, Eggs Boiled eggs that have been wrapped in ground beef, then breaded and deep-fried.
Chicken Tomato Curry Str +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Chicken, Tomato, Milk, Eggs Grilled chicken meat, simmered in a curry sauce with tomatoes and cream as a base.
Haggis Str +1, Res +1 Mutton, Herb, Onion Sheep innards, onions, and herbs packed and boiled inside of a sheep’s stomach.
Crumble Cake Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Berries, Grapes A dough of flour, butter, and sugar used to cover a variety of simmered fruits, then baked in an oven.
Marinated Herring Spd +1, Res +1 Herring, Onion Herring and onions that have been pickled in vinegar and sugar.
Meat Pie Str +1, Res +2 Beef, Onion, Potato Minced meat, onions, potatoes, and more, all wrapped and baked inside a pie crust.


Name Stat Boost Extra Ingredients Description
Nut Milk Pie Mag +1, Def +1 Nuts, Wheat Flour Lightly fried dough containing a central layer of crushed nuts and syrup.
Nut Rice Pudding Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Rice, Milk, Nuts Rice simmered in a syrup made of crushed nuts and milk.
Dome Bread Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs, Nuts A sweet bread in the shape of a dome, baked with dried slices of various fruits mixed into the dough.
Chilled Vegetable Soup Mag +1, Def +1, Res +1 Cabbage, Apple, Tomato A variety of vegetables, apples, and more, all blended together as a soup.
Prosciutto Str +1, Def +1 Pork Slices of dry-cured ham made from high-quality pork.
Kebabs Str +1, Def +1 Chicken, Spices Various meats, marinated in oil and spices, then grilled on skewers.
Seafood Paella Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1, Res +1 Rice, Sashimi, Tomato, Herb Rice cooked in a wide, flat pan along with a soupy mix of vegetables and assorted seafoods.
Meatballs and Beans Str +1, Def +1, Res +1 Pork, Beans, Onion Meatballs and beans that have been stewed alongside onions and other ingredients.
Tiramisu Str +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Alternating layers of espresso- soaked biscuits and special cream, left to chill until set.
Berry Sauce Panna Cotta Str +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Berries, Milk, Eggs Soft, warm cream with added sugar, gelatin, and vanilla, poured in a form to set, then topped with berry sauce.
Seafood Medley with Garlic Spd +1, Def +1, Res +1 Sardines, Spices, Tomato, Eel A variety of seafoods stewed in olive oil with garlic.
Fried Sardines Spd +1, Def +1 Sardines Small sardines that have been fried whole in a bed of olive oil.
Vegetable Stir-Fry Mag +1, Def +1, Res +1 Cabbage, Spices A variety of fresh vegetables, stir- fried with garlic.
Tomatoes in Sweet Vinegar Def +1, Res +2 Tomato, Onion, Spices Tomatoes cooked in sweet vinegar along with onions, spices, and other ingredients.
Crème Brûlée Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Chilled custard with sugar sprinkled on top, scorched on the surface to create a thin crust of caramel.
Churros Def +2 Wheat Flour Dough extruded through a star- shaped nozzle, fried in oil, then coated in sugar, honey, and more.
Soft Candies Str +1, Mag +1 Nuts, Eggs A treat of various nuts mixed with sugar or meringue, then formed into thin bars and chilled to set.
Classic Pizza Spd +1, Def +1, Res +2 Tomato, Milk, Eggs, Herb Thinly-stretched dough topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and basil leaves.
Risotto Str +1, Def +1, Res +1 Rice, Milk, Spices Rice that has been pan-fried in butter, then cooked in stock with added spices.
Rice Croquettes Str +1, Spd +1, Def +2 Rice, Milk, Eggs Boiled rice, mixed with egg wash, cheese, salt, and pepper, then coated with breadcrumbs and fried.
Rosetta Bread Def +2 Wheat Flour Bread rolls baked in the shape of roses. The inside is hollow, while the outer crust is crispy and fragrant.
Acqua Pazza Spd +1, Def +1, Res +1 Carp, Tomato, Spices Seafood that has been poached alongside tomatoes, olive oil, and more.
Veal Rolls Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Beef, Spices, Milk Thinly sliced raw veal fillet, rolled up and topped with cheese, sauce, and more.
Salt Pork Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Pork, Spices, Herb Thin, rolled slices of salted pork belly rubbed in spices, then baked on skewers with various condiments.


Name Stat Boost Extra Ingredients Description
Blood Sausage Str +1, Def +1 Beef, Pork Sausages prepared with animal blood in the casing, cooked by boiling.
Meat-Filled Potato Roll Str +1, Res +2 Pork, Onion, Potato Pork and onions wrapped and baked in a dough made from potatoes.
Potted Casserole Spd +2, Def +1, Res +1 Dried Fish, Onion, Potato, Milk Potatoes, fish, and more placed in a two-handed pot with cream, then baked in an oven.
Mushy Peas Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Beans, Milk Green peas that have been mashed alongside milk or butter.
Sandwich Cake Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1, Res +1 Sashimi, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs A savory sandwich made to look like a cake, decorated with filleted fish in the shape of a flower.
Roast Salmon Spd +2 Salmon Seasoned salmon that has been grilled in an oven.
Mashed Potato Stew Spd +1, Res +2 Potato, Herb, Milk Mashed potatoes that have been stewed with herbs and milk.
Salmon Potato Gratin Str +1, Spd +1, Res +2 Salmon, Potato, Eggs, Milk Salted salmon and potatoes, heaped, then covered with an egg-and-milk mixture and baked in an oven.
Clover Salad Res +2 Herb Fresh clover that has been arranged and sprinkled with olive oil or vinegar.
Fish-and-Bacon Pocket Bun Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Dried Fish, Pork, Wheat Flour Alternating layers of bacon and fish, salted and wrapped in well-kneaded rye dough, then baked in an oven.
Jam Thumbprint Cookies Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Berries, Wheat Flour, Milk Oven-baked cookies with a dimple of jam in the center.
Cinnamon Roll Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Berries, Wheat Flour, Milk Stretched dough, covered in butter, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then rolled up and baked in an oven.
Cabbage-and-Nut Salad Mag +1, Res +1 Cabbage, Nuts A mix of fresh cabbage and assorted nuts, topped with dressing just before serving.
Open-Faced Sandwich Str +1, Def +1, Res +1 Salmon, Wheat Flour, Eggs Slices of rye bread spread with butter and generously topped with cheese, smoked salmon, and more.
Apple Pudding Pie Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Apple, Wheat Flour, Milk A pie-like pudding made from apples, pan-fried on high heat, baked in a crust of buttery bread, then chilled.
Puffy Pancakes Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs A batter of eggs, flour, and milk that has been poured over a griddle and delicately fried.
Sautéed Apples with Bacon Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1 Pork, Apple, Spices Chopped pork belly meat, fried and served with apples that were pan- fried on high heat with very little oil.
Berry Jelly Mag +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Berries, Milk Berry juice, thickened with potato starch and chilled, then served with fresh cream on top.
Soda Bread Mag +1, Def +1, Res +1 Grapes, Wheat Flour, Milk Bread made with baking soda in place of yeast.
Sashimi Moriawase Spd +2 Sashimi Thin slices of assorted raw fish.
Miso Soup Str +1, Def +1 Beans A mixture of fermented beans or wheat, stirred into hot water and served with tofu or seaweed.
Uiro Def +2 Wheat Flour Blocks of wheat or cake flour with added sugar, steamed to harden.
Anmitsu Mag +1, Res +1 Orange, Beans, Peach Adzuki beans, agar cubes, peaches, and oranges, arranged together and topped with brown-sugar syrup.
Rice with Egg Str +1, Def +1 Eggs, Rice A bowl of cooked rice topped with a poached egg and soy sauce.
Candied Fruits Mag +1, Spd +2, Res +1 Apple, Grapes, Orange, Peach Fruit coated entirely in syrup or sugar, with a stick as a handle. Makes a great snack.
Fruit Smoothie Mag +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Orange, Peach, Grapes A thick beverage made by crushing, mixing, and swirling a variety of fruit pieces together.
Apple Compote Mag +1, Res +1 Apple A sweet beverage made from apples that have been simmered with water and sugar. Serve either hot or cold.
Orange Marmalade Mag +1, Res +1 Orange A fruit preserve made from oranges that have been boiled with sugar and water while still in their skins.
Veggie Sticks Res +2 Cabbage, Potato Various vegetables that have been cut into stick-like shapes for easy dipping into condiments or sauces.


Name Stat Boost Extra Ingredients Description
Peasant Bread Def +2 Wheat Flour A large round loaf of bread made from only rye flour, salt, and water.
Croissant Str +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Bread with butter between several layers of dough, folded many times, then baked into a crescent moon.
Mutton Stew Str +1, Res +2 Mutton, Potato, Onion Pan-fried mutton, stewed alongside potatoes and onions.
Very Veggie Stew Res +3 Cabbage, Potato, Tomato, Onion A hearty soup, loaded with a wide variety of vegetables.
Cod Dip Spd +2, Res +1 Cod, Milk, Potato Cod and potatoes, boiled in milk, then mashed into a paste. Served as a spread over bread.
Hot Crêpe Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Orange, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs A crêpe, flambéed with orange juice for extra fragrance.
Berry Custard Tart Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Berries, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Custard and berry jam baked between layers of tart dough.
Peach Sorbet Mag +1, Res +1 Peach Juice squeezed from fresh peaches then stirred and frozen. To be eaten with a spoon.
Apple Beignets Str +1, Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Apple, Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs Apples dipped in choux batter and fried in oil, served with a topping of sprinkled sugar.
Chocolate Orange Mag +1, Spd +1, Def +1 Nuts, Milk, Orange Sugar-infused oranges, baked in an oven, then coated in chocolate after cooling.


Name Stat Boost Extra Ingredients Description
Chili Salad Mag +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Cabbage, Apple, Spices, Milk A salad topped with chili sauce made from many different spices.
Chili-Covered Fruit Sticks Mag +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Apple, Spices, Orange Pieces of raw fruit, placed on sticks and sprinkled with spicy powder.
Peach Sorbet with Chili Sauce Mag +1, Res +1 Peach, Spices A scoop of peach sorbet topped with chili sauce.
Pickled Chilies Str +1, Mag +1, Def +1 Spices Whole chili peppers that have been pickled in vinegar.
Chicken Tom Yum Soup Str +1, Spd +1, Res +1 Herb, Chicken, Milk, Spices Spices simmered in chicken soup. It’s known for its complex fragrance and sour spiciness.
Chili-Cheese Stew Spd +1, Res +1 Tomato, Milk, Spices Chilies that have been stewed with cheese in water, then stewed again with added tomatoes and garlic.
Red Mapo Tofu Str +1, Res +1 Beef, Beans, Spices Ground beef and tofu, stir-fried with a variety of spices, including chilies. Warning: extremely spicy!
Pork and Kimchi Stir-Fry Str +1, Res +2 Cabbage, Pork, Spices, Onion Pork belly stir-fried with a variety of vegetables that have been pickled with spices, including chilies.