Conversation 1

Catria: If I had to describe my sister Est in a word, it’d be “free”—which is ironic. When the last war ended, she left the order of knights the next day. Said she was opening a shop with some boy she was fond of. She does what she wants and says what she wants, and damn the consequences. There are times I envy her.

Conversation 2

Catria: A little while back, someone told me I was cold and stand-offish. Do I really come across that way? Certainly I’m more reserved than either Est or Palla, but isn’t that true for most middle siblings? And whenever I DO have something to say, one of them always beats me to it! Who wouldn’t seem quiet in such circumstances?

Conversation 3

Catria: I still can’t believe you’re a princess, Celica. What a surprise! Oh! Is it even appropriate for me to be speaking to you like this? …Er, ma’am? …How’s that? You don’t mind? Oh good. I’m glad. People of high birth have their own unique set of troubles, I’m sure. But there’s still some part of me which envies them. Perhaps it’s because I don’t know the kinds of burdens they carry. If only I could stand as an equal and see the world as they do… …Hm? Did I have someone specific in mind? N-no, I’m just thinking aloud…