Conversation 1

Est: Thanks so much for saving me, Celica! I really thought I was gonna be worm’s food there for a bit. I mean, I’ve been through my share of tight scrapes on the battlefield, but I always had my sisters with me. So no matter how bad it got, I knew it would all work out. But this time it was just me, and it was incredibly scary! It really made me realize how much I lean on my sisters.

Conversation 2

Est: My sister Palla is very kind. I mean, she’s always got some little barb or criticism ready, but that’s okay. I think in some ways, she still sees me as a little girl. Now Catria… Well, I’ve never really known what she’s thinking. She doesn’t really say much unless you ask directly. I wish she’d open up. Still, I love ’em both to bits. I’m very proud of my sisters.

Conversation 3

Est: I had no intention of going back to the front lines to fight, you know. I actually wanted to open a shop with my love and live like a normal girl. But right when I got that chance, it all turned around and…welp, here I am. My sisters say that being the youngest, I’m good at adapting to situations, but being adaptable doesn’t mean much when your luck is as terrible as mine! They think I’ve had it pretty easy, but it’s actually been tough for me. I have to admit, sometimes I wish they could understand that a bit more…