Conversation 1

Faye: Are you used to all this fighting yet, Alm? You always were braver than me. I remember when we were children and those knaves cornered us in the woods. You came to our rescue like a knight in shining armor. Ha ha. Look at you! You’re blushing! But it’s true. You’ve always been my knight, you know? Then and now.

Conversation 2

Faye: I don’t mean to pry, Alm, but I heard you and Celica had a fight. Well, don’t feel bad—you’ve been apart a long time, after all. You can’t expect Celica to understand what’s going through your head. Only someone who’s been with you the whole time could ever truly understand. Someone who knows you so well she thinks exactly as you do. Someone who would do whatever you’d ask…if only you would. Those are the sort of friends you need to keep close.

Conversation 3

Faye: It’s so cold in the Rigelian Empire— nothing at all like Zofia. When we first left Ram, I never dreamed we would come so far. I hope Ma and Pa and Nana are doing all right without me… I send them letters, you know? Just the other day, I got one back. They said I talk too much about you. They want to know what’s happening with me, not you. But they don’t understand that I AM writing about myself! Or at least I’m writing about what matters to me…