Conversation 1

Gray: Do you see, now, how much of a mess the world is outside the village, Alm? Just going into town with Pa for supplies used to be a fight for survival. I worry a little place like Ram won’t last long in times like these. Honestly, I really don’t care one way or another about the kingdom. I don’t have the kind of direction you do. It’s more like I just have a nagging desire to do SOMETHING. So I thought if I joined the Deliverance, I might figure out what that is.

Conversation 2

Gray: I was just looking for you, O fearless leader! I’ve been meaning to ask you something. It’s not a big deal or anything, but, ummm… Well, how do you feel about Clair? …Aha. Your face says it all. …Plus I kind of figured as much. That just leaves Tobin. And that poor kid’s hardly what I’d call a challenge… …Huh? Oh, you’re still here? Yeah, thanks, but I got the answer I need.

Conversation 3

Gray: Hey, Alm. How goes it? So not to be an old gossip, but I hear you and Celica had a bit of a row. Ladies, am I right? They just looove to get the last word in. I thought it was just my ma and my sister who were like that, but nope! When I found out all women share that trait, my poor heart sank. …Eh? How can I be so sure it’s ALL women? How can you even ask that?! I’ve been to a town! I’ve seen, like, a dozen women! Hell, maybe more!

Conversation 4

Gray: Welp, we’re finally on imperial soil. Pretty nice dirt, if I’m being honest. And here I thought I would just waste away in little old Ram Village. That’s what my pa, my pa’s pa, and his pa before him did. It’s a shame commoners’ lives have to be so damned common. …Huh? You think it’ll change? …You think WE can change it? Well, it’d be nice if commoners had the same shot at knighthood as nobles. Heck, if we build that world, maybe the folks I’ve had to kill can forgive me… Or maybe not. Heh.