Conversation 1

Kliff: *sigh* The school in town that I went to was closed because of the war. At first, I was glad to leave that place, return to the village, and kick back, but then I remembered how little there is to learn inside a small village. I never hated learning, per se… I just hated all the other hellish parts of attending school. The other students would hound me from sun’s rise to set. Just a bunch of lonely little children desperate for friends… …What? Don’t grin at me like that. I mean it.

Conversation 2

Kliff: What’s this about a fight with Celica? You were so close when we were young. You never fought once! Well, regardless, I’m sure there was a reason for it. Celica was never mean, but she could be standoffish. You could always tell she was keeping something bottled up. …Hmm? Well, yes, I suppose I do the same thing from time to time. But when you think about it, it’s kind of selfish. To keep another’s secret is a sign of strength and trust. But when we hold our own secrets in, we’re only judging everyone else. “You can never understand,” we think. It’s sad, but…it’s what we do.

Conversation 3

Kliff: So now we’re at war with Rigel. I meant to see the world, and now it seems I’m REALLY seeing it. Heh. I make it sound so grand, but honestly, I’ve just been running. I hated it in the village. My mother never thought of anyone but herself. I couldn’t spend my life there. So now I’ve found all the excitement I longed for, plus a fair lot I didn’t! But don’t tell the others I’m actually enjoying this. Heh heh.