Conversation 1

Nomah: Ah, Celica. How are you feeling, little one? Rigel’s cold is hard on these old bones. It’s not my first time bearing it, though. In fact… Hmm, let me think… Goodness! I suppose the last time I was here was over forty years ago. It all passes in the blink of an eye…

Conversation 2

Nomah: I mentioned that I’d traveled to Rigel previously, yes? That was when I first met Mycen. …What, didn’t you know? Oh yes. Mycen originally hails from Rigel. We were both so young back then… Ha! Those are fond memories.

Conversation 3

Nomah: I never took a wife or sired children. I’ve dedicated my life to the teachings of Mila. But I’ve had the chance to watch you, Celica, as well as Mae and Boey. You’ve all become such fine, noble-hearted youths. Seeing you grow up has given me both joy and a sense of purpose. I pray you’ll each live out rich lives of your own, unfettered and free.