Conversation 1

Palla: Back home, my sister Catria and I served as knights of the queen. Not Est, though. She’d already left the order before she was taken prisoner. She chose a peaceful life, and yet ended up with this. It’s a bitter irony.

Conversation 2

Palla: Our queen is a beautiful, kind woman. But her siblings caused her terrible grief. Being family allows you to forgive some things you couldn’t otherwise. Though I understand it also makes other things unforgivable.

Conversation 3

Palla: Celica, do you have someone you fancy? Heh. Oh, there’s no need to be so flustered. It’s just us girls here—it can’t hurt to talk about boys now and again. …Hmm? What about me? Well, I wouldn’t say there’s no one. Though I expect I’ll take my feelings with me into the cold earth. Giving voice to them would only hurt those who I hold most dear.