Conversation 1

Saber: Phew. For a proper-looking little lady, you sure pull some crazy stunts, lass. I didn’t think I’d be bum-rushing a pirate fort as soon as I took this job. Doesn’t exactly bode well for the future, if I’m honest. Eh? You promise no more detours? Ha! That and some gold can buy me a pint.

Conversation 2

Saber: You said you didn’t have any proper family, yeah? Hmm… Well, I won’t pry. …Me? Yeah, I got a little sister. Ain’t seen her in forever, but I assume she’s fairing fine. She kinda looks like you, now that I think on it.

Conversation 3

Saber: Never thought I’d wind up all the way in the damn belly of the empire… Not like it’s a huge problem or nothin’. I’m just saying. Er, I mean… Ah, hell. Might as well spill it. …I’m Rigelian. No deal to me one way or the other— just didn’t think I’d ever be back, is all. Don’t have too many good memories of the place, but nostalgia’s a funny thing.