Conversation 1

Zeke: …Ah, Alm. It seems we will reach Rigel Castle soon. On that day, I will have to aid you in striking down Emperor Rudolf. I know it to be his wish, yet still I wonder if that makes us in the right. The emperor was convinced you would be the one to save Valentia. I confess I still do not fully understand what he meant by that… but I believe in you, Alm. Know that, if nothing else.

Conversation 2

Zeke: I was badly injured when I washed up on Valentia’s shores from some other land. Tatiana was the one who found me and took me in. She tended to my wounded body and comforted my broken spirit. It baffled me how one might go so far to aid a complete stranger. But I would not be alive if not for it. She is the reason I still exist at all. So I forgive her for occasionally rubbing sea salt in my wounds instead of salve…

Conversation 3

Zeke: …Where am I from? Alas, I know not. Though what use is wondering? Some have speculated I’m from another continent called Archanea. But as I have said, I prefer to let the past be in the past. If I think on it overlong, my heart begins to ache. I fear whatever I left behind could not have been pleasant. Save for one memory… Apologies. I must let it rest. I have Tatiana’s feelings to consider.