Act 1: Ram Valley – Southern Outpost

Ram Valley

Lukas: Hmm? Alm. Look up there.

Alm: Huh? That uniform…!

Mercenary: ……

Alm: That looks like a Zofian soldier. Is he one of Desaix’s men?

Lukas: Yes. We’ll see more of them, now that we’re nearing the Southern Outpost. It seems Desaix’s men have hired brigands to hold the valley for them. This will be a tricky fight.

Alm: …I’m ready.

Lukas: Take a closer look at that soldier. He’s armed with a leather shield. It’ll be difficult to land blows on him. We could take the shield for ourselves… IF we manage to defeat him.

(After the battle)

Alm: The valley’s clear… Still, that wasn’t easy.

Lukas: You have my thanks. We’ll soon reach the Southern Outpost, which is under Deliverance control. Once we’ve rejoined our comrades, the fights ahead will become easier.

Alm: Comrades, huh? I wonder what they’re like? I’m excited to meet them!

Soldier: Ngh… S-Sir Lukas? It’s good to see you made it back safely.

Lukas: I recognize you. You were stationed at the outpost. Has something happened? Why are you here?

Soldier: Forgive us, Sir Lukas, but… The tides turned after you left, and we were forced to abandon the outpost. I’m afraid Lady Clair was taken captive. Desaix’s men hold her there even now.

Lukas: What? Clair! Gods, how could this happen?!

Alm: Lukas…

Lukas: This is my fault. Lady Clair is new to military command. I should have left her in more experienced hands.

Alm: Don’t blame yourself, Lukas. Sir Clive sent you to Ram Village. right? You didn’t have a choice. If blame lies with anyone, it’s him.

Lukas: ……

Alm: Regardless, standing here accomplishes nothing. We need a plan. I assume this Clair person is still alive, right? In that case, we just have to take back the Southern Outpost and save her!

Tobin: Oh hey, that’s a great id— Wait, WHAT?! No! How are WE supposed to reclaim a fortress from trained royal soldiers?!

Alm: I don’t know, but we have to find a way. Otherwise, our journey is already over. Here and now, we make our decision. Will we live our lives as simple villagers? …Or will we fight on as soldiers of the Deliverance?!

Tobin: But Alm…

Gray: Okay, good speech! Hear, hear. …What’ve we got to lose? Let’s do it.

Tobin: Gray!

Gray: Tobin! …Listen, just stop and think about this. I know it’s hard, but try. Clair is a GIRL. And if we save a GIRL… Eh? You follow?

Tobin: I can’t believe you’re the same man who mocks the fact that I fight for gold.

Gray: Yes, because it’s gold. This is GIRLS. Don’t you like girls?

Tobin: I mean, I admit they’re…not bad?

Gray: You see? We speak the same language. So you’re in, right?

Lukas: I don’t know what to say… except “thank you.” You’re very brave to do this. The Deliverance is lucky to have you.

Alm: Same goes for you, Lukas.

Lukas: One thing, Alm… You may be right that some of the blame lies with Sir Clive… But please, tread soft with him regardless. Lady Clair is his younger sister. I’m sure no one’s head is hanging lower than his own right now.

Alm: Oh. Lukas, I… I’m sorry. You’re right.

Southern Outpost

Soldier: Who goes there? …More rebels? Ha! Haven’t you dogs learned your lesson yet?

Alm: We’re not rebels… We’re the Deliverance! Everyone! With me!

(After the battle)

Alm: We did it! The outpost is ours!

Lukas: Thank you, my brave friends. Thank you for everything. I know that my fallen comrades would say the same.

Alm: Oh, Lukas. I’m so sorry. But we’ll have time to mourn later. Right now, we must find Lady Clair. She must be somewhere inside the outpost.

Lukas: Watch out. That archer is carrying a powerful bow. We should only send in capable—and cautious—units to deal with him.

World Map

(If you try to advance without entering the interior)

Lukas: Hmm? Hold a moment, Alm.

Lukas: If we are to press on, we must rescue Clair from the outpost.

Southern Outpost Interior

Lukas: Clair!

Clair: Lukas! You came to rescue me! Why, how simply gallant of you… Now extricate me from this filthy and unseemly cage at once!

(If you try to leave)

Clair: Um, pardon me? And just where exactly do you think you’re going? You simply must remove me from this rat-infested hellhole at once!

(If you inspect the door)

Clair: You simply must remove me from this rat-infested hellhole at once!

(After opening the door)

Alm: That should do it.

Clair: You there! The boy will offer a lady his hand.

Alm: Who, me? …Oh, uh, sorry.

Clair: Very good. I say, it DOES feel good to move about again! I thought I might never emerge from that disgusting pigsty. You have my thanks, er…

Lukas: This is Alm. He recently joined us in the Deliverance.

Clair: Oh! Well, how simply lovely. Welcome! I am Clair. The young man may address me as “Lady Clair,” or “milady.”

Alm: Um… It’s a pleasure to meet you, milady.

Clair: So! From where do you hail, Alm?

Alm: Uh…I “hail” from a little place called Ram Village.

Clair: A village? You don’t say! That’s one of those places with all the cows and the barns and the fields, yes?

Alm: Um…yeah. Something like that.

Clair: My word! I hardly ever speak with villagers! What is it like to chase cows every day? I wager they bite, the nasty creatures. Hmm… And yet, you aren’t smothered in manure. This is not what I pictured.

Alm: Right. Um…

Lukas: Clair, perhaps you should consider Alm’s feelings in regards to his home.

Clair: His… Huh? Oh dear, have I done it again? It’s as Clive constantly reminds me: “The Deliverance is not like the Knights of Zofia.” “Not every soldier in our ranks is noble, but we must treat them all as equals.” The peasant must forgive his lady for this gauche breach of etiquette.

Alm: It’s all right. The peasant— whose name is Alm—will get over it.

Clair: Oh, Alm! I can see you are truly kind. Might I ask you more about your village later? I’m ever so curious!

Alm: Of course.

Clair: Splendid! I’ve always wanted to know more about cows and pigs and such.

Alm: Yes, they’re…they’re amazing creatures…

Tobin: Woof! She’s going to be a handful.

Gray: Yeah, I uh… *cough* That’s what I’m hoping.

Tobin: Hmm…

Gray: Hey, what are you schemin’?

Tobin: Wh-what? Nothing!

Gray: Uh-huh…

(If you talk to the Soldier)

Soldier: Thank you for freeing us. I thought my time had come. You’re new to the Deliverance, right? Then you’ll want to hear this. They say Mother Mila has disappeared from her temple. That’s why Rigel was able to break the Divine Accord, which was supposed to prevent them from ever invading Zofia. I don’t know how much of it’s true, but it’s disturbing nonetheless.