Act 2: Priory – Novis Greatport

Celica’s Dream

Alm: Rudolf! DIEEE!

Celica: Alm!

Alm: You took…everything!  Everything that I ever loved! You took Zofia! You took my friends! And now…Celica too!

Celica: Please, stop! What’s going on? Can’t you see me?! Stop this! I’m begging you, please!


Celica: Alm…


Boey: Hey, why are they clanging that infernal bell?

Mae: Apparently, the king’s passed away… That’s what Nomah said, at least.

Boey: The king? But isn’t that… He was Celica’s…

Genny: Oh dear. I hope she’s dealing with this okay…

In front of the Mila Idol

Nomah: You’re certain I can’t dissuade you from going, little one?

Celica: I must, Nomah. It’s been years since crops last grew on Zofian soil. Our barren fields have fallen victim to Terrors, the Rigelians have invaded… I fear some ill must have befallen the Earth Mother, Mila. I can’t help but feel this is all related. I know it.

Nomah: Hmm… Perhaps it is, at that. I’ll not deny that the kingdom of Zofia faces her darkest hour in some time. More sick and hungry come to the priory’s door each day seeking aid…

Celica: The key to everything lies with Mila. I shall travel to her temple and learn what’s become of her.

Nomah: Yes, but little one… You know well the reason Mycen placed you in my care. With the king’s passing, you are the last living member of the Zofian royal line. There are many who would seek to use you. Or even end you. That threat is greater now than ever. Yet you would still leave, knowing that?

Celica: I must. Even if my decision betrays the care you and Mycen have shown me. You’ve done so much to keep me safe, and it breaks my heart to pain you. But what calls me to do this goes beyond my heart. I can only ask your forgiveness, Nomah.

Nomah: Keep your cries of forgiveness, little one. I’ll not give what isn’t required. If this is your mind, I won’t object. Follow the path before you. Trust in it as I in you.

Celica: Thank you, Nomah.

Nomah: Heh. Of course. But you must take care—the blight in Zofia is worse even than you know. You’ve uncommon talent as a warrior priestess, but carelessness is fatal. Ah, and you mustn’t forget Mila’s Turnwheel.

Celica: I wear it always. You know that.

Nomah: See that you do. I’m certain it will prove helpful on your journey.

Celica: Thank you, Nomah. For everything. Well then, I think I’ll be on my way.

Nomah: Mm? You’re leaving this very instant? Surely you can stay until the bell’s last peal? It rings to mourn your father’s passing, as you know.

Celica: I’ll never think of that man as my father. Now if you’ll excuse me….

Nomah: Little one…

(If you talk to Nomah and the others)

Cleric: Lately, Novis sees boat after boat filled stern to bow with hungry refugees. But alas for them, this island’s no better off than anywhere else. We’re even poorer than most, what with pirates seizing inbound supply ships… We’ll soon have naught to eat but what fish the waves see fit to provide. These are dark times we face…

Sage: When Rigel broke the Divine Accord, this plague of Terrors fell upon us. But surely their own lands must be suffering the same fate. What could have driven them to invade Zofia at such a price? I would dearly love to know what’s going through Emperor Rudolf’s mind…

Nomah: May you walk always in the light of Mila’s blessing, little one.


Mae: Celica! I heard the news! You’re going to the Temple of Mila, right? If so, then I’m going too. You can’t say no!

Celica: Heh. Thanks, Mae. To be honest, I’d welcome the help.

Boey: Good, because I’m coming too. I’m not letting the two of you off on your own.

Mae: “Letting” us? Heh, you say that like you think you can keep us safe.

Boey: I do! And I can! I’ll be more help than you, at least.

Mae: Uh, rude? AND wrong! I can conjure lightning, Boey. Big, hurty lightning. What’ve you got, fire? Maybe I’ll call you if I want to roast marshmallows.

Celica: Let’s just say you’d both be a great help and leave it at that, shall we? I know I’ll be counting on you both. This isn’t going to be an easy journey. Still, I’m glad I’ll have such good company.


Genny: Celica? Can I…go with you?

(If you refuse)

Genny: What? No? Awww… I was really hoping I could help you out…

(If you talk again)

Genny: Did you need something? Wait, can I go with you now?!

Cleric: Er, pardon me. …Excuse me? Might I trouble you to show me Mila’s Turnwheel for a moment?

(If you accept)

Cleric: Ah! Of course! It is just as I thought. Ancient as it is, it’s little wonder some of the cogs are missing. While it appears to still function, it has lost some of its true capability. I suspect the counterpart to your Turnwheel is in the same condition. I can’t imagine its bearer is more gentle with it than you, Celica. If you were able to find the missing cogs, I could attempt a repair. A restored Turnwheel would be able to turn back even more time. You’re curious where the cogs might be, yes? Yes, of course. Sadly, I couldn’t say. That’s the trouble with ancient artifacts! They’re always scattering their bits at various locations around the world.

(If you refuse)

Cleric: Ah, of course. Forgive me for presuming.

(If you talk again)

Cleric: Mila’s Turnwheel is incomplete in its current state, its power diminished. If you could recover all of the missing cogs, it could be restored. Surely the ability to turn back more time in battle would be most welcome!

(If you’ve found all 9 Cogs)

Cleric: My word! My stars and garters! It seems all the cogs have been restored to Mila’s Turnwheel! You should now be able to use it to its fullest, most potential-y potential. What’s more, I can rest easy knowing that the artifact is now whole. Thank you for repairing this treasure. Allow me to give you this in recognition of your fine efforts.

(If you talk again)

Cleric: Thank you for restoring Mila’s Turnwheel to its former glory.

Languid Hermit: Such poor, damnable souls… …Me? Why, I speak of the revenants that haunt Novis Cemetery, of course. They were once good people of the island, all buried with love and care. But now the world’s rotting, and they’ve risen as Terrors to prey on the living. If you’ve a beating heart inside you, give them the rest they deserve. Last I looked, at least twenty of the poor souls stalked the area.

(If you talk again)

Languid Hermit: Please grant peace to the revenants. They’ve suffered enough. If you could free just twenty from their curse, it would be a mercy.

(If you’ve defeated 20 Revenants)

Languid Hermit: Ah, I can see you’ve laid twenty revenants to rest. It is a kindness. You have my thanks. And you’ve set my own mind to peace as well. I’ve not much, but you deserve a reward for your service.

World Map

Celica: Ships leaving the port will get us to the mainland. We should head there now. Though that DOES mean we’ll have to pass through the cemetery on our way. Rumor has it there have been Terrors appearing there as of late. Let’s be ready for anything.

Novis Cemetery

Boey: Milady, this graveyard we’re passing through… Er, why are we, again?

Celica: Because it’s the only way to port.

Boey: Yes, but there’s been talk of Terrors around here as of late…

Celica: So there has. Best keep our wits about us then, hmm?

Boey: But milady, I… I’ll face down thieves or rogues any day, but Terrors? Terrors are…different.

Mae: Oh, Boey. How can you be so scared of spooks and spirits at your age?

Boey: Shove off, would you? A man can’t help what gives him fright!

Celica: Ha ha.

Boey: Oh, not you too, milady? You wound me…

Celica: I’m sorry, Boey. I was just remembering my brother.

Boey: Brother? I didn’t realize you had one.

Celica: Yes, though by different mothers. He was a sweet thing, but meek. Frightened to death of ghosts. Then he became one, alas. And much too young… Were he alive, you two would have been quite alike, I’m sure.

Boey: Milady, I…

Mae: Way to go, Boey. Your whining’s gone and dredged up a bunch of sad memories for Celica.

Boey: What? Why is this MY fault?!

Mae: Uhh, because it’s ALWAYS your fault! Now suck it up and get ready to fry some foes—Terrors or otherwise!

Celica: Terrain bears no influence on magic. I remember Sir Mycen saying so. Listen close, friends: do not be shy about when and where you attack! Even if our foes cower in the woods, our spells will find their mark!

Novis Greatport

Man: Good day, milady. Are you thinking of leaving for Zofia, perchance? If so, I fear you may be in for some disappointment. Ships aren’t sailing, or so I’m told. Too many pirates about. Still, probably best you went to the docks and asked the captain yourself.

Woman: He may smell like a tavern floor, but that Saber’s a skilled sellsword. If you ever find yourself in need of steel, you could do far worse than him. Though if that steel needs a history fit for retelling in polite company, well… He’s strong, though, I’ll give him that. And I suppose…passably handsome.

Young Woman: There’s a shrine on a small island up ahead, you know. Its vault holds an otherworldly sword, or so the stories go. Many have died for such stories, though, so consider this fair warning. See, turns out that islet is home to a terrible necrodragon. Eat you in a single bite, it will! What if the fear don’t kill you first. Augh, just the thought of it is enough to turn my hair to white!

Saber: You lost, little lass? This ain’t a place for children.


Celica: Um, excuse me, but—

Old Timer: Ah, lady priestess! Welcome. Something I can help you with today?

Celica: I need to book passage to Zofia Harbor.

Old Timer: Hrm… I’m afraid that’s a difficult wish to grant, even for you, priestess. This patch of sea is teeming with pirates of late. It’s just too dangerous.

Celica: Oh, that’s no good…

Old Timer: That being said…if milady were to do something about those pirates… well, that’d be a different matter altogether now, wouldn’t it?

Celica: You want me to…fight pirates?

Old Timer: They’ve grown bolder by the day, so they have. And yet, His Highness hasn’t seen fit to send so much as a single man… This sea’s our love and livelihood. We can’t live cut off from her. Ah, what’s happened to Zofia?

Celica: Hmm…

Old Timer: Forgive me, milady, but I can’t get you across the sea so long as pirates sail it. I know I ask much of you, priestess, but if you would lend us your strength…

Boey: Hmm… What are we supposed to do now?

Mae: I can’t believe that old timer tossed his pirate problem right at our feet! Do we LOOK like the type to fight pirates? We’re delicate little blossoms!

Boey: Speak for yourself!

Celica: Regardless, the man is right. We’ll not get anywhere until ships are free to sail again.

Boey: What do you propose, milady?

Celica: Let’s gather what help we can find. The sea is only the start. Zofia is at war, and ravaged by Terrors besides. We’ll not make it very far traveling alone. We need allies. Strong ones.

Boey: Yes, and mad enough to set sail into pirate-infested waters with us… I’m sure they’ll just be lining up to take the job.

(If you talk again)

Old Timer: No ships can sail so long as pirates stalk these waters. If you feel the danger’s too great alone, perhaps you might court additional aid?


Celica: You’re Saber, yes?

Saber: Yep. Who’re you, girl?

Celica: My name is Celica. The people here speak quite highly of your skill with a blade. I’d like to enlist your services as a protector…

Saber: Guard duty, eh? You headed somewhere, or is this a local deal?

Celica: We seek the Temple of Mila.

Saber: That’s awfully far… And I suppose you’ve already heard about our little pirate problem?

Celica: It’s the reason I seek your aid, in fact. Unless you think a few mere pirates are too much for you to handle?

Saber: Oh, that’s real cute. Believe me, lass, I ain’t worried about a couple sea rats. All I’m worried about is if you can pay. I don’t work charity cases. Especially when I’m risking my own neck.

Celica: I’m afraid I haven’t much money, but I do have this.

Saber: A dagger? *whistle* Well, ain’t you fancy?

Celica: Will this be sufficient for your services?

Saber: You mean will I risk life and limb for a single dagger? Ordinarily, no. BUT…since I like your moxie, I’m gonna go ahead and give you a break. You got a deal. I’ll get you to your temple.

Celica: Wonderful! You have my thanks, Saber. Mae! Boey! Did you hear that? He’s going to come with us!

Saber: Heh. This job’s got easy money written all over it. What kind of fool hands over treasure like this without batting an eye? She really must be daddy’s spoiled little lass…


Old Timer: Ah, lady priestess. You’ve returned.

Celica: I have! And this gentleman, Saber, has agreed to aid us. Now may we ask you to set sail?

Old Timer: Well, then, I’d be honored to do my part, milady. Come aboard. We’ll depart as soon as you’re ready.


Young Man: Heading out to sea, milady? Be careful out there amongst the waves. A vile man named Barth has named himself pirate king of these waters. He sits in his island hold to the east and commits what barbary he pleases. Just the other day, a man who’d had his whole family slain set out for revenge. Like as not, he’ll meet the same fate. At least he’ll be reunited with his kin…

Man: Chancellor Desaix has taken up the throne at Zofia Castle. The villain thinks slaying a king makes you next in line… He’s a right tyrant! Sir Clive of the Order of Zofian Knights has gathered an army to run him off, but from what we hear in these parts, fighting’s been hard and progress slow.

Tavernkeep: For a while there, I was obsessed with making my own tinctures. I’d take any herbs and botanicals I could find and mash ’em up. Of all my creations, the best was something I called “medicinal syrup.” If you had three mana herbs on you, I could whip up a batch right now.

(If you give him 3 Mana Herbs)

Tavernkeep: Ah, I see you’re well stocked. I’ll have your syrup ready to go in no time flat.

(If you refuse)

Tavernkeep: Well, I’ll be here if the craving strikes. You just let me know.

(If you don’t have enough)

Tavernkeep: Hey, c’mon! You don’t even HAVE three mana herbs! Track down three of those bad boys and then come talk to me.

(If you talk again)

Tavernkeep: If you had three mana herbs, I could whip you up some medicinal syrup.

Setting Off

Celica: ……

Mae: What’s wrong, Celica? Feelin’ blue?

Celica: Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that the last time I was on a ship was when I came to the island.

Mae: Hey, that’s right! Boey and I used to take little trips every now and again, but never with you. Shame we never got to travel as a group. Woulda been way more fun!

Boey: Are you completely daft, Mae? Celica came here in hiding, remember? She can’t just announce herself by hopping aboard a pleasure cruise.

Mae: Uh, I know that much, Boey! Of course I do! I’m just saying I’m happy we’re getting the chance NOW. Isn’t that right, Celica?

Boey: Please stop talking before you dig a grave so deep we all go tumbling in…

Celica: Ha ha. It’s fine, Boey. Really. And I’m happy to be travelling with you as well, Mae. Though I’m also anxious… What could have happened to Mila? Will we even make it to the temple to find out? And…

Mae: Aaaaand?

Celica: I’m sorry. Best I keep this one to myself.

Mae: Whaaat?! Oh, that’s just mean!

Celica: Alm… Where are you right now? And what are you doing? Are you still living in that village with grandpapa? …No. I can tell. You’ve left your home behind, haven’t you? I want to see you so badly. There’s so much I need to ask. Perhaps Mila will cause our paths to cross on this journey…

Duma’s Altar

Jedah: Are you in pain, my lord Duma? The sight tears at my heart… But you needn’t endure it much longer. I’ve had report that the girl has left the island. I will deliver her to you without fail. She of the fated children… Bearer of the Brand…