Act 2: Zofia Seaway – Seabound Shrine

Zofia Seaway 1

Pirate: Yar! Not a step further, ye scurvy dogs!

Old Timer: Eagh! P-p-pirates!

Pirate: These waters belong to Barth the Pirate King, as yer surely aware! That means ye needs pay a toll… All yer goods and women’ll do nicely!

Celica: An interesting offer…but I fear we must nevertheless decline. The sea belongs to no one man—she’s a gift to every citizen of Zofia.

Pirate: Yar, who be the mouthy wench?!

Saber: Enough with the chit-chat. Reason and logic are wasted on sea dogs like him. Let’s just get to business already. That’s what you hired me for, ain’t it?

Celica: Fair enough. Let’s go, everyone!

Zofia Seaway 2

Old Timer: Look there. Do you see that small island to the east? That’s where Barth’s keep stands. He’s the pirate king of these waters. Unfortunately this current means we’ll have to sail right past it. It’ll be trouble if we’re seen, so let’s unfurl the sails and be quick about it.

Celica: Hold a moment. If we were to deal with this Barth, would this stretch of ocean be safer?

Old Timer: Well, yes, undoubtedly—but no sane person picks a fight with a pirate king!

Saber: Whoa there, lass. I signed up for a nice, easy escort job, not to storm some pirate hold.

Celica: Mmm… I see. …Very well then. I shall lead the charge myself. You need only worry about keeping me safe.

Saber: Now just a—

Celica: The people of that island are suffering under the tyranny of those pirates. I can’t stand by knowing starving innocents are being routinely plundered.

Saber: Oh, for the love of… Look, I ain’t sure why I have to remind you of this, but you’re on a mission. And you can’t finish it if you keep pokin’ your nose where it don’t belong.

Celica: I have no intention of wasting time on idle philanthropy, Saber. But there are no guarantees I’ll ever return from this journey. I would at least like to ensure peace to those who have been so kind to me. Is that so unreasonable?

Saber: Hrm… Fine. It’s your neck—go ahead and risk it on whatever fool thing ya like.

Celica: Thank you, Saber.

The Pirate Throne

Barth: By the mighty parrot of Shanty Pete! What be that racket? Yar har ho! Looks like more little mice be squeakin’ into me keep!

Celica: Are you the one they call Barth? I order you to halt your piracy and leave these waters at once!

Barth: Gar har har! I’ll do no such thing, ye shrill woman! No one enters the lair of the Pirate King and starts squawkin’ orders but me!

Saber: You see, lass? What’d I tell you about trying to reason with sea dogs?

Barth: Yar, bold words from a fool man. Well, I’ll put yer steel to the test! Have at ’em, boys! Take the man’s guts for garters, but leave the wench alive. I’ll not have a single scratch on her… Ruins the sale price, it do! Yar har ho!

Saber: See what I mean?

Celica: Redemption is a lost cause for a man like you, Barth. Your reign as pirate king ends here!

(As the battle begins)

Valbar: Hmm…? What’s with the sudden shift in position?

Leon: Well, I’ll be. Looks like another band has joined the fray.

Valbar: Heh. Must be our lucky day. Splitting their forces in two should make Barth that much easier to defeat.

Kamui: You know why I like you, Valbar? Because you’re such an optimist. From where I’m standing, our odds look somewhere between grim and dire.

Leon: What, you mean because we’re horribly outnumbered?

Valbar: You two better stop gabbing like hens and start fighting like you want to live. Now, if we can take Barth out of the picture, his goons should scatter… So you know what to do, right, boys? Ignore the runts and take aim for Barth!

Celica: I heard talk in port about a man seeking revenge on Barth for killing his family… Perhaps this is his crew? Let’s advance with caution and try to aid their cause.

(Versus Barth)

Barth: Yar, I’ve keelhauled bigger mice’n you in me spit!

(Barth defeated)

Barth: Yar? Yaaaaaar… I was supposed to be… the king o’ the seas….

(After the battle if Valbar’s crew all survived)

Celica: Whew… It looks like those men are all okay.

(After the battle if Valbar’s crew perished)

Celica: We couldn’t protect those men… Please, forgive us…

The Pirate Throne Interior

Young Man: We’re sailors from Rigel, we is. We owes you our freedom! Zofian pirate scum ride the sea like they owns it, but what’s our emperor do? Not a damn thing! Guess his precious war’s all he cares about. Just what kinda man’s he become, anyway?

Old Timer: As a boy, Rigel’s Emperor Rudolf was as fine a crown prince as you could desire. But since ascending to the throne… Well, something has certainly changed. Still, I continue to place my faith in him, as must we all.

Man: You’re going to the Seabound Shrine, eh, priestess? Oh, I’ve heard tale of a wondrous treasure that sleeps there… but while I like a bit of coin as much as the next, I’d urge you to reconsider. For a necrodragon filled with deadly purpose is said to haunt that place! Steel won’t even tickle its hide. They say it scoffs at all but Seraphim magic.

(If you talk to Valbar’s crew)

Valbar: Oh ho! Look who the cat dragged in! I’m Valbar, by the way. You really saved my bacon back there. And since that dastard Barth is dead, my family can finally rest… *sniffle* …Er, right. Sorry. Got a little emotional there for a second. So hey, is there anything I can do to thank you? I’ll be honest—I’m not good at much besides crackin’ skulls. But if you NEED skulls cracked, I’m your man! What do you say?

(If you refuse)

Valbar: Well, that’s no fun. But hey, come see me if you change your mind.

(If you talk again)

Valbar: Hey, you’re back! Decide you have room for me after all? Find a skull or three that needs bustin’?

(If you talk to Leon before recruiting Valbar)

Leon: I’m sorry, what did you need? …Ah yes. Apologies, but I’m not going anywhere without my dear Valbar. Go talk to him if you’re looking for recruits.

(If you talk to Kamui before recruiting Valbar)

Kamui: Sorry, but I’ve got a contract with Valbar. If you want to negotiate with me, you need to go through him first.

(If you talk to Leon after recruiting Valbar)

Leon: You’re going off with them, old friend? Well, they’d better make room, because I go where you go! No complaints about that, right? Everybody on the same page? …Great.

(If you refuse)

Leon: Ugh! Now you’re just being petty. Your beauty is going to make you a tyrant someday if you aren’t careful. Honestly, I don’t even have the words.

(If you talk again)

Leon: Oh. It’s you again. Decided you need me after all?

(If you talk to Kamui after recruiting Valbar)

Kamui: You joining up with this lot, Valbar? Interesting… Well, it’s your call—I don’t have a preference either way. Oh, but let me ask you one question: Do you have Seraphim magic? If not, then you’d best stay clear of the Seabound Shrine. Necrodragons are the one thing I absolutely refuse to tangle with.

(If you refuse)

Kamui: Yeah? All right. I guess we part ways here, then. Good luck.

(If you talk again)

Kamui: Hmm? What is it? Now you want me to come with you?

(If you recruited all of Valbar’s crew)

Valbar: Wait, you two are comin’?

Leon: Well, obviously. I go where you go—that’s the deal. And I don’t care who doesn’t like it.

Kamui: And I just go wherever the money flows like wine!

Valbar: You jokers are a couple of real class acts. You ever stop to think that maybe you’re being rude to the priestess?! She’s on a holy mission to… Er, a mission of… It’s important, okay?!

Celica: It’s all right, Valbar—they’re welcome to come along if they like. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have such capable company. They’ve both proven their skill, and can be rather amusing to boot. So I thank you one and all for brightening our journey.

Valbar: Aw shucks, milady… We should be the ones thanking YOU!

Leon: My my, that was some praise… I thought I’d give at least 50 percent… but now you get all of it!

Kamui: You know me. I’ll give you as much as you pay me for.

Valbar: Did you jokers hear ANYTHING I just said?

Celica: Hee hee!

(If you talk to Leon after Valbar died)

Leon: *sob* Valbar… How could you go and leave me all alone like this? How do I go on without you? This is on your heads! All of you! And I’m coming with you to make sure he didn’t die in vain.

(If you refuse)

Leon: Selfish dastards! Try thinking of someone else for once! Enough. Just go. …GO already!

(If you talk to Kamui after Valbar died)

Kamui: I can’t believe that damn fool Valbar is dead. What happens now? Not to be crass, but we had a contract, and now there’s no way to collect.. …Say, any chance you lot want to hire me on?

(If you refuse)

Kamui: Yeah, I figured it was a stretch. I guess this is goodbye, then. Best of luck.

Zofia Seaway 3

Celica: There’s only…one of them? What’s going on here?

Cantor: So you’re the girl, eh? Serving you up on a platter will earn me a swift promotion within the faith. Now that I’ve washed this place clean of pirate vermin, you will come with me.

Boey: Are you out of your mind, old man? We’re in a hurry here, and you’re in our way. So would you kindly get out of it?

Cantor: Impudent child… Such a glib tongue will earn you nothing but pain.

Boey: Heh. Do you honestly plan to take us on all by yourself?

Celica: Wait a second—is he? Oh no… Watch out, everyone! He’s a cantor! He means to summon Terrors to fight for him!

Boey: He means to summon… Wait, WHAT?!

(After the battle)

Boey: *sigh* It’s over… Thank the Mother. Milady, what was that all about? That creep was talking about…serving you up or some such…?

Celica: I don’t know, Boey. But he was different from the others who have come after me. And I fear he won’t be the last…so we’d best be extra careful moving forward.

Seabound Shrine

(If Kamui was not recruited)

Boey: Really? Here? We have to come HERE, milady? Have you not heard of the unspeakable beast that haunts this place?

Celica: We may find something of use here, Boey. Besides, the whole of Novis was terrified. We can’t very well do nothing.

Saber: Oh, I’m pretty sure we can. I’ve told you before, lass—you need to stop dumping extra work on my— …Hmm?

Boey: NuuuoooooaaAAAAAAAAAGH! It’s HERE!

(If Kamui was recruited)

Kamui: Whoa, whoa, whoa—hey, Priestess! Did you forget our little chat about staying clear of the Seabound Shrine? Because this is not staying clear! This is the exact OPPOSITE of staying clear!

Celica: I’m sorry, did we discuss that? I must’ve been preoccupied… What if there’s something of use here? Surely you would want to— Ooooh, I remember now. You’re scared of necrodragons, aren’t you, Kamui? How careless of me. It completely slipped my mind!

Kamui: Slipped your mind… That’s it. I’m waiting on the boat.

Celica: Er, actually…

Kamui: GyaaaeeeeeeeEEEEEEEK! It’s HERE!

(If Celica has learned Seraphim)

Celica: Goodness. What a horrifying creature. But I have the Seraphim spell in my quiver now. May its light guide your lost soul on to slumber eternal!

Seabound Shrine Interior

Celica: The damp, chilly air of the cave bears the scent of the ocean. There’s no sign of anyone coming through here; scared off by the Necrodragon, I imagine.

(In front of the Mila Idol)

Feeble Man: I-is that… Yes! You there! Please! F-food… Anything… I beg of ya!

(If you give him Meaty food)

Skilled Angler: …Ahhhh! Many thanks. Now I’m finally startin’ to feel human again. I’m a fisherman. All of Zofia Harbor knows of me, so they do. But ten days ago, I ran into a fearsome storm that washed me ashore here. “Thank Mila, I’m saved!” I thought. …Then the necrodragon showed up. I ran in here and hid, but m’food stores ran out and… Well, you see. …Eh? The necrodragon is dead? And by yer hand?! Well, that’s marvelous news! I can go home now! Here, lemme see if… This is all I have, but please take it.

(If you refuse)

Feeble Man: …What? Really? I’ve real questions… about yer…moral compass…friend…

(If you give him food that isn’t Meaty)

Feeble Man: Sorry, but I was thinkin’ something… a bit more… Ya know… Meaty. A bit meatier. More…meat-like. …Look, ya gots any meat?


Skilled Angler: Oh, didja know about this place? They say this shrine’s also the tomb of a priestess what protected this region. Tales say she was given a grand burial along with her trusty blade. Can’t say I saw anything like that here, though, and I walked around a fair bit. Did feel a breeze coming through by the well in the back, though. If you were thinkin’ to explore, I’d tell ya to start there. Well, I’m off to patch m’boat and sail her back to Zofia. Safe travels, one’n all!