Act 3: Zofia Forest – Sluice Gate

World Map

Tatarrah: Desaix has fallen… It is but a matter of time until the Deliverance reaches the sluice gate. Your moment to shine has come, my dear Delthea.

Delthea: ……

Tatarrah: That traitor is certainly proving himself useful… Heh heh heh…

Zofia Forest 2

(Versus Lawson)

Lawson: Zofian dullards… I’ll dismantle you limb by limb!

(Lawson defeated)

Lawson: So this is the end… Forgive me, sire…

Sylvan Shrine

Alm: Just imagine how many generations these massive ruins have stood witness to. The dusty air carries more than the scent of broken, rusty iron; it’s like I’m breathing in centuries of history. And yet, I can see the signs of men of ill intent having come and gone with no regard for the place at all.

(If you speak to the Girl)

Girl: Aaah! Oh, it was so awful!

(If you inspect the writing on the wall before accepting the sub-quest)

“Something is written on the wall, but it doesn’t seem important.”

(If you inspect the writing on the wall after accepting the sub-quest)

“I wanted to buy a doll for my daughter before she was born, but while hurrying home to my village in the forest, I was taken captive by the arcanist Tatarrah.”

“They say his prisoners are carted off to the abode of that unspeakable creature of the dark, Nuibaba. Forgive me, my dearest wife! I fear I may never see you again.”

Forest Northside

(Versus Gazelle)

Gazelle: You have taken your last step in this realm. Now prepare to visit the next!

(Gazelle defeated)

Gazelle: To die at the hands of worthless vermin… How shameful…

Rigel Castle

Rudolf: Back so soon, Berkut?

Berkut: Sire, I was merely—

Rudolf: Are the tales true? You challenged the Deliverance for sport and lost?

Berkut: …Forgive me, Uncle. They proved to be more skilled than I first imagined.

Rudolf: Hmm…

Jedah: What a most distressing turn of events. Our own Lord Berkut, broken by a band of farmers and cowhands. Did you mean to drag your knights’ honor through the dung whilst playing?

Berkut: Hold your tongue! You are a servant to our house, and you dare insult Rigel’s finest? It’s far more sensible for clods such as you to stay cowering in your robes.

Jedah: You forget that we answer to none but Duma, father of all Rigel. Though I may be a servant, it is certainly not to you. We shall see who cowers in the end.

Berkut: What are you implying?

Jedah: Emperor Rudolf, allow me to put your heart at ease. It is true that the Deliverance is nearing the sluice gate at our border. However, it is guarded by Tatarrah, one of the Duma Faithful’s finest arcanists. And as I understand it, he has come across a most interesting toy. I have the utmost faith he will make short work of those rebels.

Berkut: …Sire!

Rudolf: What now, Berkut?

Berkut: Tatarrah may yet fail. Permit me to take my men to the border. If the Deliverance does break past the sluice, they must reckon with me!

Rudolf: Mmm…

Berkut: This time, I will smash their puny rebellion once and for all. I swear it! You must give me one last chance!

Rudolf: …Very well. If they try to set foot on our land, they are to pay dearly. Am I understood?

Jedah: What silliness. The rebels will be dead long before they reach the border. Heh heh heh…

Berkut: *grumble*


Berkut: Urgh…

Rinea: Berkut, my lord. Have you finished your report to the emperor?

Berkut: Yes. We march for the border.

Rinea: Again? But we only just returned home.

Berkut: It was my choice—I had to beg the emperor for a chance at redemption. All because of that maggot, Alm! Because of him, I had to sit there while that snake Jedah spat venom at me… I will make him pay for this disgrace a hundredfold!

Nuibaba: Why, Lord Berkut. What grieves you?

Berkut: Ugh, Nuibaba. Not you…

Nuibaba: These halls have been dark without your unique fire to light them, my lord. I shall treasure this meeting when I return to my post on Fear Mountain. Master Jedah honors me. …Yet I hear he has not done the same for you. Perhaps because of your…embarrassing loss at the hands of those rebel scum?

Berkut: You Faithful are in dire need of a lesson on how to speak to nobility.

Nuibaba: And I am certain you would be a most fearsome teacher. Regardless, you wrong me, Lord Berkut. I merely wish to aid you.

Berkut: Heh. How could YOU help ME? All of you claw at the heels of your god while ignoring his first teaching. He wished for men to be strong! Not a pack of supplicating fools.

Nuibaba: So you do not need our power? …I see. Then I pray you fare well in your battle at the border. For should you lose… well, I doubt your uncle would give you a third chance. Or is this the fourth?

Berkut: ……

Nuibaba: For all your stubborn words, you have some wisdom. You have seen what the Faithful are capable of in battle. I know it. Father Duma’s power is vast, and not to be looked down upon. Yes, it’s true—Marla and Hestia both. In turn, the Father rewarded Lord Jedah with incredible magic.

Rinea: His own daughters? How dreadful!

Nuibaba: Do you see now, Lord Berkut? Come to my abode…

Berkut: …Never. Victory over Alm would mean nothing if not won by my own hand.

Nuibaba: So prideful! …Very well. But at least allow me to give you this.

Berkut: What is this? …A mirror?

Nuibaba: One filled with my sorcery. Of course, I believe you when you say you have no need for such…tricks. But one day you may find yourself cornered and without recourse. If that day comes, shatter the mirror. I don’t need such baubles…

Nuibaba: Are you certain?

Berkut: ……

Nuibaba: Think of it as a safeguard, if that helps. Something…just in case. Hee hee hee…

Sluice Gate

Alm: So this is the Zofian Sluice Gate… It’s massive!

Lukas: Indeed it is. And were it to collapse, the damage would be more massive still.

Alm: Then we need to get it open before it’s too late.

(As the battle begins)

Tatarrah: Heh heh… So the Deliverance finally DELIVER themselves to me…

Alm: Are you Tatarrah?

Tatarrah: The one and only. ermit me to introduce my new servant, as well…

(Image of brain-washed Delthea)

Delthea: ……

Alm: That girl…

Tatarrah: Go, Delthea! ut the fear of Duma back into these faithless fools. Smite them with your aura!

(If Alm spoke to Luthier)

Alm: Aaah!


Clive: Alm, what are you doing? Snap out of it! Strike her down before she ends you!

Alm: No! I promised Luthier I would bring his sister home safe.

Clive: But Alm, you’re going to—

Alm: Everyone, stay clear of Delthea’s magic! And whatever you do, do NOT kill her! That’s an order!

(If Luthier is present)

Luthier: Alm! If we eliminate Tatarrah, that should release his hold on my sister. I beg of you—please help her!

(Versus Delthea)


(Delthea defeated)

Delthea: Ah… What am I…doing here? Luthier, are you there? It…it hurts…

(After Tatarrah is defeated)

Delthea: …Huh? What am I doing here? Luthieeer! Brother, are you there?

(Versus Tatarrah)

Tatarrah: Heh heh heh… You imbeciles think yourselves a match for the mighty Tatarrah? Such a dire misjudgment cannot go uncorrected.

(Tatarrah defeated)

Tatarrah: Wh-what…? Impossible… Father Dumaaa… Aaargh…

Sluice Gate Interior

(If Luthier and Delthea are both alive)

Delthea: Luthier! Brother!

Luthier: Delthea! Thank heavens you’ve returned to your senses.

Delthea: Hmm? What’s that supposed to mean? Whatever game you’re playing, Lu, I won’t fall for it this time! …… Wait, Tatarrah was CONTROLLING me? Eeeeew! I am SO sorry! I must have been a real handful. But I swear I don’t remember any of it.

Luthier: It’s all right, Delthea. All that matters is that you’re safe and back with us.

Delthea: I’m sorry I worried you, Lu. Good thing the Deliverance came along, huh? Yup! Thanks, Deliverance. So if Lu is sticking with you guys, I get to come too, right? I’m pretty darned tough, you know. I’ll give all your enemies what-for!

(If you refuse)

Delthea: WHAT?! Aw, come on! Why not? Well, don’t come crawling back to me later. …Or, you know, do.

(If you talk again)

Delthea: Aha! I knew it! You need me. …Say you need me. I wanna hear it!


Alm: Ha ha. Delthea sure isn’t short on energy, is she?

Luthier: I know. She’s simply incorrigible. She was spoiled growing up, and now look at her. She just runs amok! I feel your pain…

Alm: Well, I admire how close you are. I never had anything like that. I’m glad you’re a team again.

Luthier: It’s appreciated, Alm. But there aren’t words enough to thank you proper, so I’ll speak with action. From here on out, sire, I am your most loyal man.

Alm: Yeah, maybe let’s not have any of the whole “sire” thing.

Luthier: Ha ha ha! And why not? You’re our king, aren’t you?

Alm: *sigh* I wish Luthier hadn’t said that…

Clive: Alm?

Alm: Hello, Clive.

Clive: I just wanted to say… Fine work there, rescuing the maiden as you did.

Alm: What’s this? Are you maybe, possibly admitting that I did the right thing?

Clive: Heh heh. I am as shocked as you. It appears you are more fit to be king than I will ever be.

Alm: Oh no. Don’t YOU start!

Clive: Unlike you, Alm, I have been too willing to put people’s lives on the line. I stand by my belief that a commander must put reason before emotion. But failing to rescue Mathilda or my sister was cowardice, not reason. The truth is, I chose not to act for fear it would undermine my authority.

Alm: Stop it, Clive. You’re no craven.

Clive: Aren’t I? Just look at what you did in my stead. I criticized you roundly for diverting our army to save one person. But you did it anyway because you have something I do not—strength of heart. You understand what is precious and fight for it no matter the cost. Clive, I don’t know what to say…

(If Luthier is not present)

Delthea: Oh! You’re those folks from before. What’s going on? I can’t remember a thing. …… Wait, Tatarrah was CONTROLLING me? Eeeeew! I am SO sorry! I must have been a real handful. Well, anyway, my name is Delthea. It’s super nice to meet you! Hey, but you look like you could use my help. Want me to tag along?

(If you refuse)

Delthea: WHAT?! Aw, come on! Why not? Well, don’t come crawling back to me later. …Or, you know, do.

(If you talk again)

Delthea: Aha! I knew it! You need me. …Say you need me. I wanna hear it!

Control Room

Man: Open the sluice gate? Hah! Impossible! We’d flood the bloody continent. Someone has to open the sluice at the Temple of Mila first.

(After Celica has opened her sluice gate)

Man: Now that the temple sluice is open, we can open the gate here as well. …Still, I do find it curious. Only members of the Zofian royal family can open the sluice at the temple.

Alm: Are you serious?

Man: Makes you wonder if Princess Anthiese is alive after all. Hah! It would make for a fine story, that’s for sure! Oh my, yes. Ha ha ha!

(Image of the Sluice Gate)

Alm: Anthiese… Did a member of the royal family really open the gate? Celica, are you…

Narrator: Through the combined efforts of Alm and Celica, the empire’s plans to flood Zofia were thwarted. The arc of her destiny now clear, Celica embraced her identity and set forth. Meanwhile, Alm, having learned his friend was in truth Zofia’s Princess Anthiese, renewed his own oath to defend Zofia from the Rigelian Empire. However, a dark creature had his own plans for these fated children who bore the Brand…

Duma Tower

Jedah: So, they’ve opened the sluice. This is a fortuitous and most welcome turn of events. That feisty girl is certain to come looking for Mila… and when she does, I shall be waiting to scoop her up! Perhaps I might even go greet her myself… Heh heh heh…