Act 3: Zofian Coast – Mountain Village

Zofian Coast

Celica: Ah… Quiet, everyone!

Garth: Heh heh…

Celica: That must be Garth and his men. Probably best to avoid them. Let’s go around that way.

Mae: But Celica, look!

Celica: Huh?

Palla: Rgh… More of Grieth’s thugs, I take it?

Garth: Well, give the little girl a prize! Yer pretty smart for a foreign lass. In that case, might be ye also know how much coin a pair like you could fetch!

Palla: Catria! Keep your wits about you and do not leave my side!

Celica: It’s those sisters!

Mae: Aw, cripes, Celica. What do we do?!

Celica: Well, we sure can’t leave them to this rabble. Let’s go, everyone!

(Versus Garth)

Garth: Muh? Who’re you? Bah, not like it matters. Yer just more merchandise now!

(Garth defeated)

Garth:  H-how…? I’ve bought’n sold tougher’n this… Uuurrrkk…

(If Palla and Catria both survived)

Celica: Thank the Mother we managed to keep those sisters safe… Come now. We’ll gain nothing by lingering.

Palla: Wait! We didn’t get to properly— *sigh* And they’re gone…

(If only one survived)

Celica: It seems only one of those sisters survived… What a terrible fate. If only I were stronger… …In any case, we must keep moving.

(If neither survived)

Celica: Neither of those poor sisters survived… What a terrible fate. If only I were stronger… …In any case, we must keep moving.

Zofia Harbor

Woman: The path to Zofia Castle was blocked during that big earthquake that hit. Sorry to rain on your thatch, but there’s nothing for it…

(If you talk to Palla before Catria)

Palla: Oh, good! I was hoping we’d find you. You really saved us back on the coast. We’ve managed to dig up some additional information since then. Turns out our sister Est is being held by a thief named Grieth. Your strength is beyond reproach. That much is certain… If you’re headed to Grieth’s citadel, perhaps you’d let us join you?

(If Catria has been recruited)

Palla: I hear you’re headed to Grieth’s citadel as well. Would you mind if we traveled together?

(If you refuse)

Palla: I see… A shame. Well, if your mind changes, please do let me know.

(If you talk again)

Palla: Ah, hello. Did you need something? Perhaps you changed your mind about traveling together?

(If you talk to Catria before Palla)

Catria: Ah, there you are. I was hoping I might see you again and get a chance to thank you properly. You saved us on the Zofian coast, and we are greatly in your debt. Are you perchance headed to Grieth’s Citadel? It appears my sister Est is being held there. If such are your intentions, perhaps we could travel together.

(If Palla has been recruited)

Catria: I see my sister is traveling with you. That’s wonderful. I trust it’s all right if I accompany you as well?

(If you refuse)

Catria: I see. Well, I’ll not doubt your judgment nor your reasons.

(If you talk again)

Catria: Yes? Did you need assistance? Or perhaps you’ve decided to take me with you?

Lord Fugue: I’m the head of the Fugue family. Surely you’re familiar with the name? Recently, a thief stole into our home and took an heirloom—a shield. It bears the family crest, and has been handed down for generations. It’s irreplaceable, and if not retrieved, it will be a black mark on our honor. The burglar in question is in Grieth’s employ. I’m certain the Fugue Shield is languishing in his vault about now. The cur will likely sell it to a foreign, buyer, after which it will be lost forever. You’ve the look of warriors about you. Impressive, to a man! Might I enlist your help in retrieving the Fugue Shield from Grieth? You’ll be well rewarded, of course. Fugues are known for our generosity.

(If you give him the Fugue Shield)

Lord Fugue: Our family shield! Oh, this is a sweet sight indeed. In truth, I’d nearly given up hope of seeing it again. My sincerest thanks. Please, take your promised reward.

Lord Fugue: With both shield and honor restored I must hurry home to the family estate.

(If you refuse)

Lord Fugue: Is this just a jape to you? Oh, how you twist the blade!

(If you give him the Rion Shield)

Lord Fugue: By the gods! This shield bears the mark of our sworn enemies, the Rion clan! Pah! The very sight of it disgusts me! Take it away!

Royal Chef: Pardon me, but I serve as chef to one of the noble houses. Or I did, until a tiny mistake provoked the ire of my employer. Now he says that if I don’t prepare the world’s finest fish, he’ll have me killed! A man mistakes salt for sugar ONCE, and now must pay with his life? Cruel! As you might expect from such a man, my employer’s tastes are quite fine. A run-of-the-mill fish won’t get me off the hook. …Er, pardon the pun. I need to catch a legend. I need…dagon. But that’s not something you find in a fishmonger’s stall down at the market. Please aid me! My life is on the line! …Er, pardon the pun. If there’s any way you can find a dagon fillet, let me know at once!

(If you accept – Skilled Angler yet to be saved)

Royal Chef: Word is, there’s a master angler here in Zofia Harbor. But he set out to sea a while ago and has yet to return. The timing lines up with a bad storm, so I fear he may have capsized. I’m told he usually fished the waters around the Seabound Shrine.

(If you accept – Skilled Angler saved)

Royal Chef: Word is, there’s a master angler here in Zofia Harbor. If anyone could reel in a dagon fillet, it would be him. If he’s not out at sea fishing, you’ll likely find him at the tavern.

(If you refuse)

Royal Chef: Ah. Yes. Well, I suppose you’ve your own business to worry about.

(If you talk again with a Dagon Fillet in hand)

Royal Chef: Any chance you’ve found a dagon fillet?

(If you accept)

Royal Chef: The color… The glow… Dagon for true! You’ve actually found it! And such a fine cut! The perfect dappling of fat! Exquisite! Surely this will satisfy even my temperamental employer. Thank you. I’m afraid this is all I have to give you in return, but I insist you take it.

(If you refuse)

Royal Chef: Please, I’m about to be gutted! …And that is NOT a pun!

Skilled Angler: Oy, it’s you! From the Seabound Shrine! I owes you a debt, I do! If ya need anything, just go on and ask. …… Eh? A dagon fillet? Mmmm… Dagons are fearsome beasties—closer kin to dragons than fish. Yet for its terrible look, the meat’s said to be sweet as nectar. Trouble is, their vision’s frightful good. They see yer line and steer clear. You need a line that’s strong as steel, but clear as glass. Track me down somethin’ like that, and I’ll happily dip m’pole for ya! Come find me again if ya find a line that’ll snag a dagon.

(If you give him Gossamer Hair)

Skilled Angler: Hoo! Never thought I’d see something’ like this in all m’days! This just might make for a line that even a dagon wouldn’t see coming! I’ll put out to sea straightaway and see if the fishing gods are kind. Come find me in a couple of days. And pray for fair weather! Eh heh heh!

(If you refuse)

Skilled Angler: Are you waitin’ for me t’beg?

(If you talk again)

Skilled Angler: I needs strong, clear material for a line. Bring me that, and I just might be able to hook ya a dagon. Eh heh heh!

(If you come back later after giving the Gossamer Hair)

Skilled Angler: Well, look who it be… Howzabout ya feast yer eyes on THIS?! Landed me a dagon, I did! And all thanks t’yer magic line. As promised, here’s yer cut! Enjoy that, now! Eh heh heh heh!

(Randomly if you come back later)

Skilled Angler: Guess what? I went and landed me another dagon! Eh heh heh heh! I’m in a sharin’ mood, so why not take a cut for yerself?

Mountain Graveyard

Boey: Oh, great… Another graveyard filled with even MORE Terrors…

Mae: Oh, grow a spine already! So what if those guys sprout up like weeds? It’s perfect target practice! After this little warm-up, we can storm the Temple of Mila with spells blazin’!

Boey: Why would we want to storm the temple…?

Mountain Village

Man: That Grieth is a real piece of work. He gives the orders to every scoundrel and sneak-thief in Zofia. He’s attacked this village time and again, and taken all the young folk. There’s not a man who would stand up to him, even when the king drew breath.

Young Woman: Have you been to the Dragon Shrine, north of the village? There’s a well there whose waters are rumored to revive the dead. But alas, fearsome necrodragons stand watch there, allowing none to pass.

Old Timer: To reach the Temple of Mila, cross the valley approach and continue north. The temple’s more than just a place of worship for the goddess, you know— it also defends the sluice gate at the kingdom’s border. However, the gate opens only to members of the Zofian royal family. With His Highness Lima IV gone, the sluice may lie closed forever…

Young Man: Is it true the Deliverance has retaken Zofia Castle? I worry if so. Oh, everyone talks of chasing out Desaix and the Rigelian Empire… but soon as they have to decide the next king, you know war will come again.

Atlas: I was off fighting on the frontier until a short while ago. Came home to find my village in ruins and my brothers taken by Grieth. I want to tear that thief’s head clean off his body! …But I can’t do it alone. Are you lot going to Grieth’s stronghold? If so, let me come and have my revenge.

(If you refuse)

Atlas: Ah. I see. Well, you have your reasons, I’m sure. Apologies for the sudden request. I’ll try my luck alone, if that’s what it takes.

(If you talk again)

Atlas: Hm? Changed your mind, did you?

Fish-crazy Man: Oy! You! Ever had dried shieldfish? It’s simply GRAND, so it is! Odd-lookin’ thing, shieldfish. Big’n flat, and covered in a hard shell. Looks a bit like a shield—that’s why they named it as they did, I reckon. But if ya dry ’em in the sun, they taste like nothin’ else. I get cravings I do. Terrible cravings… But I can’t find ’em to save m’life! I’d kill for a bite’a shieldfish! …Well, not literally, but you get my meanin’.

(If you give him Dried Shieldfish)

Fish-crazy Man: SHIELDFISH! DELICIOUS SHIELDFISH! HOW I YEARNED FOR YOUR TOUCH! Er, I mean…uh…here. Take this. You earned it!

(If you refuse)

Fish-crazy Man: Can’t blame you. I wouldn’t share mine, either! Heh heh heh.

(If you don’t have one)

Fish-crazy Man: You got no shieldfish! Ain’t very nice getting my hopes up like that.

(If you talk again)

Fish-crazy Man: Sure could go for some dried shieldfish right about now…

Tired Lady: Please, can you help me find my son?

Tired Lady: After losing my husband to the plague that hit our village, I fell apart. My son felt he had to help me. I tried to stop him, but it was no use. He left for the Dragon Shrine in order to find the Well of Revival. They said it can give life to the dead, so he seeks to return my husband. Though I fear I’m more like to lose a son than reclaim a husband. That shrine is a horror of a place. I won’t let my son die there. Please find him and bring him back to me! I beg of you!

(If you talk again)

Tired Lady: Did you find my son?

(If you show her the journal)

Tired Lady: This…this is my son’s journal! …Oh. Oh no. You sweet, stupid boy… How many must you take, Mila? How many more will satisfy you?!

(If you come back later)

Tired Lady: Pardon me. The other day, you helped me find my…my late son. At the time, I was too overcome to thank you. Please forgive my rudeness. I’m still working through my grief. It will take time, I’m sure. But I wouldn’t even be able to do that if I didn’t know his fate for certain. I know I’m late in this, but please let me thank you for finding my son.

Tired Lady: …Eh? It’s too much? Oh, hardly! I sold my house and land, you see. This village is full of memories. It…hurts too much to be here. I aim to wander the world and take a long, hard look at my life. Perhaps we’ll meet again somewhere. Until then, stay safe.

Lumberjack: What a mess… I’ve been a woodcutter in this village since I was old enough to hold an axe. But when Grieth’s men swept through, they stole it! …My axe, I mean. I can’t do a lick of work without it, and I’ve got a wife and kids to feed. And don’t tell me to go buy a new axe, because I can’t afford it! No axe, no money. No money, no axe. You get my problem here?

(If you give him an axe)

Lumberjack: Wait a sec—you’re just GIVING me this? Sweet Duma! This is gonna turn my whole life around! You’ve got yourself a new friend, pal. Take this with my thanks!

(If you don’t have one)

Lumberjack: Yeah, I suppose that’s not the kind of thing you just have lying around.

(If you talk again)

Lumberjack: I’m not much of a woodcutter without an axe—and I’m broke, to boot! I need to get my hands on a new axe, and soon…

(If you come back later)

Lumberjack: Oh, hey! It’s my best friend! Here, have a look at this, pal. I tried my hand at carving a likeness of Duma with the axe you brought me. Figured maybe his blessing would help me chop through the forest, yeah? And it WORKED! When I’m holding it, I can feel strength surging through my chopping arm! The forest best watch out now that I’ve got this Duma carving! Gya hah hah!

(If you come another day)

Lumberjack: Oh hey. Look who it is! Terrors from the cemetery attacked the village a while back. Except they didn’t attack the village so much as come straight to my door. They took the Duma carving I made, turned around, and beat feet. I never should have made it. Duma must be angry I took liberties with his image! I’m terrified his punishment is only just beginning… O Duma! Forgive me!

(If you show him the Duma Carving)

Lumberjack: Hey, that’s the Duma carving I made! Get that awful thing away! I never want to see it again in my life!