Act 6: Furia Harbor – Thabes Labyrinth

Zofia Harbor

Foreign Trader: I’m a merchant from Archanea, a land across the sea to Valentia’s east. My business here is finished, so I aim to set sail home, but… Well, with pirates making trouble again, I could use a reliable escort. What say you? Could I ask your aid in seeing me back safely?

(If you accept)

Foreign Trader: You have my thanks. The route to Archanea is due east from this harbor. I can depart at any time. Just say the word and we’ll be off.

(If you refuse)

Foreign Trader: I see… I’m sorry to hear it. I’m stuck here until I can find an escort, so if your mind changes, come find me.

(If you talk again)

Foreign Trader: Will you escort me back to Archanea?

Furia Harbor

Foreign Trader: Welcome to Furia, a port town on the northernmost edge of Archanea. Thanks to you, I made it past all the danger and returned home safely. You must permit me to repay you. Please accept this for your efforts.

Foreign Trader: And with that, I must be off. I pray our paths cross again.


Mecenary: We have a legend around these parts. It says an evil god will descend upon us from the west and destroy humanity. …Huh? You crossed the western sea? But…you’re completely normal! When I think of “westerners,” I picture vicious, bloodthirsty madmen.

Myrmidon: Across the mountains lies a barren land called the Mamorthod Desert. There you’ll find the ruins of an ancient capital called Thabes. Long ago, Thabes was a city so massive as to defy belief. But time worked its cruel magic, and now half the city lies buried in sand.

Brigand: The town of Furia was named for its founder, a proud and mighty champion.

Brigand: Tongues have been wagging about Thabes’ underground labyrinth. They say the deeper you go, the rarer and more incredible the treasures get! Of course, the dangers ALSO get more incredible, so there’s that.

Man: Folks ’round here sell treasure what to make ends meet. Much plunder from the ruins of Thabes goes toward that end. Those ruins draw explorers from across Archanea looking to strike their claim, but more than a few perish for their trouble. Such is the price of greed.

Thabes Labyrinth

Alm: This grand husk of a capital once coursed with magic, but it has been forgotten for centuries, neglected, the victim of human folly. Now we disturb its rest…for what? What lies waiting for us deeper in?

Celica: An ancient fallen capital, its people drowned in their own magic power… This place has slumbered for centuries as a result of their greed.

(Inspecting the stone tablets)

“This is the Thabes Labyrinth. Let none set foot within its cursed halls.”

“In Thabes lived an alchemist named Forneus, much praised for his genius.
In time, he would be feared by all.”

“Two matters consumed Forneus, and he spent his life in their pursuit.
The first was how to wake the dead and control them as his army.
The second was the creation of a singular, perfect being.”

“We senators sent forth messengers to Forneus. None returned.
Next, the Council dispatched soldiers. Still none returned.
Thus, the Council chose to seal Forneus’s workshop with him inside it.
The seal they used was made to last until the city crumbled to sand.”

“Here lies sealed the workshop of the demon alchemist Forneus.”

“The critical component in the death mask is a particular shelled insect.
I have come to call these marvels of nature thanatophages.
Placed on a cadaver, thanatophages set down roots and assert control.”

“At last, blood from a divine dragon! Its power is terrifying. Beautiful.”

“The Senate has granted me all I need to craft life anew. I’ve succeeded.
At first, it was a tiny thing. But on day 80, I gave it my blood. It grew.
Its voice echoes in my head. Dark thoughts. Violent th—”