01: Amid the Flames

Celica: Ngh… *cough cough* Please… Is anyone there?! Somebody, please… Please help me!

Mycen: Princess Anthiese!

Celica: Ah! Ah! Who…are you?

Mycen: I am Sir Mycen, Your Highness. I served your father as a knight. I’m here to take you to safety. Come with me!

Celica: …… Ah… Waaaaaah!

Mycen: You were very brave to hang on all by yourself, Your Highness.

Celica: It was terrible… I woke up and smoke was everywhere… It was hot, and it hurt, and… And no one came to help even when I yelled as loud as I could!

Mycen: Well, I am here now, and I won’t let anything bad happen to you. Now take my hand. Quickly!

Woman: Gyaaaaaaah!

Celica: Wh-what’s happening…?

Mycen: Damn you, Desaix… He aims to leave no witnesses alive. I’m afraid things may get a little bumpy, Your Highness. Whatever you do, don’t leave my side.

Celica: I won’t. …Oh, but wait! Where’s my brother?! Where’s Conrad?! Sir Mycen, you have to save my brother! Please!

Mycen: Your Highness, I… I checked every room on my way to you. There are none left alive. It pains me to say this, but I fear Conrad is no longer with us.

Celica: No… NO! Conrad!

Mycen: Where’s the princess?! Desaix’s orders are to bring back her head, so somebody find her now!

Slayde: Rgh! The time for grief will come, Princess. For now, you must survive. Come! We must be off!

Celica: …A-all right. I’m coming.