05: Memories of the Villa

Celica: Conrad? Cooonraaad! Where in the world did he go?

Conrad: Wait, is that…? Anthiese? Anthiese, is that you?

Celica: Conrad?! I can hear you, but I don’t… Where ARE you? Um…good morning?

Celica: Morning? It’s past noon! What were you doing under the bed?

Conrad: I was hiding so the ghost wouldn’t take me away.

Celica: Er, what ghost?

Conrad: Mother told me all about it! She said that if I’m bad, a ghost will come for me in the night. It’ll come down from Fear Mountain in Rigel and take me away!

Celica: Aw, you’re so lucky! Your mother’s Rigelian, so she has all sorts of fun stories.

Conrad: …Fun? So you’re not scared of the ghost?

Celica: No, why would I be? I haven’t done anything bad.

Conrad: Urk…

Celica: Have YOU done something bad?

Conrad: Urkkk… Um, well, I kinda accidentally… broke the vase in the great hall. Then I cleaned up all the pieces and buried them in the garden.

Celica: That was you?! The servants were looking everywhere for that vase. We have to go tell them.

Conrad: B-but I’ll get in trouble!

Celica: It’ll be fine, Conrad. I’ll go with you. We’ll apologize, and they’ll forgive us. I promise. Besides, if you don’t, that ghost is sure to come and get you tonight!

Conrad: Nooooooo! If it took me away, I wouldn’t be able to play with you anymore.

Celica: Right? And I don’t want you to go away either. So then! Shall we go?

Conrad: All right…

Celica: Let’s hurry and put this all behind us.

Conrad: Ah, wait! …I’m kinda scared. Can I hold your hand?

Celica: Conrad, you… Oh, all right.