06: The Flirt and the Faithful

Silque: ……

Brigand: Gyar har har! You ain’t gettin’ away from me, girlie! I’ll truss you up all pretty and tight and add ya to Grieth’s collection.

Silque: Mila, hear my prayer… Aid your humble servant in her hour of need! Gwaaaugh!

Brigand: …Huh?

Jesse: Hooo- ee! That was a close one. You good there, beautiful?

Silque: Ee…

Jesse: …Ee?

Silque: EeeeeeaaAAAAAGH!

Silque: Wha—?! Hey, hold on! WAIT! I’m not one of those jerks! I came to HELP you!

Silque: …Did you, now? My apologies, then. I thought you were another of those unwashed rogues…

Jesse: Wow, that’s…harsh. But enough about my feelings— I’m just glad you’re okay.

Silque: I am. Though alas, I fear I’ve made a poor job of showing my gratitude. My name is Silque. And you are…?

Jesse: Jesse. Just another mercenary of the unwashed-rogue variety. I saw some undesirables follow you out of Zofia Harbor. So I followed THEM, and here we are. Guess I was right to check it out.

Silque: I didn’t notice I was being followed, let alone by two different parties. I had thought myself a more canny traveler than that. The fault was mine for letting my guard down so poorly.

Jesse: Meh, it happens to the best of us. …So where is it you’re headed to?

Silque: Ah, yes, of course. I’m headed for Ram Village. I have something I must deliver there.

Jesse: You mean that village way down south? Yeah, I think you took a wrong turn.

Silque: Oh? I didn’t realize. I’m ashamed to admit I got a bit turned around as I was fleeing those bandits.

Jesse: Well, let me see you back as far as Zofia Harbor. Least I could do.

Silque: Oh? Your help would be most welcome. Er, if you truly don’t mind, that is. Though may I ask why you offer such kindness to a stranger?

Jesse: I need a reason? Well, I don’t think it’s anything TOO complicated. I mean, every guy wants to play the hero in front of a pretty lady, no?

Silque: Sir!

Jesse: So don’t sweat being an imposition! My motives are purely selfish. You get safe passage, and I get to show off what a charming guy I am.

Silque: You’re candid, if naught else. …But very well. I accept your offer.

Jesse: That’s what I was hoping to hear!

Silque: I would hate to disappoint. May Mila’s blessing shine extra bright upon Jesse’s path. He sorely needs it…

Jesse: Hmm? What’d you say?

Silque: Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.