09: Eventide Intrigue

Slayde: Ch-Chancellor Desaix? …Chancellor? It’s me, Lord Chancellor. Sir Slayde. You, er, asked for me, m’lord?

Desaix: You’ve arrived. Good.

Slayde: M’lord? May I ask why you wanted to meet me here?

Desaix: The castle has far too many ears, and what I say is meant for yours alone. I have a mission for you. One that must be carried out in secret. Prince Conrad and Princess Anthiese… You are to go to the villa where they reside and put them to the sword.

Slayde: M’lord, that’s… You want me to assassinate the king’s own children?

Desaix: Do it, and when this sorry business is over, you shall be my right-hand man. Lands… Titles… The world has great things in store for you, Slayde.

Slayde: Of…of course, m’lord. May I presume to—uh, presume— that you were behind the… Um… The untimely demise of the king’s other scions?

Desaix: Heh heh heh… Presume what you will. I do the world a service by purging it of Lima’s incompetent bloodline. Only one man is fit to rule Zofia, and you stand in his presence. …Or do you disagree?

Slayde: N-no, m’lord! Agreed on all fronts! Was about to say as much myself, so I was! Er, but doesn’t the king’s bloodline descend from Mila herself? Incompetent though Lima may be, the Mother won’t take kindly to his death.

Desaix: Do not speak to me of mothers! I never suckled at that monster’s teat. Why should I fear a goddess too busy sleeping to leave her temple? The age of worrying about what the gods think of us has come to a end. The kingdom of Zofia needs a strong will to set it back on course—MY will.

Slayde: Well said, m’lord! Hear hear! I would be honored to aid you in all of your noble ambitions.

Desaix: Then see it done on the day after next. That’s when Lima and his guard go to the temple for rites. Oh, and Slayde? Kill everyone at the villa. I want not a single life spared. There can be no witnesses.

Slayde: Understood, m’lord!