Similar to Fates, you can scan amiibo figures in-game, although their functionality is slightly different this time.

How to Use

To use amiibo, you must have a new Nintendo 3DS (XL) or new Nintendo 2DS. Or if you have an older system, you may use the Nintendo 3DS Reader/Writer accessory.

Next, you need to progress until you have acquired Mila’s Turnwheel (after the Thieves’ Shrine in Act 1 or from Act 2). When on the world map or at a Mila Shrine, select Mila’s Turnwheel from the menu and “amiibo”.

After scanning an amiibo, this will automatically enable Alm or Celica to use the “amiibo” skill while on the battlefield. Additionally, if you scan Alm or Celica’s amiibo, you can access additional functions.

Summoning amiibo

During battle, you may use the “amiibo” skill to scan an amiibo and summon an illusory warrior at the cost of 10 HP. This illusory ally will independently assist you for 1 turn before vanishing.

Note: Summoning counts as an action, so Alm or Celica will end their turn after summoning.

If you scan a Fire Emblem amiibo, an illusory version of that Fire Emblem character will assist you. Otherwise, if you scan a non-Fire Emblem amiibo, a generic unit will appear instead.

The Alm and Celica amiibo are special because you can copy your Alm or Celica’s stats to the corresponding amiibo via the Mila’s Turnwheel menu (outside of battle). The stronger your Alm or Celica, the stronger the summoned illusory version.

Fire Emblem Summons

Name Class Level HP Atk Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Item
Marth Lord 1 32 15 16 15 12 10 6 5 Exalted Falchion
Ike Hero 1 36 17 11 9 7 16 2 5 Ragnell
Lucina Lord 1 28 12 15 17 11 7 10 5 Parallel Falchion
Robin Tactician 1 29 13 12 10 3 8 7 5 Thunder
Roy Lord 1 34 16 12 11 6 11 4 5 Binding Blade
Corrin (M) Lord 1 31 14 15 12 9 8 3 5 Yato
Corrin (F) Lord 1 30 15 13 14 8 7 5 5 Yato

Generic summons: Mogall, Mage, Pegasus Knight, Villager, Baron, Sage, Myrmidon, Fiend, Deathgoyle, Priestess, Necrodragon, Archer, Gargoyle, Mage, Sniper, Mercenary, White Dragon, Gold Knight, Bonewalker, Soldier, Bow Knight, Cantor, Saint, Knight, Brigand, Arcanist, Falcon Knight, Dread Fighter, Witch, Cavalier, Entombed, Revenant, Cleric, Paladin, Lich

amiibo Dungeons

Additionally, there are two exclusive dungeons that can be unlocked by scanning Alm or Celica’s amiibo:

Each dungeon pits you against 5 increasingly powerful enemy groups. Like regular dungeons, you may exit at any time; however you may not Retreat from battle. If your party’s Rating is too low, the stone tablets will warn you.

Note: Items can only be obtained once per save file.

Available Items Duma’s Ordeals Mila’s Ordeals
Enemy drop Iron Shield, Javelin, Brave Sword, Silver Lance, Duma’s Shield Iron Sword, Soma, Grimoire Ring, Gold Mark, Mila’s Diadem
Trial completion Silver Purse++, Duma’s Helm Mila’s Ring, Mila’s Bow