Dungeons can be accessed via the World Map, typically via locations with “shrine” in their name.

Alm Celica
Thieves’ Shrine Seabound Shrine
Deliverance Hideout Dragon Shrine
Sylvan Shrine Temple of Mila (passageway)
Fear Mountain Shrine Dolth Keep (passageway)
Secret Shrine The Lost Treescape
Duma Temple Duma Tower
Post-game: Thabes Labyrinth
Amiibo: Duma’s Ordeals / Mila’s Ordeals
DLC: The Astral Temple / Inner Sanctum

Exploration Basics

Before entering the dungeon itself, you can make preparations akin to before beginning a battle. Only the first 10 units in your party will accompany you in the dungeon, so be sure to re-order your units appropriately.

Additionally, Fatigue can actually matter, so having a few provisions in possession will be helpful (you can also find provisions in dungeons by breaking boxes, etc.).

Inside dungeons, the camera will shift to behind your main character (Alm or Celica) and you will be able to freely navigate like in an action game.


Button Action
(Left) Circle Pad Move character
A Attack/Inspect
B or Y Hold to dash
X Open dungeon menu
L Centre camera
R Zoom in
D-Pad or C-stick (new model only) Move camera

If necessary, you can order units to exit the dungeon by selecting the last option from the main menu. Selecting your main character to leave will instantly end your dungeon exploration.

At the end of most dungeons, you will often find a Mila Shrine and/or Sacred Springs. At a Mila Shrine, you can save your game, offer a provision, Class Change units or configure Mila’s Turnwheel.

Dealing with Enemies

If an enemy notices you (via sight or sound), they will be alerted and start heading your way. A battle begins as soon as you touch an enemy.

Striking an enemy before they touch you will cause all enemy units to receive a small amount of damage before the battle begins. But if the enemy touches you from behind, the battle with start from the Enemy Phase.

Should there be additional enemies who are in the nearby radius, they will join the battle as reinforcements before the first Player Phase begins.

After defeating an enemy, they will disappear from the dungeon unless you exit and return. Repeatedly exiting and returning can occasionally spawn rare enemies.