Fear Mountain Shrine

A labyrinth-like shrine built within Fear Mountain, where treasures are said to slumber deep within.

In the first area, you can undergo a battle trial by inspecting the statue of Duma near the centre. Doing so will trigger a battle with a Duma’s Apostle and various Specters. Upon completion you’ll receive Duma’s Lance.

Also, the Duma’s Apostle always drops a Gossamer Hair, which can be used for the “Ethereal Fishing Line” sub-quest.

Clearing the battle trial allows you to progress further within the dungeon. There will be two paths: via the Gate of the Dead (left) and via the Gate of the Living (right).

Via Gate of the Dead

Ironically–or perhaps to trick explorers–a resurrection spring awaits at the end of this path.

Via Gate of the Living

At the end of this path, you can find various treasures. Note that using a warp circle will send you straight back to before the battle trial. So only enter once you’ve fully explored the dungeon!

Furthermore, when you reach the north-east corner of the temple-like area, you will be forced to choose between a Silver Shield (left) or Blessed Shield (right). Both items are one of a kind, although you can get more Silver Shields via the Inner Sanctum.