Item Locations

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Please refer to this page for items found randomly by breaking objects.

Location Area Item(s)
Thieves’ Shrine Main Area Iron Sword, Mila Carving (after completing “The Sommelier”)
Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Deliverance Hideout Main Area Iron Bow, Silver Purse
Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Seabound Shrine Mila Idol Mana Herbs, Memory Prism 1
Area 2 Blessed Sword
Sylvan Shrine Area 1 Handmade Doll (after accepting “The Prisoner’s Whereabouts”)
Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Area 2 Gold Mark
Dragon Shrine Area 1 Iron Lance, Nethergranate, A Son’s Journal (after accepting “In Search of a Son”)
Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Sacred Springs Coral Ring, Cog
The Lost Treescape Main Area Silver Sword, Silver Lance, Silver Bow
Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Duma Tower Area 1 Silver Purse++, Ladyblade
Mila Idol Mana Herbs, Duma Moss
Area 2 Cog
Fear Mountain Shrine Area 1 Silver Purse+, Duma’s Lance (after completing battle trial)
Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Area 4 (Resurrection Spring) Shadow Sword, Cog
Area 6 (Temple) Speed Ring, Hexlock Shield, Blessed Bow, Mage Ring, [Silver Shield or Blessed Shield]
Secret Shrine Mila Idol Mana Herbs, Duma Moss
Duma Temple Entrance Memory Prism 2
Area 2 (Grate) Brave Sword
Area 3 (Scorching Flame) Memory Prism 3
Area 4 (Maze) Gold Mark
Mila Idol (via Area 6) Mana Herbs, Duma Moss
Area 11 (Royal Vault) Falchion
Area 13 (Secret) Gradivus
Thabes Labyrinth B2 Silver Sword
B4 Boots
B5 Sage’s Shield
B6 Blessed Bow
B7 Gold Purse
B9 Ambrosia, Rusted Shield (Dragon)
B10 Rusted Ring (Demon), Memory Prism 10


Please refer to this page for items dropped randomly be enemies.

Note: Currently, this page does not include reinforcements or dungeon encounters.

Location Enemy Item(s)
Thieves’ Shrine Brigand Boss Ram Wine
Ram Valley Mercenary Leather Shield
Southern Outpost Archer Steel Bow
Zofia Gate Desaix Dracoshield
Zofia Seaway 1 Pirate Bread
Zofia Seaway 2 Pirate Wine
Mercenary Leather Shield
The Pirate Throne Barth Dried Meat
Zofia Seaway 3 Cantor Fruit of Life
Seabound Shrine Necrodragon Blessed Ring
Northern Zofia Fernand Bread
Forest Crossroads Berkut Blessed Ring
Fernand Honey
Forest Northside Gazelle Silver Purse+
Sluice Gate Tatarrah Silver Purse++
Zofian Coast Garth Dried Meat
Mercenary Leftover Ale
Desert Stronghold Mercenary Cell Key, Drinking Water
Northern Desert Deen Brave Sword
Grieth’s Citadel Grieth Gold Mark
Temple of Mila Mikhail Gold Mark
Border Berkut Coral Ring
Fernand Iron Lance
Rigel Forest Xaisor Pegasus Cheese
Fear Mountain Marla Soma
Fear Mountain Shrine Duma’s Apostle Gossamer Hair
Nuibaba’s Abode Nuibaba Mage Ring
Cantor Gold Mark
Rigel Plains Jerome Gold Mark
Rigel Falls Magnus Silver Purse++
Hestia Ambrosia
Arcanist Mana Herbs, Mana Herbs, Steel Shield
The Last Bastion Mueller Silver Bow
Rigel Castle Rudolf Angel Ring
Arcanist Mana Herbs, Mana Herbs
Dead Man’s Mire Garcia Gold Mark
Dolth Keep Dolth Dragon Scale
Myrmidon Ram Wine
Duma Gate Jamil Gold Mark
The Swamps of Duma Jedah Dracoshield
Duma Temple Rinea Prayer Ring
Archanea Seaway 2 Pirate Silver Bag+, Ham
Archanea Seaway 4 Arcanist Dragon Scale
Archanea Seaway 6 Dagon Dagon Fillet, Gold Mark
White Dragon Silver Purse++

Villages etc.

Location Area Item(s)
Ram Village Mycen’s House Orange, Orange, Splitting Axe
Square Carrot, Flour, Drinking Water
Entrance Hard Bread, Flour
Southern Outpost Entrance Wine, Drinking Water, Iron Lance, Rusted Shield (Steel)
War Room Lightning Sword, Wine, Ale, Rusted Sword (Steel), Cold Soup
Dungeon Hard Bread, Hard Bread, Holey Cheese, Leftover Ale, Cell Key
Zofia Castle Central Hall Steel Lance, Iron Shield
Treasure Vault Wine, Ridersbane, Blue Cheese, Ram Wine, Black Pearl
Balcony Orange, Orange, Memory Prism 8 (from Act 3)
Priory Entrance Wine, Butter, Flour, Cog
Novis Greatport Entrance Flour, Dried Shieldfish, Flour
Tavern Dried Shieldfish, Garlic, Wine, Leftover Ale, Wine, Sausage, Leftover Ale, Holey Cheese, Ale
Wharf Herring, Herring
The Pirate Throne Entrance Leftover Ale, Leftover Ale, Ham, Dried Meat, Leftover Ale, Ale
Treasure Vault Golden Apple, Steel Sword, Cog, Rusted Shield (Iron), Iron Sword, Ram Wine
Zofia Harbor Wharf Black Pearl, Herring
Tavern Ale, Cold Soup, Ale, Wine
Entrance Coral Fragment
Mountain Village Square Flour, Drinking Water, Orange
House Orange
Smithy Drinking Water
Desert Stronghold Entrance Steel Lance, Drinking Water, Drinking Water
War Room Splitting Axe, Rion Shield, Yogurt, Dried Meat, Steel Bow, Flour
Dungeon Hard Bread, Dried Meat
Grieth’s Citadel Entrance Silver Purse++, Devil Axe, Drinking Water, Memory Prism 6
War Room Yogurt, Fugue Shield, Ale, Ham, Ram Wine, Pegasus Cheese, Ale
Dungeon 1 Javelin
Dungeon 2 Drinking Water
Temple of Mila Entrance Cog, Honey
Mila’s Chamber Dragon Scale
Control Room Cog
Landing Silver Platter
Forest Village Entrance Orange
Square Drinking Water, Flour
House 1 Orange
House 2 Memory Prism 9
Smithy Drinking Water
Desaix’s Fortress Entrance Steel Lance, Honey
War Room Exotic Spice, Ram Wine, Pegasus Cheese, Silver Purse++, Cog, Royal Sword (inside extravagant chest)
Dungeon Wine
Sluice Gate Entrance Mana Herbs
Control Room Bread, Drinking Water
The Lost Treescape Mila Idol Mana Herbs
Sage’s Hamlet Meeting Hall Grimoire Ring, Sweet Cookie, Wine
Smithy Drinking Water
Sage’s House Memory Prism 5, Ambrosia, Soma
Nuibaba’s Abode Entrance Medicinal Syrup, Nethergranate
Dungeon 1 Drinking Water, Blue Cheese
Dungeon 2 Dubious Mask
Rigel Village Entrance Flour, Memory Prism 7 (after recruiting Zeke)
House 1 Wine, Wine, Garlic
House 2 Drinking Water
Smithy Drinking Water
Rigel Castle Central Hall Steel Bow, Steel Lance, Steel Sword
Grand Portal Memory Prism 4
Furia Harbor Entrance Steel Lance, Steel Lance, Herring, Dagon Fillet
Square Ale, Steel Shield
Smithy Drinking Water