Mila’s Turnwheel

After completing the Thieves’ Shrine (Alm’s party) or from the beginning of Act 2 (Celica’s party), you will obtain Mila’s Turnwheel, a mystical artifact that can tap into the past and the future.

Note: If you skip the Thieves’ Shrine, Alm will automatically receive his turnwheel at the start of Act 3.

World Map

Outside, you access Mila’s Turnwheel via the main menu. The following options will be available:

  • Memory Prisms: View short cut-scenes depending on the Memory Prisms collected.
  • Support Log: Review support conversations you’ve unlocked.
  • amiibo: Unlock amiibo functions, such as exclusive dungeons and the ability to summon illusory helpers in battle.

In Battle

While in a battlefield, Mila’s Turnwheel can be accessed via the map menu or by tapping the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the bottom screen.

This time, the turnwheel will allow you to rewind to any arbitrary point during the battle.

Pressing Left or Right on the D-Pad will let you undo/redo a player or enemy unit’s action, following the exact order they were made. Meanwhile, pressing L or R will let you move back or forward a player or enemy phase. To commit, press the A button.


  • After rewinding time, you cannot go back, so choose wisely!
  • Eventually the turnwheel will temporary stop working after it has recorded too many actions during one battle; it will warn you in advance when this limit is nearly reached.

For example, if one of your units fell during Turn 2 of the enemy phase, you can rewind to Turn 2 of the player phase to try again. Or you can rewind back to the exact moment before the unit was attacked and the battle outcome may change.

Each time Mila’s Turnwheel is used, the counter on the gear icon will decrease by 1. At the beginning, it starts at 3, allowing for a maximum of 3 uses. Later, you can increase this amount by collecting Cogs, for a possible maximum of 12 uses.

The gear counter can be reset by exiting to the world map or by offering one of the following items to a Mila Idol: Ale, Leftover Ale, Wine, Ram Wine. Outside of dungeons, you will start with maximum uses for each battle.

Cog Locations

Number Location
1 Priory – Entrance
2 The Pirate Throne – Treasure Vault
3 Desaix’s Fortress – War Room
4 Dragon Shrine – Sacred Springs (right-most chest)
5 Temple of Mila – Entrance
6 Temple of Mila – Control Room
7 Forest Village – House 2 (“Craving Cute” sub-quest)
8 Fear Shrine – Sacred Springs (right-most chest)
9 Duma Tower – Area 2 (north-most chest)