Sacred Springs

Sacred Springs can be found deep within many dungeons (and sometimes in holy grounds). The statues there can grant stat bonuses or other special effects. But be careful as some statues share uses.

For example, if you use the Speed statue in the Thieves’ Shrine 3 times, you can’t use the HP statue in the same area.

Dungeon (Area) Left Spring Right Spring Uses
Thieves’ Shrine (Sacred Springs) Speed HP 3
Deliverance HQ (Sacred Springs) Defence Attack 3
Priory (Passageway) Speed Attack 3
Seabound Shrine (Area 2) Resistance 2
Experience 2
Seabound Shrine (Sacred Springs) Skill HP 3
Dragon Shrine (Sacred Springs) Resurrection 3
Sylvan Shrine (Area 1) Resistance 2
Sylvan Shrine (Sacred Springs) HP Experience 3
Temple of Mila (Passageway) Experience 2
Attack 2
Fear Mountain Shrine (Area 4) Resurrection 3
Fear Mountain Shrine (Sacred Springs) Speed Luck 3
Secret Shrine (Area 1) Defence 3
Secret Shrine (Sacred Springs) Resurrection 3
The Lost Treescape  – Defence 3
Duma Tower (Area 1) Speed 2
Luck 2
Duma Tower (Area 2) Fatigue Infinite
Skill 2
Duma Tower (Area 3) HP 2
Duma Tower (Area 4) Attack 2
Defence 2
Duma Temple (Area 6) Fatigue Infinite
Experience 2
Thabes Labyrinth (B3) Skill Luck 3
Thabes Labyrinth (B4) Attack Speed 3
Thabes Labyrinth (B6) HP Defence 3
Thabes Labyrinth (B9) Speed Resistance 2