Combat Arts & Skills

Combat Arts

Name SP HP- Mt+ Hit+ Effect Found
Curved Shot 15 1 1 30 Iron Bow, Python’s Bow
Wrath Strike 10 1 5 10 Iron Sword, Ilwoon, Clive’s Lance
Hit and Run 20 1 2 10 Avoid +30 Iron Lance
Subdue 5 0   20 Fatal hits leave foe with 1 HP Royal Sword, Beloved Zofia, Rapier, Emperor Lance
Shove 10 0     Pushes an adjacent ally forward 1 square Emperor Lance, Iron Shield, Rion Shield, Emperor Shield, Lukas’s Shield
Swap 5 0     Swaps places with an adjacent ally Beloved Zofia, Saunion, Leather Shield, Fugue Shield, Emperor Shield, Lukas’s Shield
Crosswise Cut 20 3 3 30 Steel Sword
Heavy Draw 20 2 8 10 Steel Bow, Python’s Bow
Duelist Sword 20 3 3 10 Avoid +30, Crt +20; boosts damage by 4% Silver Sword
Sunder 15 2 4 10 Crt +30 Steel Sword, Zweihänder
Hexblade 15 3 7 10 Deals magic damage (targets enemy Res) Ladyblade
Lunge 10 3 2 20 Crt +10; swaps places with enemy after combat Ilwoon, Clive’s Lance
Penetrate 10 3 2 20 Avoid +10, moves 1 square forward after combat Brave Sword, Zweihänder, Fernand’s Lance
Leonine Poise 25 3 3 20 Avoid -30, Crt +50; attack goes last Emperor Lance
Thunderclap 20 4 2   Range +1; minimum Range is 2 Lightning Sword
Knightkneeler 15 4 5 15 Deals effective damage versus cavalry enemies Rhomphaia
Armorcrush 15 4 4 10 Deals effective damage versus armoured enemies Steel Lance, Rhomphaia, Clive’s Lance
Death Blow 20 4 6 15 Deals effective damage versus armoured enemies Ilwoon
Celestial Bow 20 4 5 20 Deals effective damage versus Terrors Radiant Bow
Grounder 25 4 5 15 Deals effective damage versus flying enemies Brave Sword
Destreza 20 4 3 20 Attacks fatal against the enemy will always hit Rapier
Encloser 20 4   15 Stops enemy moving for 1 Turn after combat Longbow, Python’s Bow
Ward Arrow 25 4   15 Seals enemy magic for 1 Turn after combat Silver Bow
Plenitude 10 0   10 Restores HP equal to damage dealt to enemy Golden Dagger, Mila’s Bow
Double Lion 20 6 5 20 Avoid +10; 2 consecutive hits Royal Sword
Vendetta 20 5 3 20 Adds half of user’s accrued damage to Attack Duma’s Lance
Dragonhaze 20 8 5 20 Adds user’s Speed stat to Attack Rhomphaia
Tigerstance 25 8 5 30 Adds user’s Skill stat to Attack Zweihänder
Archballista 25 6 2 20 Range +2 Saunion
Trance Shot 30 8 4 30 Range +3 Parthia
Shadow Gambit 15 3 2 20 Crt +10; ignores enemy’s Terrain effects Rapier
Astral Blade 30 10   15 5 consecutive hits with halved Attack Astra
Roundhouse 20 7 4 20 Avoid +20, Crt +20; ignores half of foe’s Def/Res Silver Sword
Solar Thrust 30 10 20 15 Sol
Lunar Flash 30 10 12 500 Crt +10 Luna
Defensive 15 1     Receive 5 less damage from physical attacks Saunion, Steel Shield, Rion Shield, Emperor Shield, Lukas’s Shield
Coral Cover 15 2     Doubles Terrain effects Fugue Shield, Coral Ring
Aegis 20 2     Halves damage from ranged attacks
Speculum 20 3     Reflects magical damage
Pavise 20 3     Halves physical damage Duma’s Shield, Sage’s Shield
Earth’s Kiss 25 4     Halves magical damage Hexlock Shield, Royal Shield, Sage’s Shield
Windsweep 25 4 3 20 Crt +10; negates counter-attacks Iron Sword, Fernand’s Lance
Foudroyant 20 8   30 Range -1, Avoid +15; doubles Attack Lightning Sword
Earth’s Boon 25 2 3 20 Avoid +5, Crt +5; grants provisions after defeating enemy Golden Dagger, Mila’s Bow
Flamberge 20 15     2 consecutive hits, deals magic damage (targets Res) Ladyblade
Longearche 20 3 1   Range = 2 Iron Lance, Fernand’s Lance
Tempest Lance 20 5 10 20 Steel Lance
Mistdancer 20 3 2 15 Avoid +10; magical attacks deal 10 less damage Silver Lance, Clair’s Lance
Overrun 20 4 4 10 Avoid +10; pushes enemy forward 1 square Silver Lance
Hunter’s Volley 20 8 1 15 Crt +10; 2 consecutive hits Killer Bow
Scendscale 50 16 14   Range +2 Royal Sword, Falchion
Ragnarok Ω 25 14 24   Range +1 Beloved Zofia
Triangle Attack 10 8 30 Crt +40; must surround enemy with Whitewing sisters Palla, Catria, Est
Solo Triangle Atk. 20 5     3 consecutive hits Trainee’s Lance
Heaven or Hell 20 4   -30 Crt +30; 2 consecutive hits Wayward Lance
Armor Disruptor 15 5 5 30 Crt +10; deals effective damage versus armoured enemies Warrior’s Sword

Passive Skills

Name Effect Found
Lifetaker Restores HP after KOing an enemy Shadow Sword, Devil Axe
Soothing Light Restores 5 HP to adjacent allies at the start of each turn Saint, Exemplar
Recovery Restores 5 HP each turn Blessed weapons, Royal Sword, Falchion, Mercurius, Beloved Zofia, Gradivus, Parthia, Mila’s Bow, Blessed Shield, Dracoshield, Sage’s Shield, all Rings except Grimoire, Demon and Rusted
Incarnation Restores 5 HP each turn Cantor
Deicide Capable of slaying Gods Falchion, (Exalted Falchion), (Nosferatu), (Binding Blade)
Hex User may damage themselves instead Shadow Sword, Devil Axe
Transmute User’s weapon deals magic damage (targets Resistance) Lightning Sword, Radiant Bow
Reconstruct Two of user’s growth rates are shuffled 8 times (except Res) Demon Ring
Evade Critical User is immune to critical hits Mila’s Ring
Banish Boosts damage by 10 versus Terrors Falcon Knight, Harrier
Vengeful Cry User counter-attacks regardless of range (Black Magic only) Animus Ring
Wrath Increases Critical rate when under half HP
Magic +5 Might +5; applicable for Black Magic only Grimoire Ring
Discipline Hit +10; applicable for Black Magic only Sage, Guru
Influence Range +1; applicable for Black Magic only
Sophisticate Range +2; applicable for Black Magic only Mage Ring
Bowrange +1 Range +1; applicable for Bows only Archer, Conqueror
Bowrange +2 Range +2; applicable for Bows only Sniper, Bow Knight
Res +5 Resistance +5 Dread Fighter, Yasha
Wildfire Hit +10, Avoid +10 Berkut (Ch 5), Rinea
Halve Swords Halves damage received from Swords
Halve Lances Halves damage received from Lances
Halve Axes Halves damage received from Axes
Sanctuary Halves damage received from Terror Blessed Shield
Heavy Armor Halves damage received from Bows Baron, Spartan, Fiend, (Guardian)
Apotrope Halves damage received from Black Magic Dread Fighter, Yasha
Phantasm Halves damage received from Bows and Black Magic Kriemhild
Teleportation User can teleport next to enemy and perform an action Enemy Delthea, Vestal, Witch
Divide User may divide into two Mogall, Balor
Miracle (Luck x 2)% chance of surviving a fatal attack Prayer Ring
Eerie Screech Seals enemy magic after combat Gargoyle (seal), Deathgoyle (seal)
Duma’s Gift Prevents enemy attacks Jedah
Upheaval Damages all enemies on the map Jamil, Duma
Dark Spikes Damages all enemies in range The Creation
Dragonskin Halves damage received Fell Dragon
Anathema Avoid -20 for all enemies within 3 squares The Creation
Nullify Ailments Immune to poison, paralysis, etc. Jedah, Fell God, Mila’s Servant, Duma’s Apostle, Fell Dragon
Mounted User belongs to the Cavalry family Cavalier, Paladin, Gold Knight, Skogul, Bow Knight, Oliphantier
Flier User belongs to the Flying family Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Harrier, Gargoyle, Deathgoyle, Necrodragon, White Dragon, Mogall, Mila’s Servant, Duma’s Apostle, Garuda, Balor, (Fell Dragon)
Armored User belongs to the Armoured family Knight, Baron, Spartan, Fiend, Guardian
Terror User belongs to the Terror family Revenant, Entombed, Tomblord, Bonewalker, Gargoyle, Necrodragon
Great Terror User belongs to the promoted Terror family Fiend, Lich, Deathgoyle, White Dragon, Mogall, Dracul, Titan, Garuda, Guardian, Fafnir, Balor, Deimos
Dragon User belongs to the Dragon family Dagon, Fire Dragon, (Fell Dragon)
God User belongs to the God family Duma, Fell God, Fell Dragon
Anti-Cavalry Deals effective damage versus cavalry enemies Rapier, Ridersbane
Anti-Armor Deals effective damage versus armoured enemies Rapier
Anti-Flier Deals effective damage versus flying enemies All Bows except default, Rusted and Venin
Anti-Terrors Deals effective damage versus Terrors Blessed weapons, Falchion, Clair’s Lance, Seraphim
Pact User doesn’t expend HP when casting spells Jedah, Gharn, Rinea, Marla (Act 5), Hestia (Act 5)
Absolve User doesn’t take damage from Terrain Saint, Exemplar, (Flying units), (Terrors)
Phalanx (Def / 2)% chance of negating damage from enemies; adjacent allies multiply the chances Spartan
Tri-affliction (Skill / 2)% chance of inflicting poison, spellbound or stun with a successful hit Yasha
Bowrange +3 Range +3; applicable for Bows only Oliphantier