Sound Room

The Sound Room can be unlocked by completing the game or temporarily by inputting this button code while on the title screen: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up.

Number Name Description
1 Echoes Title screen
2 Fire Emblem Theme Class roll
3 Where the Wind Rustles World map: Act 1
4 The Ark of Dawn World map: Act 2
5 Undiscovered Horizons World map: Act 3
6 A Song for Bygone Days World map: Act 4
7 Truth World map: Act 5
8 Battle Preparations – Deliverance Battle preparations: Alm
9 Battle Preparations – Pilgrimage Battle preparations: Celica
10 Battle Preparations – Reunion Battle preparations: Final battle
11 March to Deliverance (Prologue) Alm’s map theme: Act 1
12 March to Deliverance Alm’s map theme: Act 3
13 What Lies at the End Alm’s map theme: Act 4+
14 With Mila’s Divine Protection (Prologue) Celica’s map theme: Act 2
15 With Mila’s Divine Protection Celica’s map theme: Act 3
16 The Sacrifice and the Saint Celica’s map theme: Act 4+
17 The Air of Brutality (Prologue) Enemy map theme: Act 1
18 The Air of Brutality Enemy map theme: Act 3+
19 Disquieting Steps (Prologue) Enemy map theme: Act 2
20 Disquieting Steps Enemy map theme: Act 3+
21 The Mad God’s Blessings Enemy map theme: Act 5
22 Courage in Numbers Player map theme: Prologue
23 The Approaching Menace Enemy map theme: Prologue
24 Lord of a Dead Empire Map theme: Battle with Rudolf
25 Praise This Despair! Map theme: Battle with Berkut
26 The Delusion of Power Beginning of the Final battle
27 Twilight of the Gods Map theme: Final battle
28 The Dauntless Blade Alm’s battle theme
29 A Blade on the Wind Celica’s battle theme
30 Those Who Challenge Gods Player battle theme: Final battle
31 The Fiends’ Rapture Enemy battle theme
32 Warring Powers Boss battle theme
33 The Fallen Knight Boss battle theme
34 From the Land of Resentment Jedah’s battle theme
35 Pride and Arrogance Berkut’s battle theme
36 The Scions’ Dance In Purgatory Berkut’s battle theme (final)
37 The Fell God’s Tempest Duma’s battle theme
38 A Soothing Strain White magic theme
39 War Record Results after battle
40 Serenity Village theme
41 Uprising Event music
42 Treason Event music
43 The Incorrigible Event music
44 March Event music
45 Borders Event music
46 Malediction Event music
47 Disquiet Event music
48 An Ordinary Day Event music
49 Spring Radiance Event music
50 Vestiges Event music: Masked Knight’s theme
51 Brother and Sister Event music: Celica and Conrad
52 Prince of Darkness Event music: Berkut’s theme
53 The Decadent Flower Event music: Nuibaba’s theme
54 Tension Event music
55 Schemes Event music
56 The Darkness Event music
57 Fate Event music
58 One Star by the Next Event music
59 Parting Event music
60 A Distant Promise Event music
61 In a Silver Garden with You Event music
62 Revelations Event music: Mila’s theme
63 Dayspring Event music: Determination
64 Unity Event music: Reunion
65 With Pride in Your Heart Zofia Castle theme
66 Song of Peace Priory theme
67 Sea Winds and Travelers Port town theme
68 Where the Hammer Sings Blacksmith theme
69 Melody of Water Mila Shrine theme
70 Undercurrents Dungeon theme: Cave
71 The Slumbering Labyrinth Dungeon theme: Later dungeons
72 Calamity’s Advent Dungeon theme: Chased by foes
73 Forest of Wandering Dungeon theme: the Lost Treescape
74 The Pinnacle of False Belief Dungeon theme: Duma Tower
75 Duma’s Scourge Dungeon theme: Duma Temple
76 The Faltering Prayer Character falls
77 Afterglow Game Over
78 The Afterglow Fades Game Over
79 Reminiscences Mila’s Turnwheel
80 As You Will It Class Change
81 The Course of Gods and Men Ending theme
82 The Voice That Calls You Ending theme
83 The Heritors of Arcadia Ending theme