Sub Quests

Sub-quests can be accepted from certain NPCs in villages and other locations. After accepting a sub-quest, it appears as a small speech bubble icon on the bottom screen when hovering over the location.

Note: There is no reward for completing all sub-quests.

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Quest Giver Location Request Reward
The Sommelier Greedy Old Man Ram Village Ram Wine Blue Cheese + 100 Renown
The Grand Duke of Dairy Cheese Lover Zofia Castle (from Act 2) Holey Cheese Honey
Blue Cheese Medicinal Syrup
Pegasus Cheese Exotic Spice + 300 Renown
Sweet Treats Tavernkeep Wife Zofia Harbor Flour, Honey (or Pure Honey) and Butter Sweet Cookie
A Dried Delicacy Fish-crazy Man Mountain Village Dried Shieldfish Pegasus Cheese + 100 Renown
A Fishy Request Royal Chef Zofia Harbor (from Act 3) Dagon Fillet Exotic Spice + 200 Renown
The Dram of the Gods Grand Sorcerer Sage’s Hamlet Medicinal Syrup, Gargoyle Ear, Bonewalker Oil and Duma Moss Nectar; can be repeated
A Few Gears Short Anxious Cleric  Priory Collect all 9 Cogs Ambrosia + 300 Renown
It’s Oil Right Sluice Keeper Sluice Gate Bonewalker Oil (guaranteed drop from certain Bonewalkers in the Sylvan Shrine) 10 Silver Marks (always during the first time), Soup, Ram Wine, Medicinal Syrup, Honey, Sweet Cookie, Fruit of Life (once) or Dragon Scale (once); can be repeated
Corraling Coral Alessio Zofia Harbor (prior to Act 4) 5 Coral Fragments 10 Silver Marks each; 200 Renown upon completion
A Bargain Bauble Alessio Desaix’s Fortress (after clearing “Corraling Coral”) 30 Silver Marks Coral Ring + 200 Renown
The Merchant of Death Alessio Grieth’s Citadel (after clearing “A Bargain Bauble” and before the Last Bastion) 5 Steel Lances 50 Silver Marks each; 300 Renown upon completion
Secret Menu Tavernkeep Novis Greatport 3 Mana Herbs Medicinal Syrup; can be repeated
The Unbreakable Shield Blacksmith Rigel Village 4 Dragon Scales Dracoshield; can be repeated
One Man’s Trash… Scholarly Man Zofia Castle Lima Armlet (from powerful Entombed in the Deliverance Hideout) 30 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
A Dazzling Delicacy Scholarly Man Rigel Village Yogurt, Duma Moss and Orange Ambrosia; can be repeated
The Clumsy Cleric Flustered Cleric Temple of Mila Silver Platter (found in the Temple of Mila, near where Nomah is waiting) Nectar + 100 Renown
A Royal Requiem Eerie Hermit Zofia Castle (after clearing “One Man’s Trash…”) Defeat the enemy Specters found in the Deliverance Hideout Royal Shield + 300 Renown
The Wages of Sin Indignant Woman Ram Village Defeat 20 Brigands Fruit of Life + 100 Renown
Peace for the Departed Languid Hermit Priory Defeat 20 Revenants in the Novis Cemetery Holey Cheese + 100 Renown
Do You Ear What I Ear? Medicinal Scholar Sage’s Hamlet 3 Gargoyle Ears Grimoire Ring + 100 Renown
Taken Treasure: Desaix’s Vault Lord Rion Zofia Castle (from Act 3) Rion Shield (found in the Desert Stronghold; must send via traveling merchant) Pegasus Cheese + 300 Renown
Taken Treasure: Grieth’s Vault Lord Fugue Zofia Harbor (from Act 3) Fugue Shield (found in Grieth’s Citadel) Golden Apple + 300 Renown
Goylenapped Man Forest Village Rescue his daughter from the Sylvan Shrine Blessed Lance + 200 Renown
The Prisoner’s Whereabouts Merchant’s Wife Forest Village Read the writing on the wall in the Sylvan Shrine (Area 1 dungeon cell), then free her husband from Nuibaba’s Abode Mila Carving + 200 Renown
In Search of a Son Tired Lady Mountain Village A Son’s Journal (found in the Dragon Shrine) 50 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Memories of a Father Young Traveler Desert Stronghold Defeat the Revenant holding the Red Tricorn in the Mountain Graveyard None, but you keep the Red Tricorn
Craving Cute Girl Forest Village (after clearing “Goylenapped”) Bear Carving, Coral Fragment, Black Pearl, Handmade Doll, Holey Cheese or Sweet Cookie Leftover Bread, Blue Cheese, Yogurt, Fruit of Life (once), Cog (once), Dried Meat or 10 Silver Marks; can be repeated
Mythic Medicine Distraught Lady Temple of Mila Medicinal Syrup 30 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Chopped! Lumberjack Mountain Village Axe, Splitting Axe or Devil Axe Bear Carving
The Stolen Icon Lumberjack Mountain Village (after clearing “Chopped!”) Duma Carving (from Revenant in the Mountain Graveyard) None, but you keep the Duma Carving
The Famished Fisherman Feeble Man Seabound Shrine Sausage, Ham, Dried Meat or Raw Meat 10 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Ethereal Fishing Line Skilled Angler Zofia Harbor (after clearing “The Famished Fisherman”) Gossamer Hair (guaranteed drop from Duma’s Apostle in the Fear Mountain Shrine trial) Dagon Fillet; can return for more
Faraway Frontiers Foreign Trader Zofia Harbor (from Act 6) Escort him to Furia Port 3 Gold Marks + 500 Renown


Quest Tips
The Sommelier The Brigand Boss at the Thieves’ Shrine drops Ram Wine. Otherwise, it’s not terribly hard to find.
The Grand Duke of Dairy Pegasus Cheese can be gotten from the War Room in Desaix’s Fortress or from the “Taken Treasure: Desaix’s Vault” sub-quest.
Sweet Treats Flour and Butter can be found in the Priory, Honey from the Temple of Mila. Otherwise, just smash barrels etc. in dungeons until you find them.
A Dried Delicacy Dried Shieldfish can be found at Novis Greatport.
A Fishy Request Just complete the “Ethereal Fishing Line” sub-quest. If you somehow lose the Gossamer Hair before completing that quest, you can find Dagon Fillets during the post-game.
The Dram of the Gods Duma Moss can be found next to the Mila Idol in later dungeons. Bonewalker Oil is occasionally dropped by regular Bonewalkers (3% chance), Gargoyle Ear from Gargoyles with Eerie Screech (5% chance). Refer to “Do You Ear What I Ear?” for locations of the latter.
A Few Gears Short Please check this page for the location of all 9 Cogs. It also helps if you keep a checklist.
It’s Oil Right Certain Bonewalkers in the first area of the Sylvan Shrine are guaranteed to drop Bonewalker Oil. Otherwise it’s a 3% chance from early Bonewalkers. If you’re sneaky, you can save your game before handing over oil and soft-resetting (press L, R and START) if the reward is rubbish.
Corraling Coral Cut down all the grass and break all the boxes etc. in the first area of the Seabound Shrine. There’s also a single Coral Fragment in Zofia Harbor.
A Bargain Bauble You should have enough Silver Marks by now; if not, consider trading in some unwanted items at the Smithy in the Forest Village.
The Merchant of Death A painful quest without the Astral Temple or Inner Sanctum DLC. There is a Steel Lance in Zofia Castle (don’t pick it up as Alm; or send to Celica via a Peddler), another in Desaix’s Fortress (send via Peddler) and one last one at the Desert Stronghold. You can also evolve the Iron Lance from the Dragon Shrine. For the last one, you can send over Clive’s Steel Lance (thus using up most of your Peddlers). By the way, any Steel Lances you give to Alessio are equipped by Slayde and the Rigelian Barons in the Last Bastion.
Secret Menu Mana Herbs are always found next to a Mila Idol, so this should be easy so long as you remember to pick them up (and you don’t eat them).
The Unbreakable Shield There are exactly 4 Dragon Scales in the main story: from the Temple of Mila, randomly from the “It’s Oil Right” sub-quest, dropped by Dolth at Dolth Keep and dropped by an Arcanist in Archanea Seaway 4.
One Man’s Trash… The enemy Entombed holding the Lima Armlet is located near the western treasure chest. It hits like a truck and its allies aren’t pushovers either, so be prepared. Ranged options (such as Mages, Archers and the Lightning Sword) are good.
A Dazzling Delicacy As mentioned earlier, Duma Moss can be found next to the Mila Idol in later dungeons. You only get a limited number of them this way, so keep this in mind.
The Clumsy Cleric Once Act 4 begins, you can continue down the stairs in the dungeon-like area past the Control Room. At the very end, you’ll find the Silver Platter–and Nomah wandering around lost.
A Royal Requiem The enemies you must face are waiting near the western treasure chest again. If you’re still near the beginning of Act 3, they can prove to be extremely dangerous. Make sure to save your game before challenging them, in case they’re too strong. If you have access to Seraphim (via Mage Faye or a Saint), it will make short work of the Guardian.
The Wages of Sin Just keep beating up the Brigands in the Thieves’ Shrine. Watch out that a powerful Dracul can spawn near the treasure chest and, if you’re on Act 3 or later, a Garuda in the middle of the three Brigands. Keep your eyes on the bottom screen map in case you see a big enemy indicator.
Peace for the Departed Similar to the above, just keep repeating Novis Cemetery a few times. If you’ve completed Act 2, enemies will stop spawning; in which case, you will have to beat the game first.
Do You Ear What I Ear? Gargoyle Ears only drop from Gargoyles or Deathgoyles with the Eerie Screech skill (5% chance). These appear alongside the bosses of Duma Tower Areas 2 and 4. They also occasionally spawn at Mire Boneyard, Duma Tower (Areas 2 and 4), Duma Temple (Areas 4-6 and 12; refer to this map) and Thabes Labyrinth (B3, B7 and B9).
Taken Treasure: Desaix’s Vault The Rion Shield is sitting in the Desert Stronghold. Which means you need to send it to Alm via a Peddler. Or wait until you’ve completed the game.
Taken Treasure: Grieth’s Vault The Fugue Shield is gathering dust in Grieth’s Citadel.
Goylenapped You will find the kidnapped girl near the Mila Idol.
The Prisoner’s Whereabouts After accepting the quest, head for the dungeon cell in the north-west corner of the Sylvan Shrine’s first area. In the far corner is some writing on the wall. Once you’ve read the writing, you can find the kidnapped merchant in one of the dungeon cells in Nuibaba’s Abode.
In Search of a Son After accepting the quest, you can find A Son’s Journal near the treasure chest in the far north-west corner of the Dragon Shrine. Once you’ve handed over the journal, exit the village and return to receive your reward.
Memories of a Father Having spoken to the Young Traveler, there’s a chance of a Revenant with a Red Tricorn spawning in the Mountain Graveyard. If you’ve completed Act 3, enemies will stop spawning; in which case, you will have to beat the game first.
Craving Cute The rewards you get from the girl are completely random, so try not to give her anything valuable. Easiest way is to farm a bunch of Coral Fragments from the first area of the Seabound Shrine. Like with “It’s Oil Right”, you can save and soft-reset if she gives you junk.
Mythic Medicine Just complete “Secret Menu”. You can even repeat that sub-quest if you somehow used up or got rid of the Medicinal Syrup.
Chopped! There’s a Splitting Axe in the Desert Stronghold. Or you can totally give him a Devil Axe from Grieth’s Citadel.
The Stolen Icon After the Lumberjack mentions his Duma Carving has been stolen, a Revenant with the Duma Carving will randomly spawn in the Mountain Graveyard. Like before, spawns stop after completing Act 3 and before completing the game.
The Famished Fisherman The fisherman is picky and only accepts foods that are “Meaty”. In other words, only Sausage, Ham, Dried Meat or Raw Meat. Barth drops Dried Meat; otherwise, there’s plenty to pick from.
Ethereal Fishing Line The Duma’s Apostle in the Fear Mountain Shrine‘s battle trial is guaranteed to drop Gossamer Hair. You will of course need to send it over with a Peddler–or wait until you’ve beaten the game. Given the timing, the latter is probably more preferable.
Faraway Frontiers If your units are struggling to fend off the pirates and other seaworthy invaders, consider training your units at the Secret Shrine etc. A couple of Dread Fighter to Villager loops will make the post-game a piece of cake.