Sub Quests

Sub-quests can be accepted from certain NPCs in villages and other locations. After accepting a sub-quest, it appears as a small speech bubble icon on the bottom screen when hovering over the location.

Quest Giver Location Request Reward
Nostalgic Taste Thirsty Man Ram Village Ram Wine Blue Cheese + 100 Renown
Lord of Cheese Cheese Lover Zofia Castle Holey Cheese Honey
Blue Cheese Herbal Liqueur
Blessed Cheese Exotic Spices + 300 Renown
Sweet Maker Innkeep’s Wife Zofia Port Flour, Honey (or Pure Honey) and Butter Sweet Cookie
Delectable Dried Fish Fish Lover Mountain Village Dried Fish Blessed Cheese + 100 Renown
Mouth-watering Dish Esteemed Chef Zofia Port Dagon Chunk Exotic Spices + 200 Renown
Drink of the Gods Archmage Sage Village Herbal Liqueur, Gargoyle’s Ear, Skeleton Oil and Duma’s Moss Nectar
Turnwheel Fixer Nervous Cleric  Priory Collect all 9 Small Gears Ambrosia + 300 Renown
The Finest Oil Gatekeeper Floodgate Skeleton Oil (guaranteed drop from certain Bonewalkers in the Forest Shrine) 10 Silver Marks (always during the first time), Soup, Ram Wine, Herbal Liqueur, Honey, Sweet Cookie, Nut of Life (once) or Dragon Scales (once); can be repeated
Coral Collection Alessio the Merchant Zofia Port 5 Coral Fragments 10 Silver Marks each; 200 Renown upon completion
Valuable Ring Alessio the Merchant Desaix’s Fort 30 Silver Marks Coral Ring + 200 Renown
Merchant of Death Alessio the Merchant Grieth’s Fort 5 Steel Lances 50 Silver Marks each; 300 Renown upon completion
Innkeep’s Secret Menu Innkeep Novis Port 3 Mana Herbs Herbal Liqueur
Shield with no Equal Blacksmith Rigel Village 4 Dragon Scales Dragon Shield
Elusive Royal Heirloom Scholarly Man Zofia Castle Lima Family Ring (from powerful Entombed in the Deliverance HQ) 30 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Glowing Delicacy Scholarly Man Rigel Village Fermented Milk, Duma’s Moss and Orange Ambrosia
Cleric’s Lost Item Dismayed Cleric Temple of Mila Silver Dish (found in the Temple of Mila, near where Nomah is waiting) Nectar + 100 Renown
Rest for the Zofian Kings Shady Man Zofia Castle (after clearing “Elusive Royal Heirloom”) Defeat the enemy Ghosts found in the Deliverance HQ Regal Shield + 300 Renown
Punishing the Brigands Angry Lady Ram Village Defeat 20 Brigands Nut of Life + 100 Renown
Rest in Peace Depressed Man  Priory Defeat 20 Revenants in the Novis Cemetery Holey Cheese + 100 Renown
Gargoyle’s Ear Scholarly Man Sage Village 3 Gargoyle’s Ear Arms Scroll + 100 Renown
Heirloom – Desaix Master Lyon Zofia Castle Lyon Shield (found in Desert Fort; must send via traveling merchant) Blessed Cheese + 300 Renown
Heirloom – Grieth Master Fuga Zofia Port Fuga Shield (found in Grieth’s Fort) Golden Apple + 300 Renown
Kidnapped Girl Man Forest Village Rescue his daughter from the Forest Shrine Blessed Lance + 200 Renown
Prisoner’s Whereabouts Merchant’s Wife Forest Village Read the writing on the wall in the Forest Shrine (Area 1 prison cell), then free her husband from Nuibaba’s Manor Wooden Mila + 200 Renown
Missing Son Weary Woman Mountain Village Son’s Diary (found in the Dragon Shrine) 50 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Father’s Memories Traveler Desert Fort Defeat the Revenant holding the Red Triangle Hat in the Mountain Cemetery None, but you keep the Red Triangle Hat
Something Cute Girl Forest Village Wooden Bear, Coral Ring, Black Pearl, Cherished Doll, Holey Cheese or Sweet Cookie Bitten Bread, Blue Cheese, Fermented Milk, Nut of Life (once), Small Gear (once), Dried Meat or 10 Silver Marks; can be repeated
Fabled Elixir Panicky Lady Temple of Mila Herbal Liqueur 30 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Stolen Work Tool Humble Woodcutter Mountain Village Axe, Woodcutter Axe or Devil Axe Wooden Bear
Stolen Sculpture Humble Woodcutter Mountain Village (after clearing “Stolen Work Tool”) Wooden Duma (from Revenant in the Mountain Cemetery) None, but you keep the Wooden Duma
Trapped Man Fatigued Man Sea Shrine Sausage, Ham, Dried Meat or Raw Meat 10 Silver Marks + 100 Renown
Heavenly Lure Skilled Fisherman Zofia Port Transparent Beard (guaranteed drop from Duma’s Apostle in the Fear Shrine trial) Dagon Chunk
Distant Realm Foreign Merchant Zofia Port (Chapter 6) Escort him to Frox Port 3 Golden Marks + 500 Renown