Alm & Clair

C Support

Clair: Ah! Salutations, Alm.

Alm: H-hello, Clair…

Clair: And just what are you guffawing at? Such behavior is unspeakably boorish!

Alm: Sorry! Sorry. Very sorry. It’s just…who says, “Salutations!” on a battlefield?

Clair: Wh— Bu— I say it! Oh, very well. How would our fearless leader have me greet him instead?

Alm: Ha ha! I’m not criticizing the way you speak, Clair. In fact, I like that about you.

Clair: Y-you do?

B Support

Clair: Oh! Alm! Salutations and…um… felicitations?

Alm: Hey, Clair. How are you— wait, “felicitations”?

Clair: Was that too much? I fear these are rather difficult to devise.

Alm: You’re…inventing new greetings? Is this because of what I said?

Clair: What? No! Perish the thought! …I merely felt like being creative. *sigh* Oh, posh. Fine. I admit it. You said you liked my greetings, and I perhaps…wanted you to like me more.

Alm: But Clair, I like you the way you ARE. You’re proud, overbearing, and don’t give a damn what people think of you.

Clair: I am NOT overbearing! A boy will take that back at once! I’m the queen of Zofian high society! Why should I care what YOU think?

Alm: Ha ha ha! THERE’S the Clair I like.

Clair: Ugh!

A Support

Clair: Salutations, Alm!

Alm: Salutations, Clair.

Clair: Tell me, were you not mesmerized and bewitched by my fighting today?

Alm: Oh, riveted! How could I look away? You’re like a Valkyrie descended. I know that I’LL never trifle with the queen of high society.

Clair: Ha! Not if you value your life. Heh. And oh dear, a Valkyrie… Goodness!

Alm: Heh heh. I’m glad you enjoyed that.

Clair: Truth be told, I needed a good chuckle. Alm, may I tell you something? When you said you like me the way I am, that meant a great deal to me. Because I care for you too—and how we laugh together over the silliest things. I feel simply wonderful when we are together.

Alm: Wow. Thanks, Clair. That’s very nice of you to say. You’re kind of making me blush…

Clair: Ha ha ha.