Alm & Mycen

C Support

Mycen: Alm.

Alm: Grandfather.

Mycen: So it seems we must finally take up swords together. I knew this day would come.

Alm: I’m sorry, Grandfather, but… Well, I’m not sure I’m ready to talk to you just yet. Can you give me a little more time to process what happened?

Mycen: Of course.

B Support

Alm: Grandfather!

Mycen: So you’ve decided to speak with me?

Alm: Yes, but I’d like a chance to explain myself first. When I first learned what happened, I felt deceived. You should have told me about my father and where I was from. But, while I felt deceived, that wasn’t the thing that hurt me. What hurt me was… finding out that you’re not really my grandfather.

Mycen: You will always be my grandson, Alm. You and Celica are like blood to me. I never would have known the joys of family had I not met you.

Alm: Then let’s remain a family—you can be my grandfather, and I your grandson. Er, if that’s all right?

Mycen: I would have it no other way.

A Support

Mycen: Your skill with a sword has improved markedly, Alm. I hardly recognize you as the boy I trained in Ram Village. It seems war was a far better teacher than I.

Alm: Don’t be daft. I never would have survived this long without all I learned from you. I only joined the Deliverance to prove some of your greatness lives on in me.

Mycen: The Deliverance… When that boy Lukas came to see me, I knew the gears were starting to turn. Nothing could stop you from choosing the path you were meant to be on. I am glad I could be one of the tiny forces that helped get you there.

Alm: Tiny? Hardly!

Mycen: I will be with you to the end—until you finish what fate has in store for you. It was your father’s wish, and now it is mine as well. It will not be much longer. Stay focused, boy.

Alm: I will.