Catria & Est

C Support

Est: Catria! Hey, Catria, wait up! I have a present for you!

Catria: …Oh?

Est: It’s something we stocked in the shop, but I thought you might want it.

Catria: What is this? Some kind of charm?

Est: Yup! Made from a stone that a dragon held while it slept for three millennia. It’ll make any wish come true! …Er, supposedly.

Catria: Three thousand years? You didn’t stop to question that number? And even if that claim were true, it would still just be a stone, no?

Est: Oh, yeah, I guess so. But…DRAGONS!

Catria:Oh, Est…

B Support

Est: Catria! Hey, Catria! I’ve got another present for you!

Catria: What is it this time?

Est: Oh, relax! Why are you such a sourpuss all the time? Anyway, it’s tea made from an herb that only grows on a fire dragon’s grave.

Catria: Gods, it smells like the bad end of an angry wyvern… But all right. I’ll bite. What’s it supposed to do?

Est: It’s chock-full of miraculous properties! …That I forgot. But the quickest way to know is to drink it, right?

Catria: That’s not happening.

Est: Whaaa?!

Catria: How in the world is that a surprise to you?

A Support

Est: Um, Catria?

Catria: And what do you have for me today, little miss merchant?

Est: Oh, hush. I don’t have anything.

Catria: Well, that’s a shame. I was almost looking forward to it.

Est: You know, I haven’t just been fooling around with all these presents. I was really hoping they would make you happy. Anyway, that’s it. I just wanted you to know that.

Catria: Oh, you silly girl. Est, you don’t need to worry yourself about that. Just having you around guarantees things will never be boring here. Please don’t ever change, all right?

Est: Aw, Catria… Hmm? Wait… Hmmmmm… That was a compliment, right? I mean, it made me happy. Should I feel happy?

Catria: Ha ha, I wonder…