Celica & Mae

C Support

Mae: Hey, Celica! How’s tricks?

Celica: Hello, Mae. I’m managing well enough, I imagine.

Mae: Great! Oh, but if you DO wanna start slacking, you just leave things to me.

Celica: Hee hee. You’re always so full of energy, Mae.

Mae: Yup! That’s pretty much my one selling point. …Well, that and zappin’ fools. Now get ready, because I’m gonna help the heck outta you today!

B Support

Mae: *sigh* …

Celica: What’s wrong, Mae? It’s not like you to sigh so…aggressively. Is there some way I can help?

Mae: Oh, it’s nothing important. It’s just… well, I was wondering— Do you think girls should be all delicate and proper and junk?

Celica: Er, well, I suppose I think there’s room for every girl to be herself.

Mae: Wait, you mean it?! Aw, but you’re super nice, so of course you’d say that. You don’t count!

Celica: I don’t…count? Oh, enough of this, Mae. What’s your REAL problem?

Mae: What?! Uhh… Okay, so here’s the thing… Hypothetically—just hypothetically— let’s say there was someone I liked. Someone I’d always been close to, but who never saw me as a woman. I mean, in that case, I’D have to be the problem, right?

Celica: I don’t… Oh. Oooooooh. I don’t think you need to worry, Mae. You’re a wonderful woman. You’re kind and cheerful, and you always encourage your friends to keep going. You’re an absolute catch just the way you are. Have confidence in yourself!

Mae: Aw, geez… I’m blushing! …I mean, hypothetically! We’re still just talking hypothetically, right?

Celica: Er, yes. Yes, of course.

Mae: Tee hee! Hey, thanks, though. Really.

A Support

Mae: Hey, Celica! Hold up!

Celica: Oh! Hello, Mae. You seem to be back in your usual high spirits.

Mae: You know it! I decided that being myself was the most important thing after all.

Celica: I think that’s very wise. Besides, it made me sad to see you down.

Mae: Hey, but thanks again. You know? For what you said? I was really happy to hear how you felt about me. You gave me the butt-kick of confidence that I needed!

Celica: Goodness! Well, I only shared the truth with you. I’m proud to call you my friend, Mae, and I hope to do so for a long time.

Mae: Of course, silly! We’ll be besties forever! Now get ready to get the heck helped out of you yet AGAIN!