Clair & Delthea

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Delthea: Heya, Clair! Mind if I tug on your ear for a sec?

Clair: If that crass phrase means you wish to speak with me, then please proceed.

Delthea: It’s about your bro. You know, Clive? I really like him. He’s so dashing! Plus he’s all cultured and stuff.

Clair: Well, I can hardly blame you for having such refined tastes. Ha ha. I adore my brother, and so I understand why you might be smitten with him. But I fear his heart belongs to Mathilda.

Delthea: Ooo, Mathilda! Gods, why’d I even bother asking?

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Delthea: Oh, Clive… My heart sings for you… La la la la!

Clair: Pardon me, Delthea, but perhaps you might tell me about YOUR brother. I find Luthier to a be a singularly unique individual!

Delthea: What? I think the phrase you’re looking for is “totally weird.” Clive and Lu are like day and night. Er, knight and day? Whatever.

Clair: Surely he cannot be as bad as… whatever you were trying to say? He’s a knowledgeable and gifted mage, from what I hear.

Delthea: Oh, sure—but the rest of him is a total disaster. No tact, no friends, no sense of what’s going on in the world… All he cares about is stupid magic. Why couldn’t I have a normal brother?

Clair: I see…

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Clair: Greetings, Delthea. I was hoping we could speak a little more about Luthier.

Delthea: Oh gods, what now?

Clair: I was just thinking how you were exactly right about him. Gifted mage or no, he clearly inhabits his own bizarre little reality. I understand now why you might be so horrified to share his blood.

Delthea: Well yeah, obviously! Duh! …Wait, did I say horrified? Because I mean, he DOES kinda sorta go out of his way to help others. So while he’s no hot stallion like Clive, I don’t know if he’s all THAT bad. Lu’s just… I dunno. Lu, I guess. I didn’t mean to give you the impression that I hate him or anything.

Clair: Aha. Just as I suspected.

Delthea: Huh? HEY, WAIT! Did you just trick me into saying nice stuff about my brother?!

Clair: I merely wanted to know how you truly feel. …And I must say that I’m relieved. Because now I know you love your brother every bit as much as I do mine. We must spend more time together, you and I. We have so much in common!

Delthea: Yeah, I dunno. I’m not really big on mind games. But I DO like talking to you, so… Oh, all right. I guess we can be friends.

Clair: Ha ha! Splendid!