Clive & Lukas

C Support

Lukas: Clive.

Clive: Ho, Lukas! Well met.

Lukas: So how does it feel to have doffed the oh-so-heavy mantle of leadership?

Clive: Ha ha! Do I sense a hint of judgment there? I wager I’m lucky someone as level- headed as you keeps me on my toes. Forsyth is all drive and emotion, while Python… Well, Python hardly seems to care about much of anything. Both are fine soldiers in their own ways, but neither is a great advisor.

Lukas: Ha ha ha. Well, don’t tell Forsyth. He’d crawl into his bed and never come out again.

Clive: *sigh* I’d laugh were it not true. You see why I need someone like you? A cold observer to watch over me.

Lukas: ……

B Support

Lukas: ……

Clive: Is something wrong, Lukas? Why the troubled expression?

Lukas: Clive… I was thinking over what you said. About my being a “cold observer”?

Clive: What, that?

Lukas: Yes, that. It’s true—I AM cold. Few passions ever manage to flare up in me. Granted, I’m not nearly as dispassionate as Python… But just once, I should like to be red with rage, green with envy… Something! I wonder if it is normal to feel so… detached.

Clive: Of course it is. And I believe such perfect composure to be a virtue beyond compare.

Lukas: Well, I am who I am. I imagine I should stop hoping for more.

A Support

Clive: Lukas.

Lukas: Clive, what is it?

Clive: The war is drawing to a close. I just wanted to offer thanks for your many services to the Deliverance. Without your fiery presence, we never would have made it this far.

Lukas: My…fiery presence? Are you certain you aren’t confusing me with someone? Or is this an attempt to cheer me up after our last heart-to-heart?

Clive: Er…n-no! Of course not! *sigh* And here I thought I was being subtle. People always see right through me in a way they never do you.

Lukas: Well, that’s because I’m the cold and composed one. Heh heh. Why do you keep me around if not for my greatest virtue?