Faye & Silque

C Support

Silque: Hello, Faye.

Faye: Oh, Silque! We seem to keep running into each other here on the battlefield.

Silque: Yes, well, I was hoping we could get to know each other better. There are so few of us women fighting alongside Sir Alm, after all. And there are many things I wish to talk about that aren’t for the ears of men.

Faye: Well, um… I don’t think that kind of friendship is for me. Sorry.

Silque: Huh?

Faye: I’d rather spend time near Alm than stand about gossiping. No offense. Anyway… Good luck, I guess!

Silque: What in Mila’s name just happened?

B Support

Silque: Faye! There you are!

Faye: Hello again, Silque. You sure are persistent.

Silque: I would like to make a proposal. If you don’t like gossip, why don’t we talk about Sir Alm? He’s something we can bond over, don’t you think?

Faye: Talking about Alm isn’t fun unless Alm himself is there. Look, it’s okay. Not everyone has to be friends, right?

Silque: Faye? …Faye? *sigh* I’ve lost her again…

A Support

Faye: Hello, Silque.

Silque: Faye? I thought you’d never speak to me again.

Faye: Weeeell… After you stopped approaching me, I realized I kinda…miss your company. I guess I needed a friend after all. Sorry I was so rude.

Silque: Oh, it’s all right. It’s just nice to feel missed. And now we can finally talk!

Faye: Hee hee. You’re a good person, Silque, even if your tongue does like to wag. I’m still not one for gossip, but I would like to know more about you. Maybe we can talk again soon?

Silque: That would be lovely!