Leon & Kamui

C Support

Kamui: Well, if it isn’t Leon.

Leon: Mmm. If it isn’t Kamui.

Kamui: I normally don’t give a tinker’s damn what folks think of me, but ouch. I mean, I’m hardly chopped liver here.

Leon: So…what then? Are you trying to get me to hit on you or something?

Kamui: What? No! That’s not what I’m—

Leon: Because you’re really not my type. And you’re only a percent of a percent of the man Valbar is.

Kamui: I think you may be overstating things just a tad there…

B Support

Kamui: Tell me something, Leon.

Leon: Something.

Kamui: Oh, you’re a laugh riot. But anyway, what do you think makes a good man?

Leon: Hmm. That’s not easily summed up in a few words, but…for starters, he should be kind, strong, and mature… while maintaining a boyish innocence. He also needs to listen, but be ready to tell the hard truths when necessary.

Kamui: Oh, come on. No one’s that perfect.

Leon: Someone is. And his name is Valbar.

Kamui: You are definitely kidding yourself…

A Support

Kamui: Say, Leon?

Leon: What is it this time, Kamui?

Kamui: It’s about what you said before. So what would you do if Valbar ended up being the opposite of your ideal?

Leon: Well, that’s an absurd question. But in the interest of humoring you and passing the time… Well, I suppose I’d set off looking for a man who met my perfect ideal. A journey like that might actually be kind of…fun.

Kamui: I think that’s the first time you and I have agreed on anything.

Leon: Listen, Kamui, I’m sorry. Really I am. This is all very flattering, but I just don’t see you like that.

Kamui: I told you before, that’s not what I’m— Oh, never mind!