Palla & Catria

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Palla: How are you holding up, Catria?

Catria: All’s well here, Palla.

Palla: Oh good! That means I don’t have to worry about you. Now Est, on the other hand…

Catria: Indeed. Though I imagine we should be used to worrying about her by now. Still, I find it hard to believe that we’re all the way in Valentia. The quiet life never lasts for long, does it?

Palla: No, it doesn’t. Even Archanea isn’t what one would call stable these days. How long do you think we’ll have to continue all this fighting?

Catria: I wish I knew.

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Catria: Palla?

Palla: Hmm? Did you need something?

Catria: I just had a thought I know it’s only happenstance that brought us here, but… Well, Celica and the others are all such good people. And Valentian culture is quite interesting in its own right. Perhaps I should allow myself to enjoy being here a bit more.

Palla: That’s…not what I expected you to say. In fact, you’re the last of us I’d suppose to be having such thoughts.

Catria: Is it really so out of character?

Palla: Heh. Maybe not—especially as I think your words were directed at me. And perhaps you’re right. I have been rather dour lately, after all. I suppose it IS important to find joy wherever life happens to take you.

Catria: I couldn’t agree more. And I find the most joy in the smiles of my sisters.

Palla: Well, that’s very sweet.

A Support

Catria: ……

Palla: Is something wrong, Catria? You seem down.

Catria: Oh, it’s nothing. Just musing on Archanea a bit.

Palla: Ah. I see. I, too, worry about our home. I hope Minerva is all right. And…

Catria: And what?

Palla: Well, I’m curious who it is that YOU were thinking of.

Catria: What? Th-there’s no “who!” I was just… You can be so cruel sometimes.

Palla: Heh. Perhaps we’ll both just leave it at that then, mmm? Now let’s get to work. The sooner we win, the sooner we can return home.

Catria: Agreed.