Parallel Classes

When using a Partner/Friendship Seal or when inheriting class sets, if no classes can be gained or inherited because of clashes (or inherited classes are duplicated), a parallel class may be attributed.

Original Class Set Parallel Class Set
Nohr Prince(ss) (None)
Cavalier Ninja
Knight Spear Fighter
Fighter Oni Savage
Mercenary Samurai
Outlaw Archer
Samurai Mercenary
Oni Savage Fighter
Spear Fighter Knight
Diviner Dark Mage
Monk/Shrine Maiden (None)
Sky Knight Wyvern Rider
Archer Outlaw
Wyvern Rider Sky Knight
Ninja Cavalier
Apothecary (None)
Dark Mage Diviner
Troubadour (None)
Wolfskin Outlaw
Kitsune Apothecary
Songstress Troubadour
Villager Apothecary